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Urantia- references in Earthbridge Newsletter

Issue 18 - February 2006

Highlights of this issue:

* The real Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and many others have been placed in custody and have “resigned”. Clones are carrying out some of their tasks while Congress decides when to announce these moves.

*The interim president for 6 months before new elections is to be Al Gore.

* Christ Michael has arranged for advanced US military personnel from the 60 years old Mars base to return to Earth to bolster the White Knight troops to get things done. They have since assisted in making many arrests.

* Meanwhile Mother Earth is planning more activity to be rid of negative energies and realign tectonic plates.

* The Galactic Federation have instituted project “Decra Zau” or “Operation Spirit” to hurry first contact and remove any remaining barriers. Work is being done with the inner Earth.

* Patrick Fitzgerald and Grand Juries continue to interview many who have jumped ship.


With everything that has happened in the last 5 or so weeks, we should have had some amazing announcements in the USA, but we are still waiting! Bush, Cheney, and others were arrested some weeks ago and have resigned, but their clones are allowed to be seen so as not to spook the American public too quickly. Congress is not keen to announce this because it means their demise, and obviously do not wish to face the music. Everything has to be done legally as far as possible, but what is legal is the one of the stumbling points!

I ran out of space for a message from Monjoronson through Candace Frieze, so here is a small portion from Feb 2:

“CANDACE: This mission, I am told will be publicly announced at some point after Monjoronson has completed his stepping down of his very light Lightbody into human visible form, and of course, the Second Coming events have occurred. Now for some quick review, for those new to terms in this message. The Paradise Isle, is at the centre of all Creation. It is the location of the Universal Father, Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit. The Paradise Isle is surrounded by the Central Universe, called Havona. There are Seven Superuniverses, each having 100,000 universes. Our universe is Nebadon, part of the Superuniverse of Orvonton, which includes the Milky Way Galaxy. Nebadon, is number 611,121 out of the 700,000 existing universes. There are new universes forming yet, from many nebulae in outer space. Creation is mighty old, far beyond that which is taught on this planet.

There are Three types of Descending Sons from Paradise. (1) Creator Sons, who are called Michaels (our Christ Michael for example). The parentage of these Sons, is the Father, and Son. (2) Magisterial Sons, called Avonals (Monjoronson). The parentage of these Sons, is the Son and Spirit. (3) Trinity Teacher Sons, called Daynals (we have some here, but names not given at this time). The parentage is the Father, Son and Spirit (hence the name Trinity). I suggest the reading of paper number 20, in Urantia Book about teaching missions. It starts on page 223. You can read this online if you do not own a copy, at

MONJORONSON: Hello my friends, my name is Monjoronson, I AM the Magisterial Son from Paradise. I am an Avonal Son assigned to the Magisterial Teaching mission to Earth. First, this is the first mission from Paradise that Earth (Urantia) has ever received. You are to be congratulated, all of you from the stars that are here to get the doing done and assist us. We value, all of us in this teaching mission, your help. You have come from many places to lift up this planet, and have spent, in most cases quite a few lifetimes incarnate, and also teaching in other realms. Your efforts have paid off, and we finally look forward to raising this planet.

I will add to other teachings right now, that there is a tremendous undertaking in the last several years by the dark, to cause those of Earth to not accept the Second Coming process. Ministers have been carefully prepared, in all the major religions upon the planet to say no. It may take a time, before we are accepted by our fruits. We rely heavily upon you for your assistance. The people in your various communities, where you live and where you work, for their very growth and possible ascension with the planet, will need you to continue to cause for them, quite a bit of spiritual chaos. They must come out of old belief systems of control, and into that which is really God, the presence of life that pervades the entire Creation. They must accept their responsibility for their growth, and not leave it in the hands of others, who say by joining a church and following a long list of rules, that they will enter into the kingdom of Heaven.

We continue to work from within, to take down the New World Order. As has been told, many of the hidden hand are removed, and the minions have no one but themselves to stand in front of you. The minions include the many clones. It would interest you to know that Mr. Kerry is now a clone, have you noticed a change in his appearance? [Note the Kerry clone can still apparently be president for 6 months!] The real Mr. Kerry has undergone a trial, and is removed from the planet. The same is true of others. You are looking at programmed clones, in many public offices. The same with your Mr. Clinton. The clone has the heart trouble. It is getting older, faster now. Have faith the changes are coming, because the clones are just not that bright, and they are messing up every day before your eyes. [There is no point in placing clones on trial!]

The Anunnaki were quarantined well away from being able to influence Earth. All of them, because it was seen that some travelled to the light, and others played a game. So they are all out of the way, while others sort out the good from the bad. They are not able to influence minions, many of whom will face uncreation, or will just not survive this process. They do not attract Thought Adjusters, and thus can’t begin the possibility of the eternal journey.

CANDACE: for those who have not read all the messages, please do so. They are all on the main site. We covered the issues around the Anunnaki a good deal in the early ones, and also the Thought Adjusters (Father fragments).”

So, without new and dramatic news, as of this date, I will go ahead and publish this newsletter, ever mindful that the situation could change before you get the snail mail copy. Take Heart.

Tony Wicks February 8, 2006