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To understand the current situation on Mother Earth, one needs an understanding of the big picture, which certainly is not presented through the regular mass media.

Here are some points to consider -

1. There is only one Source for everything, both light and dark.

2. The light will always prevail or win. The Prime Creator (God) will have its way.

3. The Mayan calendar clearly states that in any timing cycle there are 13 Lords of Light (Heavens) and only 9 Lords of Darkness (Hells). The Light will prevail. Their cycles are called “worlds” and are 1,144 years long.

4. Jesus Christ and others would have been Lords of Light. Hitler was the LAST Lord of Darkness. George W. Bush it the tail end of the Third Reich.

5. Mother Earth and us are currently under a special Divine Intervention. This is being supervised by the Ascended Masters (spiritual level) and the Galactic Federation (physical level).

6. It is graduation time for us and we are all about to ascend to the new Golden Age ("1000 years of peace") (as predicted by many including the Mayan calendar).

7. Probably the most difficult thing to understand during this huge shift and transformation of our reality is the balance between our free will, the dark agenda, Mother Earth's ascension and God's master plan.

8. An example of this intricate balance was 9/11 (Twin Towers). This was allowed to go ahead by the light and dark masters (on a high spiritual level) as the last major learning lesson for us all.

9. Many of those who died in 9/11 are now helping bring about God's plan on the "other side".

10. George W. Bush is teaching us what we may not want or need. He may be sued for $US9 Billion for authorizing 9/11. They have the proof.

11. Bush was planning to bring in Martial Law in 2004. He was stopped from doing this by the Galactic Federation.

12. It appears that NESARA could be announced when we least expect it.

13. Many attempted "terrorist" acts are being stopped by off-world forces on a continuous basis. No major wars will be allowed. All major war heads have been neutralized. The Forces of Light are monitoring all activities and make decisions based on what we need to learn/experience, our free will and God's plan. Read between the lines are see what is NOT happening.

14. NESARA is only part of our spiritual shift or graduation. We have to change our whole way of thinking by 2012. Many exciting times ahead!

15. Just think, in 10 years time we will be able to look back and say "we were there" during the big shift from duality (light and dark) to pure light by 2012.

16. Remember in any given moment we are making decisions based on love or fear. There is nothing else. Choose love, not fear.

17. Try not to be judgmental. Allow rather than judge.

For more info. on this, see my video "Closer then You Think" (CYT DVD) and my book "Gods in Amnesia" (GIA).

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