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By Esu Immanuel (Jesus) Sananda and Saint Germain

via Dhyana Markley
September 11, 2008

You are very near to a time when your vote in the national elections in the Americas will have a unique opportunity to change the world as you know it, and create the energy and intent to uplift all upon the surface of your planet.

Never before have you been in such a position of power to make your thoughts and desires known to the ruling powers that be. To quote one of them, they believe that you will "vote the way they are told by the media" instead of thinking for yourselves, deciding what kind of world you want to live in, instead of the world these power hungry brokers of war and chaos have created.


It matters not which country you live in or which election is coming up.
What matters is that you
Fill this vision with your love, happy thoughts and intent that it BE so,
and do it every day.

Do this daily until the magic of the Universe actually creates this paradise in harmony with your own efforts... for you must do your part. Pick up trash that you see each day and dispose of it in an ecological friendly way. Do not waste water or dirty the water with oils and other toxins. Bless and express your gratitude to the water you drink and see all around you and the food that you eat, always. Plant flowers, vegetable gardens and lots of trees to love you as you love them for they will support you by not only creating more oxygen for you to breathe, but healthy food that will feed and heal you. Fill each day with as much love and laughter as you can muster, for these feelings, these emotions will attract more and more of the same to you and others.

But there is more that each one of you can do and that is to vote out ALL incumbents, ALL of those already "experienced" in positions of power, and give new and untried candidates a chance to show you that they can do a better job than is now being done.

Currently you are all slaves who do not know yourselves as such. Even the ruling "elite" are slaves to those above them in the decision making process. We challenge you to think about what a slave truly is, then look closely at your own life and see if any of it fits. Are you truly a FREE Man?

How can you start to take back your power? VOTE for anyone and everyone who has never held office. If all who are offered as candidates have held office, then vote for the one with the least experience. This is not as naive as you might think, because the less experienced one will try harder to do the right thing for the people and not be soured by the powers that be and their methods of controlling everything and everyone for their own benefit.

Of course, you would be standing in your power to vote for someone already in power or an incumbent, but that would not truly change anything.

What have you got to lose?

The politicians you have trusted and voted into power for the past 50 years have brought the country into bankruptcy; put laws on the books that will not stand alone but have other laws tagged onto them that have destroyed your Constitution; helped to create the biggest fraud ever perpetrated upon humans by stealing all of their human rights, money, water and even food since they have genetically modified most food seeds until they are sterile and bought up all of the organic seed companies so that they can starve everyone on the planet whenever they, the power brokers who control your planet, choose.

Do not worry or be too surprised when great changes come to all of the world's governments and financial systems. This change has been created as a blessing for the masses. The world as it currently exists in most people's eyes and mind is imploding in upon itself. For decades your financial systems have been held together by the illusion of money that is worth something, but this is a lie. When all of you were removed from the Gold and Precious Metals Standard backed currency by criminal master minds, and your currency of value was replaced by paper with no value, printed by the whims of a few families, you were all on a slippery slope to bankruptcy. Well, this has been the financial state of the world, especially the United States, for over ten years. Only lies, cheating and slight of hand has kept most of you from realizing it. The failure of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and many banks and savings and loans should wake you up. Has it? The U.S. Federal Government has promised to "bail them out" but we ask "What with?" The powers that be plan to tax you, your children, your grandchildren and many more levels of your descendants for their thefts and their mistakes. Hence, you and your descendants are slaves and will continue to be until you take back your personal power... each and every one of you!

So, we suggest that you imagine paradise here upon Earth and fill it with your love and joy. Vote for whomever you truly feel will bring the changes that your heart desires.

Oh, yes. Dhyana wants us to remind you to forward this message to everyone you know around the world and for all of them to forward it also (if they are so inclined), including back to the United States. Even if you don't have an election coming up, your love, cheerfulness and visions of paradise here upon Earth will help to create this for all of us.

Thank you for your help in creating a better world.

"Thank you Sananda and Saint Germain."
Dhyana Markley
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