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Giza Millennium Celebrations Under Threat
(Authors of The Stargate Conspiracy)

According to reports in the Egyptian press, the Millennium ceremony in which a golden capstone was to be placed on top of the Great Pyramid, has been cancelled. This is because some sections of the Egyptian government are now worried about the Masonic symbolism involved. The meaning of this event for American Freemasons is discussed in Chapter 7 of The Stargate Conspiracy.

Briefly, to American Freemasons the symbolic completion of the Pyramid heralds a new age in which the USA and Freemasonry become dominant in world affairs. There are also connections with the 'prophecies' of Edgar Cayce.

The Egyptian official behind the ceremony, the well-known Dr Zahi Hawass, seems to be in the firing line for agreeing to this event.

A full report can be found on the Egyptnews subscription mailing list, at (to subscribe, send an email with 'subscribe' in the subject box). Egyptnews has also posted comments by Robert Bauval on this development.

Robert Bauval discusses this ceremony at length in his latest book, Secret Chamber: The Quest for the Hall of Records, and many readers will be aware that he makes no secret of his personal belief that this ceremony would trigger a New Age. He links it with the opening of the Hall of Records, the fulfilment of Cayce's prophecies and the Second Coming of Jesus.

Bauval is now very concerned about the cancellation, and is taunting the Egyptian government by claiming that, if the event fails to materialise, they will be the laughing stock of the world. He says that the eyes of the world will be fixed on that ceremony, and that millions of tourists have booked to be there. However, it is only in New Age circles ­ and among Bauval's own fans - that the capstone ceremony is awaited with such fervour. Bauval has, after all, been the major ­ in fact, the only - promoter of this event as a mystical occasion. The other events at Giza that night ­ most importantly Jean-Michel Jarre's concert and laser show ­ are still going ahead. It should be a great show with or without Edgar Cayce. The desperation with which Bauval has reacted to the news of the cancellation seems to be due to his personal emotional investment in the importance of this event. But what does it mean to the non-Masonic world? Surely Jesus is not waiting for a capstone to be replaced on the Pyramid? And as for Edgar Cayce, it never fails to amaze us that he is ever taken seriously as a prophet at all. We have researched his prophecies thoroughly, and have yet to discover ONE that he got right. Perhaps the fact that he was a very active Freemason accounts for his popularity in certain quarters today.

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