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According to the highly accurate Mayan Calendar, the 5th world finished in 1987 and the 6th world starts in 2012. The time in between is called "no time". This is the time of transition between worlds. It is also the time of sorting out our "stuff" here on Planet Earth. This time of transition is and will be quite chaotic with many factions attempting to take over power and control.

We are also experiencing the Apocalypse during this "no time". The true definition is "a prophetic disclosure or revelation". Virtually every culture and religion on the planet today has a forecast for the future, with the one word being uttered more than others: "apocalypse". While the emotional tones of this singular word feel pretty horrifying, it is interesting to note the original meaning. "Apocalypse" literally means "the revealing", "the unveiling" or "the uncovering".

According to veteran lecturer Virgil Armstrong, the 6th world in the Mayan Calendar is blank. That is, it is up to us to create this new world and "one thousand years of peace". The Mayan also say that by 2012, we will have passed through the fourth dimension and be in the fifth dimension where time and our consciousness will be vastly different from the present.

So now is the time for us to stand up for what we feel is right for our individual and collective futures. Do we need or want the New World Order, Globalisation and a UN and NATO global police force? Do we need more mass mind control through electromagnetic radiation from mobile (cell) phone transmitters, HAARP project (Alaska) and similar technologies? The huge HAARP transmitter can selectively change the weather and disable communications in any country around the globe. Echelon is an electronic eavesdropping system that can monitor/listen to all phone calls, faxes, emails etc. looking for key words.

We need to realise that we have power, we are Gods in amnesia, and we have a responsibility to start creating the 6th world. A world which we can co-create with God the Prime Creator, for a far better and free global society.

All the old control and duality is coming to an end. I understand, that since 1988, Lord Lucifer has been recalled by God from his task which was to manufacture the opposite of love on Earth. His task was to create distractions and distortions such as greed, anger, hatred, jealously, corruption and power with control. He has now resumed his place on the right side of God, the Creator. Understanding the truth of all this old control will help set us free.

Already large groups of people are saying no to the current politics. Governments, politicians and political parties are being forced to re-evaluate their policies to bring them in line with the "new thinking" as our collective consciousness changes. This "new thinking" is towards oneness or a realisation that we are all part of the "all that is" of Gods creation.

So now is the time to peacefully express what future we wish to create.

(sections from "Gods in Amnesia" by Nick Armstrong)