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The Time has arrived. The world will turn upside down and inside out
By Christ Michael/Aton
thru Candace

Dearly beloveds, recently thru Kibo I said I would turn the world upside down and inside out by the end of the year. We are well into that process and it’s “on time.” We made some changes that slowed the earth changes temporarily which is why there is not so much going on in that regard, we needed the time. You sun for example is very quiet again and we interfere with the energies coming in.

We WANT ANNOUNCEMENTS for a short time and this is nearly now in place. We have stated there would be walking on the ground actual fleet personnel. There are. We have stated we would have “cloned” replacements for many on your world, so there is alignment with us. These are more than “cloned” they are inhabited by fleet beings. We have just today finished with that effort and all is ready in this regard.

We have been sending out official packets (earth packets on paper-C) to many of your dark ones which are not necessarily replaced, but whom have received some rather strong “marching orders.”

Just prior to the announcement period we will have the mini stasis, so the rest of those in the way can be removed out of sight. Today we are preparing now to increase the process of the earth changes, and many of you will feel this that are sensitive.

Candace will shortly be joining us, just prior to starting the mini stasis, so she can be prepared for announcements. Everything is very nearly totally in place. Many of those that left with Obama did not return beloveds, there was a point in that. We have replaced Obama, but I won’t point out the rest of the replacements. All the replacements have adequate protection to insure the process, but do not expect brand new media coverage, or flagrant change right at this time. Change goes on behind the scenes before it becomes obvious up front.

You will not see the new year. It is as I said before with Kibo. Steady yourselves, because there will be change shortly. This is all I wish to cover for the time being. We will not risk our workers.

As you can see, all the proposed plans of the dark that circulated on the net for early November did not manifest. It was prevented, and that alone is evidence for you ones.

Be in Peace, PLEASE beloveds. WE ARE IN CHARGE and the intervention in place. Even others are posting to the net now of this situation. Many know. Show thy love to a world that is greatly in need. I am Christ Michael/Aton. Ye who read here are blessed.

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