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1. The formal announcement of NESARA, The National Economic, Stabilisation and Recovery Act. This will result in a totally new money system world wide, freeing up resources and ABUNDANCE for all. Person debt forgiveness is part of the package (credit cards, mortgages etc.). The Euro launch is connected to this announcement.

2. Announcement of the existence/presence of the Galactic Federation (ETs) to help us through the "end times" or shift to a new consciousness and galactic society.

3. Introduction of new advanced technology for the betterment of humankind. This will include free energy, antigravity vehicles, non-polluting technology, new water supplies. Technology to clean up the planet (such as uranium dumps) and transform our society. Much of this has been withheld for decades by the secret military/industrial complex.

4. Possible cessation of all wars. This will be helped by new tools on how best to resolve conflict.

5. George W Bush will finish as president of USA. Many other corrupt leaders will be removed from office. Bush will probably go on trial at the World Court.

6. Many governments worldwide will collapse, which will eventually be better for all the people.

7. Formation of new community groups to help one another.

8. Release of much suppressed information including archaeological and anthropological discoveries, the collapse of the "evolution" theory and our true heritage.

9. Acceleration of our personal evolvement, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.