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Venus and 2008
The SHIFT is upon us...
Get ready for the down load!
By Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ©

For over 20 years the Star Elders (a.k.a. my buddies) have shared various visions. These visions were based in the past, present day, and our future.

Over the last few weeks another vision came and though it didn't seem to have any relation to the others, a series of visions lit up like a string of lights. I haven't been excited like this since the summer of 1987! Now I feel it is time to share a few of these visions, how they add up to what looks like an amazing future. In Mexico many years back, I woke up with the story of why the Maya and other South American civilizations were conquered so easily. I was told why Columbus, Montago, Pissaro, Cortez and all the other conquerors were able to take down entire empires with so few men, horses and weapons. Lets face it, how many men and horses could they cram on one of those little ships anyway and not to mention that they were in weakened state of health when they arrived. We know what the history books say, but this is what the Star Elders share about this time and what it means to us today. In time and space there are time openings - sort of time rips, or time viruses. Sometimes Earth passes through one, or a series of these openings.

When we enter into one of these rare places it is possible for lower dimensions to enter higher ones without doing the necessary preparation or spiritual work. When this happens it imposes a lower nature on to a higher dimension. In a order to balance the situation the higher worlds usually fall, and the lower ones gain more power than they know how to handle. This was the case of the Conquers and the Americas. This vision was also warning to us at this important time. It was revealed that we will enter a similar time or space. It is important that we finish our spiritual work and purge our negative egos so as not to damage the next dimension with our lower natures. I was shown that we must enter this next world in a state surrender and allow the next world to be our teacher. In other words "Park your egos at the door folks" after all we do not want to become the next Cortez or Columbus while entering in the next world. Just a couple of months ago I had a dream that I was out in the canyons around Sedona. I was up on a cliff meditating and a dark force came up from the canyon floor and grabbed me by my ankles and began to pull me off the cliff. I knew I could die if this happened. So I called out to my buddies, the Star Elders, and they quickly came and grabbed this dark entity and pushed it back down into the earth. They also sealed the crack that it rose up from. I remember that I felt no fear and also the joyfulness in which my buddies came to the rescue.

A few weeks latter I went out to my favorite canyon. I climb atop a bench and laid down with my back on the rocks and my face up to the sky. I began to meditate and saw a opening in the sky. It was curious, so I asked the buddies what it was. They said it was the place where we will ascend through. They were clear that ascending didn't mean we were going to leave here... the earth... but just go through a doorway into a higher plane of consciousness. It was clear this was coming very, very soon.

Then I remembered the dream I had a few weeks earlier. So I asked again about the crack in the earth that tried to swallow me up. They proceed to tell me the entire story along with playing back dozens of visions I had over my life. Everything I was shown over many years began to add. The light bulb went off in my head. So here is the scoop. They said "The SHIFT is upon us... Get ready for the download!." We have come to the place we have all been waiting for. We are about to embark on the shift of the ages. What is happening is ALL the upper and lower dimensions are going to make a big leap in consciousness together with us right in the middle of it all. The Maya believe that there are 9 underworlds, and 13 heavens above us, but the Star Elders say there are many more dimensions than this. What is happening is doorways are beginning to crack open on all levels and dimensions. The BIG MANEUVER is that all these different dimensions have to open and shift at the same time, this way lower dimensions will not contaminate the higher ones. The dream I had about getting swallowed up by the underworlds was one of these underworld doorways cracking opening a little too soon and it had begun to alter this reality. I guess it was going to alter me! Not a pretty thought. The Star Elders say that this is happening all over the planet right now. Underworlds are cracking open, and so are upper worlds doorways.

They say these cracks can not be healed, but the openings can be slowed down and synchronized with all the others until we are all ready for the big leap. This event can only be held off for a short time more.

They showed me a visual to explain this. They showed me a stack of pancakes with a cord running down the center through all of the layers. They showed me that the entire stack of pancakes has to shift at the same time, space, and speed to make it all work on all levels and so that no dimension comes down with the so called time virus. The Star Elders also asked me to share something very important that you can do to help. First don't jump to soon! Be patient and wait until we can all go together. Also to all you Earth healers out there, please watch for those underworld cracks and use your skills along with your guides, guardians, and angels to help hold off the openings until everything is synchronized. They said you know who you are... and you will know what to do.

Some new symptoms we have been seeing during this shift... Emotionally we are seeing deep grief and loss of interest in current goals; loss of sense of self; heightened Kunadili energy; panic attacks; heart palpitations; visions or experiencing dimensional doorways either by seeing or hearing them and future door ways. We are having weird dreams and old visions being rekindled. We have been feeling restless and with a deep need to do SOMETHING - ANYTHING! Unusual visuals in the inner and outer worlds.

Electrical disturbances with computers and any other electronic devices. In relationship we are meeting soul mates after long and fruitless searches, and ending dis-harmonic relationships that were out of alignment. Many are feeling like they are going to die, or want to give up. We are seeing a increased number of family and friends passing away. Could it be we are dying to the old ways the old world, letting go of our attachments to this world so we can move on to the next? So what is causing all this shifting? The Star Elders say it is the current Venus Passover we have just entered. A Venus Passover is when Venus retrogrades and passes in front of the Sun.

Venus retrogrades every 260 days but it only passes over the sun every 122 years. The exact Passover is on June 8th, beginning 5 am GMT, UK time zone (Pacific Standard time it is from 9 PM on 6/7/04 to 4 am 6/8/04). It will take about 7 hours for Venus to pass in front of the Sun. The last time this happened was in 1882. No one alive today has felt this energy before.

The ancient Mayas call the Venus-Sun Passover the return of Quetzacoatal but is also symbol of death and a rebirth of a higher consciousness. The Venus Passover repeats again on June 6th 2012, the very near of the end of the Mayan Long count calendar (ending on 12/21/2012) and the ending of a huge 26000-year cycle. In Christianity the Venus-Sun Passover symbolizes the return of the Christ Consciousness. Christ and Quetzacoatal are both messengers of love and wisdom, light and knowledge. Venus is like a Holy Grail in the stars holding the power of the feminine, the power of love, and the power of abundance. Our Sun is power house of lighted divine wisdom. When the two planets cross paths it will give us the ability to take all relationships, intimate and otherwise to the next higher level. Where on Earth can you view the Passover. Observers in the UK are hoping to watch the Passover on June 8 just after sunrise. Venus will appear as a small black disc as it moves across the bottom of the Sun between 6am and 12.30pm. British stargazers are praying for good weather so they can witness this event. The planet last made a Passover in December 1882 but it could not be seen properly observed from the UK due to clouds. How to the Star Elders think it will effect us? With this connection between love and wisdom we will gain insight through love (not force) to evolve our present evolutionary crisis. The Venus-Sun Passover will trigger a huge soul desire to obtain deeper knowledge to find better answers to problems and build common ground between different cultures. The Star Elders say this wisdom will be released during the retrograde from May 18 through June 29th but especially on June 7-8th. We will experience a concrete knowing of true authentic love and wisdom with a huge breakthrough of intuitive awareness and psychic abilities. With our participation this can be the beginning of true global community ending our limited perceptions. It could be the end of separation due to class, race and religion. We will find that anything in our lives that is out of harmony may dissolve way and long awaited opportunities will appear just as if we dreamed them into reality. Present relationships will be under the magnifying glass. The Passover will cause us to consider the reality of higher energies and realize deep spiritual connections.

With Venus (love and abundance) in the Sun's path (wisdom and light) we can expect opportunity for new divine love, an opportunity to have more abundance, and most of all to gain deep wisdom. We might be inspired to act on visions we previously had hesitations about. We can expect more balance and harmony in our lives while re-committing to higher truths. In past history Venus Passovers have preceded huge breakthroughs in human consciousness. Also the Star Elders say watch out and avoid negative predictions, as there will be many. Involvement in any type of fear based information will block you from receiving your own inner truth. Remember fear blocks spirit! It is simple as that. Fear can only detour you and this event further out into time. The mark of your ignorance is the depth of your belief in injustice and tragedy. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly. ~~ Richard Bach How can we get the most out it this event....

Here are some suggestions to take full advantage of the Venus-Sun Passover.

1 day before June 7-8th dig deep and dump the junk, the ego, the programs and assumptions that hold you back from expressing your true authentic self.

Ask to purge any dis-harmonic energy, relationship or event in your lives.

Be sure to clear out any emotional entanglements. Get yourself completely clear. The Star Elders also say to watch out for a desire to back up, or to return to some thing, some one, or some situation that is familiar. For example we might want to retreat back into a old relationship for comfort and safety.

If we go backwards will be a painful experience and will not work out. There is no going back. There is no comfort zone right now. You are entering into new territory. It is a exhilarating adventure that will get your heart pumping so don't assume this is fear. Your just excited! To keep our faces toward change, and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate, is strength undefeatable ~ Helen Keller During the exact 7 hour period of the Passover, intend to radically alter your life by calling in a higher order of harmony, peace and love. Remember that loving yourself is also loving all life, so don't forget to put yourself on this list. Remember we are all intimately connected. It is time to love without fear and to know without hesitation. Intend to bond with your love interest on a deeper and higher level. You can also apply this to other significant relationships. Allow your heart to bond with your community, country and planet. It will be up to us if we take Venus and Sun's gift that it is offering. What the Star Elders say is the out come of this event....

The effects of the Venus Passover will be subtle at first but will begin a powerful inner and outer transformation that will grow and a multiplying rate of speed. At first the effects may not be dramatic but they will go deep and be enduring and will change the core of our reality as we know it.

This Venus Passover is without a doubt, a shift from a world based in force, to a world based in Love, and they are saying that this alone is worth the price of admission we paid to experience this event! This event is the first stage of cracking open a huge door we have been waiting to open. At the moment the Star Elders say that it looks like it will take a few more years for us to get it all together and complete the passage through this door. They say we will be through the door a long time before the Maya end date of December 2012. Their guess based on our current state of consciousness is we will jump through to the higher dimension sometime in 2008 - ONLY 4 YEARS! They say there is a lot for us to do in that time frame but we have done so much already. Once through to the other side, the Star Elders say humanity will have achieved it's goal. We will have raised up and opened our consciousness by our own inner power and intense desire for new answers to old issues. We will have downloaded new cutting edge knowledge that will change the face of how we approach our lives. We will gain the capacity to embody the principle of universal compassion, universal love and universal knowledge. We will understand new possibilities and expose new secrets of life. We will have the means to prevent our own extinction by human error. We will be able to release the grip of darkness that threatens our survival and be able call the higher dimensions at will. Telepathy will replace inter-net creating a new field of communication. The development of the 6th sense and mass enlightenment will be considered normal! Now that sounds like a great future to me! The Star Elders last word on the subject.... Don't worry, be happy...

They are not joking! (well maybe they are)