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Vibrational Changes


more SIGNS of the TIMES

Symptoms are of a temporary nature - although they may return again and again

Breathing difficulties on occasion and or noticing stronger or louder breathing when in a relaxed state: throat chakra unblocking

Depression occasional bouts for no real reason
Diarrhea - occasional
Dizziness - may last a few minutes or several hours, recurring spasmodically
Ears, ringing in the, often accompanied by Dizziness
Exhaustion or tiredness from exertion of a minor nature
Flu-like symptoms - high temperatures, sweating, aching bones and joints etc, but which do not respond to antibiotics

(this is why the so-called Flu shots are being pushed by the pharmaceutical companies through MDs - read elsewhere what is really in these shots!)

Growth of the physical body is abnormal- height, feet
Hair growing quicker than normal - more frequent visits to a hairdresser
Heart palpitations - heart chakra unblocking
Immune system changes
Lymphatic system changes - take Fenugreek
Muscle spasms, intense, accompanied by pain in the back or elsewhere in the body - try Valerian
Muscles: loss of power in the hands, caused by changes in the circulation system
Nails (Toe and finger) growing quicker than normal
Sneezing, accompanied by the occasional runny nose, which lasts 24 hours and is not a cold or hayfever
Tension, anxiety and high stress levels - try Valerian, long soaks in the bath with Epsom salts, mud baths, daily
Tingling in the extremities - arms, hands, legs or feet
Feeling the whole body vibrate - especially at night when one is in a relaxed state


Delving into the past - and looking at relationships, gaining clarity on personal issues
Feelings of a huge purge

General Advice:

Go with the flow - donít fight it

Get rest and plenty of sleep

Drink lots of water as you are detoxifying (fenugreek) and dehydrating quicker than usual