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A Story from Al Bielek & Preston Nichols
from the Philadelphia/Montauk Projects
(secret time travel/mind control projects)


Article written 1998.

Bielek's information indicates that the Camp Hero underground (as opposed to other underground facilities in and near Montauk) was recently the site of a defensive operation utilizing particle beam weaponry and other technologies, reportedly directed against malevolent ET intrusions. According to Al Bielek this Air Force crew deflected the Hale Bopp comet from a collision course with earth, and that the object "hiding" behind it was then destroyed (however an escape pod did manage to bail out before destruction). The reason this object was targeted was that the Air Force called in over 130 remote viewers to get a reading on the trailing object and came up with 130+ different readings--indicating to them that the object was being heavily cloaked/screened and therefore it's intentions had to be considered hostile.

Time manipulations have been involved in some of this defensive activity by Bielek's accounting, and that the fact that the time portal has been shut off does in fact have some drawbacks from this perspective.

I subsequently contacted Preston Nichols to get his input on this. For the most part he did in fact corroborate Bielek's information--in fact much of it came from Nichols. However, he can and will NOT say positively that there were no negative forces anywhere in the extensive Montauk underground during this period of time.

As best he could personally determine and through his active contacts with Air Force agencies recently at Camp Hero, there did not appear to be any EM mind control operations going on there at the time, but given the way projects can be hidden within other projects and the way compartmentalization works, secret agendas can be piggybacked onto "legitimate" operations with no way for anyone involved in the above board activities to even be aware of it. Nichols pointed out that his most recent investigations indicate that there are EM/RF mind control transmissions still being picked up in the vicinity--by his estimation emanating from Block Island, about 15 miles directly east of Montauk Point, but not emanating directly out of Camp Hero.

He confirmed Bielek's statement that anti-"NWO" Air Force agents raided an underground base about 15 miles west of Montauk in Sag Harbor being operated by the Montauk Project's mind control crew in August of 1996, and turned up records on 30,000 programees (New World Order shock troops--mostly recent ones) at that base alone! Apparently this caused (the Air Force) some consternation; in some respects there is a serious secret conflict or even a war underway between two opposing factions within the (covert?) government.

Apparently this "Montauk boys" programming operation in Sag Harbor was operated with the assistance of a Catholic religious order known as the Pallotine group: a monastic order working with the secret government to help train an elite fighting group of children along the lines of Delta Forces.

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