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basement shoot-out

Message from Ahn,
Elder of the Sirian High Council
and Galactic Federation of Light.

Greetings Sisters and Brothers in the Light. By now most of you are aware that there has been a stand-off situation below the White House, with members of the Bush Administration detained by Galactic Federation Personel as a result of their failed attempt to take CNN personel hostage. Negotiations were tense, and many options for them to stand down in various ways were offered. These options took into consideration their karmic obligations, soul contracts, their families, and the affects each senario would have on the American people, and henceforth the world.

As you can see, the scale of what is occurring here is multi-dimentional, and beyond the current ability of many to comprehend at this time. So we ask you as frustrated as you are,to be as patient as possible.

On 21st April the Bush Administration cracked. They use fear as their motivation, not love. So their insane thirst for control pushed them into a state of panic, and the order was given to their top units of crack cloned human droid soldiers and their best technology, to attack our positions under the White House. We knew this was about to occur, so we arranged transport of the detainees and our people to Area51.
An intense battle ensued as we transported the detainees from the White House to Area51, but none of our people or the detainees were harmed.

All the Federation Personel and detainees had Light Shields placed around them, or shall we say more accurately, they merged into a temporary Light suit. These protective Light Suits use two energy streams, and both come from Christ Michael.
On top of the head, or crown chakra, is a sphere of White Light that represents the White Light of Conditional Love. The rest of the body is surrounded by a blue light the source of which is Archangel Michael, a lower aspect of Christ Michael,and represents the energy of his Flaming Blue Sword.

When the Blue Light was fired upon, it would mostly, instantly dissolve whatever was fired eg. bullet or laser. Sometimes there would be a ricochet depending on the angle of fire. When the white sphere was fired upon, it would immediately send the armament, whatever it was, straight back to the source. This means that every time a droid soldier fired a gun for example, the bullet would bounce straight back at the same velocity, and strike the soldier. This occurred because the White Light of Conditional Love represents one side of polarity (the positive side) therefore it acted like a mirror of instant karma. The Spiritual Hierachy and the Federation deemed those tactics most appropriate, to work into the psyche of the soldiers. Now they will think twice before firing upon us. Wouldn't you?

Another reason also for us relocating to Area51 was to allow the governmental structures of America to continue to function. It does not help anyone if the White House becomes a scene of conflict. Area51 has been covertly under the control of the Sirian and Federation Forces for the past 7 years. But after this incident, it is now overtly under our control, and this is now known by many different agencies, US Forces,private companies, and government officials etc.
There we are able to detain those stubborn recalitrant individuals in a more appropriate manner, and also provide sanctuary for the ones who have changed their ways.

Our awareness programs continue, and the reality of what is really going on in the Bush Administration is now beginning to sink in.
The reason Sirius is playing such a major role in these matters is because your sun is the third star in the Sirius system. Yes, in universal truth, or as we say in the energy of WHAT IS, Sirius is a Trinary System, so therefore this planet is actually part of the Sirius Nation.
The structure of the Galaxy is the same for all concerned, so therefore we are not interested in playing philosophical mind games with relative truths.These mind games are also manipulative deceptions. The fact that you live on planet earth is the same for all concerned. The fact that your earth revolves around the sun,is the same for all concerned. The fact that your sun is a part of the Sirius system, is the same for all concerned. The fact that Sirius is but one of millions of Nations in this Galaxy, is the same for all concerned.Therefore, the structure of the Galaxy and the universe, is the same for all concerned. This is what is referred to as the way things ARE, or the energy of what is.

Please be aware of the mind manipulation techniques of the dark side which would have you believe that all truths are relative, and render you totally passive, powerless and irresponsible.You can only improve your world through change,and this requires: understanding the structure of life and the universe, taking responsability for who you are, where it is you come from, and what it is you are here to do.

The name of my ship is "Phoenix", and it saddens me to say that the material labeled "The Phoenix Journals" which some of you are aware of, are not, and I repeat NOT transmissions from my ship.Sananda Immanuel, Leader of the Pleiadian Nation also has his own ship and is
called "Golden Eagle". I previously sent a message to all of you about my relationship with Sananda Immanuel, and the actual events concerning the birth of the one you know as Jesus, but it seems that the truth for some is still too difficult to accept, and this information did not make it onto some popular Websites. Another ship I would now like to bring to your attention is that of Yahweh. He is the Leader of the Lyrian Empire, and the name of his ship is "Thunderbird".

As you can now appreciate, we are all working diligently behind the scenes, and we realize just how much you want to see this progress on your television screens.

That moment is almost upon us! Please remember these ships, because soon you will see all three of us in your skies. We are already here; it is just a matter of us revealing ourselves when the time is deemed appropriate for all concerned.
That moment is virtually upon us. Our hearts continue to dance with anticipation.

In the Golden Light of truth and balance that is Unconditional Love,
We thank you for listening.