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ULURU carried our DNA to Earth
Alcheringa by Valerie J. Barrow - Postscript from the book

The information in this book is presented to you without any claim whatsoever. It is up to you to decide if there is meaning within, and if its message applies to you. If it does, then the book has done its job.

The time and effort of many people provided material for this book. Most of it is not included, as it would result in a very large book. Much of the material channeled from Alcheringa and Egarina is not included for the same reason.

Without the people and the channel, there would be no book. I have changed most of the names to protect their identities. These people provided remarkable clues to events of long ago. Most of them underwent strong emotional reactions when recalling their memories, myself included.

Many had serious doubts about what they were recalling; I had my own in the beginning. The light being Alcheringa, and the marvelous continuity of the readings convinced me otherwise.

Out of all this information has come an understanding of what took place long ago. This is summarized, in part, as follows:

There were angels who turned away from the light of the Creator. This was almost an accident. It happened billions of years ago. The fallen angels, like other angels who were steadfast in the light, had the power of creation in them, and they created physical beings. Among them was the Draco.

While the Draco had the light of the Creator within them, they did not have the light of love and compassion. They too multiplied and spread to star worlds around the galaxy.

The food of the Draco was the consciousness of living creatures. At first, small life forms were consumed by the Draco to survive. Then they began to consume beings that were of the star worlds. The star beings fought back for their survival. Endless wars raged throughout the galaxy.

The Draco themselves began to create through what we know as genetic engineering. They created the Reptoid, Dinoid, and other races before that. These beings were enslaved and served as a food source for the Draco. They too multiplied and spread to fill many places throughout the galaxy.

Those of the star worlds sought to solve the problem of the Draco and the situation of the unfortunate beings the Draco had created. Efforts were made. Among them was the creation of the planet Earth. This was planned to be a Garden of Eden in a very dark comer of the galaxy. It would be a beacon of shining light. The greater plan was to seed the Earth with physical beings born of love and compassion. These beings would multiply and serve as hosts for those who had never experienced the light. Now these unfortunate beings could come experience recurring lives in physical bodies that had the light of and compassion inbuilt. This would allow them to evolve.

During the early development of the Earth, long before being seeded with physical beings of light and love, it was taken over by reptoid Dinoid cultures under the guidance of the Draco. For millions of years these races occupied the Earth, and created among them the dinasaur and other life forms. These creatures were initially used as a food offering to the Draco, to spare the Reptoids themselves from being used as food. Out of this creation came a competition between the Reptoid and Dinoid to see who could create the biggest and most violent reptiles.

The dinosaurs overran the Earth, much to the concern of other forms in the galaxy. Beings from the star worlds came to the Earth to observe, entering the oceans to become whales, and continue their observation.

After protracted negotiations between the Draco, and what had become the galactic council of the star worlds, it was realized that Draco were not willing to relinquish their control of the planet Earth, or the creatures that lived upon it. The star world race known as the Lion People were sent in to change the environment of the Earth in order to rid the planet of the dinosaurs.

The rock known as 'Uluru' (Ayres Rock) was sent to Earth, by the Lion People, and produced the cataclysmic forces that ended the age of the dinosaur. Uluru wrapped in ice when it first came, had a second mission, it also brought with it genetic material to allow the evolution of warm-blooded beings with hair.

Millions of years later, the Reptoids, being rather brilliant in genetics, took this material and the genetic material of the Ceteans, and created a warm-blooded mammal with hair, the upstanding ape.

The new creature was initially used as a food offering to the Draco, as the Reptoid and Dinoid cultures had lost the dinosaur as an offering. Later, the upstanding apes were also used to mine gold for the Draco.

The Draco discovered that by ingesting white powder gold they became able to travel inter-dimensionally. Eventually the Draco moved on to another dimension, and at last gave the Reptoids and Dinoids their freedom. The upstanding ape-like creatures were allowed to develop on their own, becoming a brutish weapon-wielding race. The Reptoids, still maintained a form of mind control over them, when needed.

The galactic council finally asserted itself and negotiated the departure of the Reptoids and Dinoids from planet Earth. The Reptoids really had no choice, for the Lion Warriors could quite easily destroy them all.. The Dinoids moved on soon afterwards. The Draco were aware of the plan and thought otherwise. A Draco contingent came to Earth and resumed control through the Reptoid leaders,

A grand mission was mounted in the Pleiades to transport fifty thousand star people in a huge mother ship to the planet Earth. The object was to slowly integrate a pioneer colony onto the planet. Earth itself was a hostile environment for the star people, so they planned to modify themselves genetically to be able to spread across the planet, providing a new race with love and compassion unbuilt. This race would allow the souls of Draco, Reptoid, and Dinoid cultures to incarnate into them and evolve.

Upon arrival, the mission was destroyed by the Reptoids, under the control of the Draco, leaving only ninety survivors who were cast onto the planet.

The Reptoids were perfectly aware of the consequences of their actions. Some returned to their native star systems. Others remained on the Earth. A few went underground. The Draco moved on to another dimension.

The star people who survived struggled to endure the hostile environment of the Earth. A few Reptoids who had defected from their society, after realizing the cruelty of the attack, assisted them.

Five years later, a mission of Lion Warrior ships came to Earth and destroyed the Reptoid settlements, leaving only those to had gone underground.

The survivors of the mother ship chose to stay on the Earth. There really was no choice, for the Earth had changed them forever. They were eventually successful in creating the beginnings of the human a new race of beings with the light of love and compassion inbuilt.

This race now numbers in the billions. Since the dawn of their inception, they have numbered in the trillions, giving countless opportunities for incarnation by beings from all over the universe.

For the next nine hundred thousand years, human beings served as hosts for the souls of Draco, Reptoid, Dinoid, and star world cultures.

All the hate, madness, and violence that has come out of humankind since that time has served as a vehicle to learn love, sorrow, compassion and humility. The process in one of cleansing, and this is the reason our history is the way it is. Things are now changing in the star worlds.

The cycle has almost completed. The time draws near for awakening. Soon a new golden age will dawn upon the Earth, and those who choose to follow the light of love will enter an age of peace, harmony, and love.

Those that do not choose to follow the light of love will be unable to survive in the new and higher vibration, and will incarnate in another place, perhaps like the Earth, to continue the upward journey to love. They too will eventually succeed, for the power of love eventually conquers everything in its path.

This book is also dedicated to the light being known as Alcheringa, and to the ancient Aboriginal Spirit of the Earth.

With endless love and gratitude to my husband John, who is very much a part of this story, to our family for their patience and encouragement, and to the star people incarnate who came forth with memories, and were brave enough to share their experiences.