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This is the Phil Schneider story

He is a geologist and explosives expert. 17 years in government black projects.Has level 1 security clearance (Rhyolite 38)
Has worked at Area 51, S-4 and Los Alamos.
He is one of only 3 survivors from the infamous Alien/Human war at Dulce, New Mexico and Los Alamos undergrounds in August 1979. 66 government workers and agents were killed. Others survivors locked in hospitals.
Since the video lecture (mentioned below) Phil Schneider died in his home in suspicious circumstances.
Prior to this, he has had 11 attemps on his life.

In a video lecture he makes the following points:
-Alien metals are used in our modern military aircraft and helicopters.
-The military have known about the aliens since 1909. Army calvary found alien greys in caves in New Mexico in 1909. -The US black budget is over 500 billion dollars per year! This 28% of the Gross National Product! The black budget is illegal and an act of treason.
-There are 131 active deep underground military bases in the US.
-There are 1477 bases world wide. Average cost is 19 billion dollars.Can be built at the rate of 2 per year using space age technology.
-Magneto leviton high speed underground trains connect all the bases in the US.It also circles the whole globe.Capable of speeds of Mac 2. Al Bielek (Montauk/Philadelphia Experiments) has travelled on one.
-They use charged par ticle beam weapons (not lasers anymore), computer enhanced imaging radar, satellite infrared technology which can see a 5 cent coin on the ground.
-The are 18,000 workers at Groom Lake (Area 51, S-4, S2). Here there are 9 undergroundmilitary bases (over 4 cubic miles!). This is a "mega" underground base.
-Boring machines literally melt the rock with lasers.No concrete used.
-During extensions to the underground biological laboratory at Dulce/Los Alamos he was shot with a laser by a 7 foot grey alien. This opened up his chest and melted his fingers.He was saved by a Green Beret soldier.Later 66 soldier lost their lives in an underground war.
-The US military have been lying to the US Senate since 1947 (Roswell incident). This is illegal.Treason! -The US military and the German Nazi have had flying saucers since 1933.
-Phil showed a metal used secretly by the military on craft that when combined with alien technology can withstand 10 million degrees temperature Fahrenheit and is impregnable withstanding particle beam weapons. -There are over 140 elements in the true Periodic Table.(not 102 as generally acknowledged by regular science). -The alien agenda (Negatives) is the complete take over of this planet by the year 2029. The killing off of 5/6th of the world's population. The NWO and the alien agenda is the same thing.
-There are 9 races (negatives?) on Earth at present. They get high (like cocaine) from the secretions of our adrenial glands.This may be reason for the missing 100,000 children in the USA.
-Half of the 131 underground bases in the USA are actual cities for the negative aliens.
-The underground bases are being used to set up an alien/NWO take over.


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