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from Countdown Newsletter by Tony Wicks
November 2001

* The Creator indicates we are now starting to see through the illusion of limited consciousness as we raise our awareness. A new glorious age of abundance, unlimited abilities, and peace is solemnly promised to us.

* We are moving closer to many disclosures and miracles.

* There are numerous calls for us to stand up and be counted, to move out of our comfort zone and tell the masses what is happening.

* Our move to the inner Earth cities has been accelerated. There we will be guided through our final changes into fully conscious beings in an environment very similar to our current one.

* Nibiru crosses Earth's path on 2003. It will become our solar system's 11th planet.

* Once public announcements are made of the existence of Galactic Federation ships around us, there will be a 5-part series on first contact, and we will be introduced to fleet commanders, plus we will hear from Ascended Masters. Ships will be seen during daytime fly-overs, and some will land in parks, city centres, and airports.

* We will be in this transitional world from 18 months to perhaps less than 3 weeks!

* Lady Gaia has indicated she will now start bringing up the former continent of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean. This will be a major wake-up call to the whole world.