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As soon as I started to wear the Flower of Life symbol, the dreams commenced. A clearing of all my unresolved issues – some I didn’t even realize I was holding onto! Its just fantastic how effective they are. Who would have believed love them! JH

I had been wearing the Merkaba pendent for around 2 months. Then I had my first experience. A very vivid dream to do with a relationship that i had not resolved. Its really made a difference to me - the feeling of clearing something I’m sure I would have held onto for years. I’m now onto my second symbol the Golden Mean Spiral. I feel more balanced and I’m viewing the world from a place of peace. E

Wearing the symbols has re-awoken the spiritual part of me. The dreams are unbelievable. I have a knowing inside of me that everything is working in the right direction and a strong feeling of being connected. This planet needs them and I’m so grateful I found them. Love to one and all. P

Since wearing the Mobius Ring I’m feeling more in control. The mobius has made me face my fears, and now I’m more confident and have a freedom to my movement through life. I have a calmness in my body and mind. I suppose you could say I’m finding peace and a new connecting to this planet I call home (for now). S

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Mayan Music

Beautifully produced using recreated original style Mayan instruments, this album invokes
strong feelings. Gain an insight into the whole Mayan culture and its spiritual meaning.
40 minutes.
AUDIO: CD. Code MAMC $25 ($US24.00),)
Plus shipping per On line Ordering above


Dreamspell 13 Moon Calendar
of Planetary Service

The 13 moon calendar is based on the Mayan calendar of wave harmonics and resonant fields – and the liberation of the mind. Use of the calendar in everyday life will help heal Planet Earth, break the vicious link between time and money and bring oneness and understanding to humanity. It replaces the current Gregorian calendar (Pope Gregory XII, 1582).

It is 13 months (moons), each month has 28 days. It is the same as menstrual cycles and moon cycles. It stimulates synchronicity and telepathy. It is a natural cycle calendar that helps you integrate the natural cycles of the sun, moon, solar system and our galaxy, the Milky Way.
Printed wall calendar for Mayan year - July 26 to July 26.
New version: FULL COLOUR wall poster with full year at a glance. Many side charts.
Code DCW $Au25 ($US24.00)for full year.
Plus shipping per On line Ordering above
See new video "Understanding the Mayan Calendar" Code UMC.
Software version of the calendar. It is available on CDR disk for either Macintosh or Windows. You can calculate your Galactic signature instantly and print out reports. Have each day on your computer automatically. Very easy to use.
Code PM8 $Au25 ($US24.00) CDR disk
Plus shipping per On line Ordering above
(be sure to specify Mac or Windows)
DCW wall calendar PM8 CDR calendar

José and Lloydine Argüelles

With a special introduction presentation:

"Who are the Maya?"

  • Calendar History
  • Prophecy of Pacal Votan
  • Call for Burning of Gregorian Calendar and for Adoption of 13 Moon Calendar
  • Introduces the Dreamspell Calendar, Telektonon Game of Prophecy and the Dreamspell Kit
  • DVD * 1.5 hours. Code PPC $Au25 ($US24.00)
    Plus shipping per On line Ordering above

Empowering you to become a Mayan Astrologer and Daykeeper
Aluna Joy Yax'kin

  • Mayan-Pleiadian Cosmology is an EASY to understand, comprehensive guide to Mayan Astrology and Daykeeping that synthesizes Indigenous and Cosmic Mayan wisdom. Includes:
  • Easy decoding tables to convert dates
  • An understandable introduction to the fundamentals of cosmic time
  • Interpretations of the 20 suns and the 13 numbers
  • Charts, reference guides and worksheets to aid with solar destiny readings
  • A daykeeping section with a Mayan glyph directory
  • A message from the Cosmic Maya.
  • BOOK (264 pages) CODE MPC $Au39.00 ($US37.00)
    Plus shipping per On line Ordering above

Easy and Fun

  • Do you know your Mayan birthday?
  • The Mayan Time Decoder will tell you! This time tested chart easily converts dates so you, family and friends can use the ancient technology of the sacred Mayan calendar.Vibrating with the entire range of the spectrum, this beautiful,double-sided, A4 color conversion chart is laminated to withstand years of decoding.
  • CHART CODE MTD $Au15.00 ($US14.00)
    Plus shipping per On line Ordering above

Jose Arguelles

  • Path Beyond Technology. José announces that human history has been shaped during the time framed by the Mayan Calendar Great Cycle–3113 BC to 2012 AD– by a galactic beam through which the Earth and Sun have been passing.This book is THE classic book explaining the importance of the Mayan information to us at this time.
  • "At last someone with the right blend of vision and scholarship has had the courage to tackle the mystery of the Maya head-on. José has asked the right questions and has come up with answers that astound. His research is impressive, his findings hard to refute, his conclusions persuasive; furthermore, they are timely. As the reader will discover, the mystery and message of the Maya have been unriddled in the nick of time"
    –Peter Rogers, author.
  • BOOK. CODE TMF $Au43.00 ($US40.00)
    Plus shipping per On line Ordering above

A Mayan Calendar and daily Journal

  • In just a few minutes, anyone can be using the sacred Mayan calendar. Includes a quick reference guide with each day's challenges and solutions, a Mayan Solar Meditation, and a message from the Cosmic Maya. Accepted curriculum for Center For Mayan Studies in Merida, Mexico! Spiral bound for easy use. (80 pages)
  • CODE TMS $Au29.00 ($US27.00) Plus shipping per On line Ordering above

Responsibility to those who are asleep
Drunvalo Melchizedek

  • Recognising our own mastership is the theme of this programme. Drunvalo talks of the responsibility to others that are asleep or not aware of the coming changes. He also details our beginning 200,000 years ago, the misuse of power in Atlantis and the re-construction of the Earth's grids over the last 13,000 years. New insights into our consciousness acceleration.
  • DVD * 1.25 hours. Code MAW $Au29 ($US27.00)
    Plus shipping per On line Ordering above

Barbara Hand Clow

  • Our solar system is rapidly moving into the Photon Belt, a band of light, that is setting up a new morphic field that will be the basis for the next 26,000 years. Barbara is a Mayan Initiatic Elder, author of five books and an astrologer from Alycone.An important programme explaining the changes we are going through.
  • DVD * 1 hour. Code GAP $Au29.00 ($US27.00)
    Plus shipping per On line Ordering above

The Day Out of Time
José and Lloydine Argüelles

  • Watching this video allows you to participate in one of the most powerful ceremonies at the end of this 26,000 year Mayan Cycle. Sunrise, midday and sunset ceremonies of a planetary rainbow gathering at Serpent Mount, Ohio on July 25, 1995, A Day Out of Time. Interviews with José and Lloydine Argüelles on the Mayan Calendar.
  • DVD 1.25 hours. Code DOT $A29 ($US27.00)
    Plus shipping per On line Ordering above

A Complete Guide to the Thirteen Moon Calendar and Peace Movement
José and Lloydine Argüelles

  • A short history calendars, the Galactic strategy, the rise and fall of the G7, the reawakening of the Planetary Art Network, the Telektonon and Dreamspell, Earth Ascending and the arrival of the Galactic Culture. A good introduction.
  • BOOK. Code COG $Au9 ($US7.00)
    Plus shipping per On line Ordering above

Albert Ruz Buenfil

  • Albert Ruz Buenfil is an author and co-founder of the "Illumined Elephants" and student of alternative socal transformation. The Royal Tomb of Pacal (Great Lord) of Palenque, was discovered by archaelogist Alberto Ruz Lhuillier (his father). The importance of Pacal in these times combined with work done by José Argüelles and the return of the Mayas by the end of this Katun is discussed in this tape. Fully illustrated with Temple opening and detail of the meaning and importance of this grand design.
    DVD * 1 hour approx. Code ARB
    $Au29 ($US27.00)
    Plus shipping per On line Ordering above

Sheldon Nidle

  • Based on the Mayan calendar and Jose Arguelles' Dreamspell Game. This important workshop gives a deep understanding of the glyphs and the whole working of the Mayan number system. Essential viewing for anyone interested in the new astrology. Includes booklet.
  • DVD * 3 1/4 hours Code GTW $Au29 ($US27.00)
    Plus shipping per On line Ordering above

Hunbatz Men

  • A full length documentary that encompasses the Historic Mayan Solar initiations of 1995. Freshly edited, it now appeals to a worldwide audience. A must see for those interested in Mayan wisdom.
  • DVD 80 minutes. Code FSS $Au29 ($US27.00)
    Plus shipping per On line Ordering above

Powerful tools for meditation and healing
based on the Mayan Calendar paintings
by Mary Fran Koppa
  • SET OF 20 SOLAR GLYPH ACTIVATION CARDS–Full colour 11.4cm x 15.8cm laminated with notes. For daily use with Mayan Calendar, as art for framing and display, as meditation cards or for playing the Mayan Star game.
    Code GAC. $Au39.00 ($US37.00)
    Plus shipping per On line Ordering above
  • YOUR OWN PERSONAL GLYPH PAINTING (based on Mary Fran Koppa's channelled paintings). Just let us know your birthday of Solar Glyph. These are powerful energies that match your own energy. two sizes, both laminated
  • 42cm x 29cm (A3) Code PGP1 Au25.00 ($US24.00),
    Plus shipping per On line Ordering above
  • 50cm x 42cm (A2) Code PGP2 $Au30.00 ($US27.00)
    Plus shipping per On line Ordering above
  • Plus $A10.00 Express Post tube (in Australia)
GAC PGP1 PGP2 Exp. Post tube

Virgil Armstrong

  • Virgil is interviewed indepth about personal and planetary changes and our Ascension to the fifth dimension. Much detailed info. about how the changes are taking place.
  • The second part includes diagrams and charts about these exciting changes and how they will affect us.
  • DVD 1.5 hours. Code RTA $Au29 ($US27.00)
    Plus shipping per On line Ordering above

(and Montauk Project)
Al Bielek and Preston Nichols. (Four hour DVD)
  • Presented to the International Tesla Society. This two tape video set is the most complete, detailed, coverage of the whole Phildelphia Experiment story. It includes many photographs, technical explanations and a complete personal history of the two main survivors. Both Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron have grown up twice in this life time, since 1916 and 1917! They were the subjects of complex time experiments. After jumping overboard from the Eldridge in 1943 they landed on the ground (not in the water) at Montauk Point (Long Island) in 1983! Both Al and Preston give detailed technical explanations of how the PE invisibility project was carried out and it's relationship to the Montauk experiment. Nichola Tesla was very much involved in the early stages and his technology was used through out the time/space processes.
  • Two VHS HiFi tapes, each 120 minutes long. (VHS/DVD)
  • DVD PE1, PE2 TOTAL $Au40.00. ($US38.00 )
    Plus shipping per On line Ordering above


  • To the Amazing Camerons
  • This is an almost unbelievable panel discussion about two amazing top secret US government projects. The implications are incredible. It covers: teleportation of a battle ship, time travel, the Third Reich involvement, Reptilian extraterrestrials, Einstein and Tesla, age regression, bases on Mars and much more. Includes Preston Nichols (see Encounters in the Pleiades), Al Bielek, Duncan Cameron.
  • NOTE: poor picture quality, clear sound track.
  • DVD * # 3 hours Code MON $Au20 ($US18.00)
    Plus shipping per On line Ordering above

Interviewed by Vladimir Tarzisky.

  • Amazing indepth information about the Montauk and Philadelphia projects and mind control. Includes a picture of an invisible security agent with George Bush!
  • DVD # 2 hours. Code ALB $Au25 ($US24.00)
    Plus shipping per On line Ordering above

Preston Nichols & Peter Moon

  • This is probably the best book currently available giving a technical/scientific overview of the great drama taking place on our planet. Preston describes in detail a captured saucer including its crystal computers and drive and its reality engineering making a 30 foot saucer 100 feet on the inside! He also details how most abductions are carried out by our secret government with a cover image of an ET abduction implanted in the brain. For the first time, the personal history of Preston is revealed along with an avalanche of amazing information the world has not yet heard. New concepts in science are offered with technical but simple descriptions even the layperson can understand. Many connections with the Phildelphia Experiment and Montauk.
  • BOOK. Code EIP $Au39 ($US37.00)
    Plus shipping per On line Ordering above

Stewart SwerdIow. Edited by Peter Moon

  • Montauk:The Alien Connection reveals the most amazing story yet to surface in the area of alien abduction. This is an autobiographical and factual account from Stewart Swerdlow, a gifted mentalist who was born clairvoyant but haunted by strange timespace scenarios. After suffering alien abductions and government manipulations, Stewart found Preston Nichols and discovered his own role in time travel experiments known as the Montauk Project. After refusing to break his association with Nichols, Stewart was incarcerated by the authorities, but the truth began to reveal itself. Struggling for his life, Stewart used his mental abilities to overcome the negative influence surrounding him and ultimately discovered the highest common denominator in the alien equation-an interdimensional language which communicates to all conscious beings.
  • BOOK. CODE MAC. $Au39.00 ($US37.00)
    Plus shipping per On line Ordering above

Underground bases/the New World Order
ET's and technology

This is important material because the underground bases are hard tangible evidence of the existence of the New World Order and the secret military. What are the 1400+ world wide secret underground bases for? Are they planning a NWO take over soon? The Pine Gap military base in central Australia has seven secret levels underground.
It is said there is a secret base under Mt. Orion, south of Scots Peak Dam in South West Tasmania.
Phil Schneider: is a geologist and explosives expert. 17 years in government black projects. Has level 1 security clearance (Rhyolite 38). Has worked at Area 51, S-4 and Los Alamos. He is one of only 3 survivors from the infamous Alien/Human war at Dulce, New Mexico and Los Alamos undergrounds in August 1979. 66 government workers and agents were killed. Other survivors locked in hospitals.
Since the video lecture (mentioned below) Phil Schneider died in his home in suspicious circumstances. Prior to this, he has had 11 attemps on his life.
DVD. * CODE PSS. $Au29 ($US27.00)
Plus shipping per On line Ordering above

The Black Sun-Montauk's
Nazi-Tibetan Connection
by Peter Moon

  • In this spectacular new edition to the Montauk series, Black Sun continues the intriguing revelations readers have come to expect from Peter Moon as he digs deeper than ever before into the mysterious synchronicities that have made his work so popular.The Black Sun is an adventure in consciousness revealing a vast array of new information. From the lineage of the Cameron clan to the German flying saucer program and the SS, Tibet mission, we are led on a path that gives us the most insightful look ever into the Third Reich and their ultimate quest: the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail. Going beyond Tbe Spear of Destiny and other attempts to unlock the mysterious occultism of the Nazis, Peter Moon peers into the lab of the ancient alchemists and their white powdered gold in order to explain the secret meaning behind the Egyptian and Tibetan "Books of the Dead".
  • 302 pages, illustrations and photos,
  • CODE TBS is $Au39.00 ($US37.00)
    Plus shipping per On line Ordering above