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Beloveds, humans do understand that for child to complete his/hers class curriculum and move up the child needs to  mature enough and

have the genuine interest in ridding self of the old dogmas in order to learn and accept the new higher truths.

These same principles are followed throughout  the entire universe and on every planet ascending toward the Supreme's Light in Life and, therefore, the same is required from the Urantia's human class.

The planetary civilization will be required to mature sufficiently in the cosmic sense before the actual en-mass "First Contact" with the other more developed extraterrestrial civilizations of the Galactic Federation will take place.

The ascension problem with the Urantia's humanity is of the spiritual nature, of the spiritual insufficiency and inadequacy.

Once spiritually better educated the Urantians will be able to take better care of their planet and its life in general. Until then the planetary humanity will have to live, breath and eat the fruits of their evolutionary labor.

The Galactic Fed is and always will be on stand-by and ready to help the Urantia brethren during this Teaching Mission of the planetary accelerated ascension Correcting Time but the actual "spiritual learning" is required from humans in order to evolutionary "catch up" with the rest of the ascending universe class.

Humans must become less barbaric and more civil and friendly toward the universe and each other and begin to accept the universe principles of truth, morality, equality and sharing between all universe Brothers and Sisters  under the Nebadon's Local Universe Sovereign Creator-Son Michael and the Paradise God the Father.

This is not the matter of "lobbying" on behalf of the Christ Michael and God the Father, but about the fact that the Urantia and its humanity need to rise their level of the planetary energies in order to synch with the other planetary civilizations within the Local Universe of Nebadon in order for Urantia and its humanity to join the rest of the universe class in their joint ascension toward the Paradise.

The planetary humanity is required to step away from the present Cabal's 3D system of exploitation seeking global domination and over-control as you presently see happening around the world, and 

to reach toward the higher spiritual universe truths, morals, civility, sharing and equality between all planetary brothers and sisters.. 

Based on the existent levels of the planetary consciousness and as stated in the Q-A Papers posted on to evolve to such higher D levels of the planetary mind requires time.

However, the time has been greatly accelerated through the planetary Correcting Time which will cause the split among the humanity, mainly caused by still the great percentage of the earth's spiritually laggard i.e. unawakened population. Thus you read about the higher dimensional "New Earth" separating from the spiritually laggard 3D "old earth".

Meanwhile, the Galactic Federation will be assisting the Urantia and its humanity to free-willingly evolve it-self in Christ Michaels Spirit of Truth and Father's Thought Adjuster Spiritual Morals until able to join the rest of the planetary siblings on the way toward the Paradise. 

Urantians will need to "roll up the sleeves" and make the major decisions and changes in their lives in order to join and move up with the rest of the extra-terrestrial universe class. 

Confirmation & Update on Secret United Nations Meeting Discussing UFOs & Extraterrestrial Life (Feb 20, 2008)

<http://www.exopolit Comment-66.htm> http://www.exopolit Comment-66. htm

I recently circulated an article describing a secret meeting that allegedly occurred at the New York office of the United Nations discussing UFOs/extraterrestri al life. The confidential source (A) for the meeting is presently working as a member of the diplomatic community who relayed this information to two New York based researchers, Shawn and Clay Pickering.

I am pleased to announce that I have received independent confirmation that the alleged meeting did occur on the morning of February 12, 2008 as Clay's and Shawn's source claimed. I was also given information by an independent source (B), who I believe is very reliable, on what transpired at the meeting. It was claimed that a document had been circulated at the meeting, and was now being relayed to key ministries of many nations for further study and comments.

I have yet to witness the document which allegedly refers to an offer by extraterrestrials to help prepare humanity for the disclosure of extraterrestrial life. The meeting also apparently discussed how the UN was being encouraged to take a proactive stand on the release of secret technologies that will enable the development of free energy.

The date 2013 was given as the time when extraterrestrials would unambiguously appear. This was consistent with the date given in my earlier article. I will share more information on the alleged document circulated at the UN meeting and the independent source (B) confirming the meeting in my next communication on this unfolding UN initiative on UFOs/extraterrestri al life.


Michael E. Salla, Ph.D

Kona, Hawaii