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by Nick Armstrong

Apparently for thousands of years some indigenous shamans or healers have been able to change their human form into that of an animal. This could be to connect with the animal kingdom to obtain an insight into healing a patient. These same shamans are also able to leave their body, travel to other dimensions and obtain very specific information relating to healing someone.

Sometimes, when out of body, they meet serpent creatures that give them information about specific wild herbs that will heal the person in question. These same creatures are also known to have stated that they are in control of this world we live in.

Researcher, lecturer and author, David Icke, has detailed the shapeshifting of certain people into reptiles at certain times. As bizarre as this may sound, there may be some documented support for this shifting ability.

The New York Times had two article on Multiple Personality disorders in May 21st 1985 and June 28th 1988. These article showed the power of the mind to change our reality. "When Timmy drinks orange juice he has no problem. But Timmy is just one of close to a dozen personalties who alternate control over a patient with multiple personality disorder. And if those other personalities drink orange juice, the result is a case of hives. The hives will occur even if Timmy drinks orange juice and another personality appears while the juice is still being digested. What's more, if Timmy comes back while the allergic reaction is present, the itching and the hives will cease immediately, and the water-filled blisters will begin to subside."

"In people with multiple personalities there is a strong psychological separation between each sub-personality; each will have his own name and age, and often some specific memories abilities. Frequently, for example, personalities will differ in handwriting, artistic talent or even in knowledge of foreign languages. Multiple personalities typically develop in people who were severely and repeatedly abused as children, apparently as a means to protect themselves against the pain of the abuse."

"For more than a century clinicians have occasionally reported isolated cases of dramatic biological changes in people with multiple personalities as they switched from one to another. These include the abrupt appearance and disappearance of rashes, welts, scars and other tissue wounds; switches in handwriting and handedness; epilepsy, allergies and colour blindness that strike only when a given personality is in control of the body"

"During the switching from one personality to another, there is typically a period of seconds or even minutes when heart rate, breath rate and other physiological markers show a disorganisation, which is followed by a new pattern typical of the personality that is emerging. Some of the most striking changes occur in the tension levels of the person's facial muscles. It is almost as though the person were donning a new face."

Author and lecturer, Stewart Swerdlow, has the following to say on shapeshifting.
There are locked sequences and open sequences in DNA. Open sequences manifest physically as a characteristic. These people have the ability to lock off certain genetic codings while they open others. When that happens there is a literal transformation of the cellular structure, which changes from a mammalian to a reptilian form. So it's not like the human form goes anywhere, it just shifts, it changes into a reptilian form because those sequences are opened. They also have the ability to shift it back.

But they do need mammalian hormonal levels in order to maintain the human form. Their base-line form is reptilian. (Princess Diana's confidant, Christine Fitzgerald, told me that the House of Windsor wanted to interbreed with Diana's genes because they were in danger of becoming too reptilian in their genetics and would not have been able to maintain a human form for many more generations)

All humans on this planet have reptilian DNA. That's why we have the reptilian brain. Just watch a foetus in the womb and you'll see it go through a reptilian form before it becomes human. And that's what they are doing.

They are able to shift that DNA back to the reptilian form and manifest that physically.

However, when they do that their psychic abilities are not very strong and that's why they have the ceremonies and why they need a mammalian form with the human harmonics in order to access higher levels of awareness. (This is why people like Arizona Wilder are mind controlled to conduct the ceremonies for them).

It is the resonance or the vibration of the blood, which creates an energetic field that they can access. And they get plugged into it. That's why infants and foetuses are so important to them, because it's so energetic and so pure that they can really access the switching from one point to another very easily.

The reptilians were the first ones to colonise this planet. That's why they consider it theirs. When this other group, a more human form came and colonised, and there were battles here, the human form actually won on the surface and the reptilians went underground and that's where the rumours of hell and stuff came from.

That was about 200,000 years ago. It's not as recent as people think.

The original reptilians are coming back, they are here now, and the ones who remained on this planet developed their own little sub-culture, which went against what the overall plan was. And now they're afraid of their own people. There's a lot of scurrying around, if you want to call it that, to protect against the original population that's coming back and there's going to be a gigantic battle on this planet in the next few years. I think there's going to be war and the human-reptilian hybrids that are here are going to defend themselves against the originals, the true-breds.

This planet does not have any greatness to it, in or of itself, it's the location it has within the galaxy and the location it has within inter-dimensional travel that makes it so desirable. That's why this place is so important."

Picture of QUEEN IN AUSTRALIA, March 2000

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