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Hitler: Last Lord of Darkness
(and the Mayan Calendar)
by Nick Armstrong

The red triangle signifies the Last Lord of Darkness (#9), Hitler.
This is 1939 when Hitler marched into Poland.
Other Lords of darkness, such as Pacal Votan are represented
by the remaining 8 red triangles.
Every 1144 year cycle contains 9 Lords of Darkness and 13 Lord of Light.


In his book, "Supergods", Maurice M. Cotterell equates the leader of the Mayan people, Lord Pacal with Lord Krishna, Buddha and Jesus. All four had common threads.

All had immaculate conceptions, performed "miracles", had similar teachings such as love & service to humanity, self control, karma, spirituality of man, immortality of the soul, qualities to be gained and overcome, purification of the soul through sacrifice.

All prophecied some destruction at this time on Earth, a belief in reincarnation and an existance of a destination for the dead or afterlife.

All also had an "association with a tree!" Lord Krishna was said to have died on a tree. Buddha said enlightenment came while sitting beneath the Tree of Knowledge. Jesus died on a cross with a Crown of Thorns. On his tomb lid, the famous Lid of Palenque, Lord Pacal had "carved" a central feature, "The Suckling Tree". Is was said the tree has 100,000 nipples and dead babies could suckle the "tree of life" and gain strength to reincarnate.

When I visited the town of Palenque in south east Mexico a few years ago I didn't realise the significance of Lord Pacal Votan's tomb lid. His Temple of Inscriptions houses the famous "Lid of Palenque" which is fully encoded with stories and images of historical and spiritual signifance. The Temple also includes prophecies and predictions for our time leading to the year 2012.

The Mayans were master time Lords, fully understanding and documenting the movement of the planets and stars and have the most accurate calendar in recorded history. José Argüelles' 13 moon Dreamspell calendar is a modern interpretation which has 13 moons (months) and 28 days per month. This is a NATURAL CYCLE calendar that tracks moon and menstral cyles, unlike our erroronous Gregorian calendar that was altered to suit Pope Gregories wars.

Lord Pacal Votan's tomb, the Temple of Inscriptions, has many clues to our future encoded within it. One of these was the painting of 9 Lords of Darkness inside the burial room. Pacal was one of the Lords of Darkness. This simply means he had lessons to teach us from one side of the balance of light and dark, which together are powerful teaching tools for humanity.

The Mayan Echo wheel represents the last 1144 years and is divided into 22 segments each of 52 years duration. There are 13 segments representing the 13 Lords of Light and 9 segments representing the 9 Lords of Darkness. Hitler was the last Lord of Darkness.

There is an arrow head at the top centre of the Mayan Sacred Tzolkin (calendar wheel) that represents 1935, when Hitler marched into Poland. Author and lecturer, Virgil Armstrong says that when Jesus left Earth, he met his dark brother at the doorway and said "they say that have 'got it', now go in and test them". Hitler was part of that dark brother energy. He served his part on the stage of Planet Earth very well, just as Jesus did.

The echo circle of 1144 year "predicts" events by echoing across its diameter, that is, half a circle or 572 years.
The following is an example how this works.

A. 947 AD Quetzalcoatl was born.
B. 999 AD Quetzalcoatl died. Exactly 52 years, the length of one Heaven. Before he died he said he would return and bring peace.
C. 1519 AD Cortez arrived from Spain, exactly 572 years after Quetzalcoatl's birth. His military exploits caused much blood shed.
D. 1571 AD Deganawidah was born. He was the founder of the Great Peace League of the Iroquoise. Exactly 572 years after Quetzalcoatl's death.

You will notice that some people predicted that they themselves would return in a new life in exactly 572 years time. On the Mayan Echo Wheel, 572 years is exactly 180 degrees around the circle or exactly opposite the point of origin. 572 years is half the full Echo Wheel of 1144 years.

In the Mayan Popol Vuh book of prophecies it says "....and the Kings knew if there would be war, and everything was clear before their eyes; they saw if there would be death or hunger, if there would be strife". Obviously, the Kings used the principle of the Echo Wheel prophecies.

Other interesting dates on the Echo Wheel:-

E. 1207 the Confederacy of Mayapan was crystallised from the concepts of Quetzalcoatl's great Republic of the Tree.
F. 1779 Declaration of Independence Day on fourth of July. (May require slight adjustment to 1776). (572 years later)
By 1987 there were 52 states - Confederacy of the USA.

G. 843 AD the Mayan Empire totally collapsed.
G. 1987 (1144 years later). Our civilisation starts to crumble?
It is prophesied that the Fifth World will be destroyed by the Fire Serpents who will cause astronomical cataclysms. The centre of the Mayan Tzolkin (Sacred calendar) contains the symbol which means earthquake or movement.

H. 1259 Atlans leave to find another home land. Dream of a lake.
I. 1831 Joseph Smith announces finding of tablets. Brigham Young (his successor) had a vision of a great lake (Salt Lake) (Mormon bible based on tablets)

See "GODS IN AMNESIA" by Nick Armstrong

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