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The BIG Picture


1. Always maintain your contact with the source of all life. The creative energy of the Universe.
2. Trust your gut feeling and intuition.
3. Help people overcome fear by explaining the positive aspects of the coming changes.
4. Help people improve their self esteem and to take back their power.
5. Do not let the negative powers divide us (divide and conquer).
6. Remember who you are. Most of us are old souls. We are more advanced, spiritually, than the extraterrestrials called negatives/regressives (Greys, Reptilians, Draconians) We have creativity, sexuality, sensuality, love for ourselves and others.
7. Remember we are all here to learn and work out our karma. Each persons mission is unique.
8. Remember, everyone's reality is different. Be non-judgemental.
9. Everyday we make many decisions. Each is based on either love or fear! Choose love!


a. Expect much change to society, weather, yourself. This need not be negative, but exciting, leading to a new Galactic civilization by the year 2012.
b. Time will seem to speed up (the Mayan calendar says we are moving beyond time and money).
c. An official announcement of contact with extraterrestrials. Probably from the USA.
d. Earthquakes, eruptions will probably increase, but not massive water rising. This is Mother Earth cleansing herself.
e. There will be much jockeying for power over the next few years between the military, the secret government/New World Order/Illuminati/Vatican and some extraterrestrials.
f. The banking system will probably collapse (the Mayan calendar says we are going beyond time and money).
g. The New World Order will attempt to be in power by 2003. This will probably be short lived. We may wake one day to the headline that the banking system has collapsed, we each have $500 of credits/units in a central system and we must use a Smartcard for all transactions.
h. There is a possibility of a fake Second Coming (The return of Jesus Christ) staged by the negative Grey extraterrestrials. This could be an aerial hologram. This could be staged to divide us and distract us. The Second Coming is really within us.
i. Some people with be "checking out" due to their inability to handle the new higher spiritual frequencies or energies coming to our planet. This will be their choice.
j. Expect newly born children to be intelligent, highly intuitive and spiritual leaders.
k. Use of the Mayan Calendar will become more widespread. It is a natural cycle calendar that stimulates synchronicity and telepathy. Use of the calendar in everyday life will help heal the planet, break the vicious link between time an money and bring oneness and understanding to humanity.

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