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First domino falls!
US Government collapses
Chris Michael comments

Message From Christ Michael Through Jess


From: "Jess"

[NOTE: Please read this message carefully to understand its' deeper meaning PHB]

This is the beginning. This is Christ Michael and I am telling you this is the start of a series of moves and indictments that will have absolute ramifications as far as changing the course of your country. The steps are in stages of revelation. The public is not conditioned to accept more than a little at the time. You see the spin-to use that word and phrase-that the media and the political spin meisters put on the truth. How do you expect to know what is truth unless you examine it for yourself and weigh the possibility it offers you?

You make the decisions, remember, and assess the validly of the truth for your individual situation. Is it true for what you want? You determine what that is. How do you want it? How should you get that to materialize? Be aware of your power and be sure of your convictions and beliefs. Nothing can stop your true convictions. Just be sure they are your optimum best choices.

The reality of the future is in flux. It has always been, and it is your job to determine what it is going to be. You have free will to choose. What do you want? We are here to help you make decisions. We can foresee potentials you may not be aware of. But you have to determine the direction you go. It is your job, not ours. Begin to act accordingly. And you must determine what that means for you individually. Ask us for help and we are always there to provide it.

Pay attention to the unfolding of the news you hear. Weigh each assessment and report. Prepare yourself for self-sufficiency and balancing calmness. Know what seems true to you. Be ready for the thief in the night.

Christ Michael/Hatonn

More Christ Michael Comments

Through Jess Anthony

From: "Jess"

[ I felt I had been left hanging on my expectations of today and I wanted more focus and more explanation if I could get it. I asked Christ Michael for more insight and these are his comments. - Jess ] Journal 10-28-05

I ask for Christ Michael to speak to the events of today. I see at least two possible scenarios at play here that progress at a speed that seems to be influenced by our decisions, not yours. Are you waiting for us to determine the direction you act? I ask for an explanation of the roles each of us play in this shift that is beginning. I wonder at the parameters you have set up, and I wonder how much we determine how this progresses with our gift of free will. It seems to me we have the ultimate role here. Is this right? If so, then what do you suggest is the most effective way for us to progress? I must say I was anticipating a different outcome than we seem to have. Can you explain this to me further? I repeat I am privileged to hear your comments to me so clearly and so immediately.

Jess, yes this is Christ Michael, as you call me. It is time to speak of today and of tomorrow and where you all fit in with what is happening and should happen. This day set the stage for more action, never fear. This is a more complicated scenario than you imagine and the visible signs of it manifesting now are only superficial. The depth of the "house" cleaning will be immense. The reactionaries that attempt to hold on to the past will be told or shown that the same conditions no longer exist.

The timetable is fluid and flexible, but it is influenced by Mother Earth's needs as well as your own. Your two needs are synchronized in a way you don't fully understand at this point. Your energy output affects her ability to change, and her/Mother Earth's urgent need to move in a more positive direction must be balanced. She is graciously allowing you to make up your mind, but she has only a limited space of waiting she can offer before she is forced to change herself and move into a higher system of energy operation. This will affect some of you like a spinning wheel that throws some people off as it speeds up. Some of you cannot stay at that level. You must determine soon if you are able to make the transition. This is a literal, physical event that will happen in the next two or three years and you must begin to adapt to it for your own safety if you want to continue here.

I don't want to give you a pessimistic timetable. I am telling you parameters that are unchangeable you must work around in making your decisions. The outer scenario has been set and determined to be an ongoing event. You must figure out how to adapt yourself to it. This is the challenge of living now. Because we have relied on and allowed you to continue making your own free will choices, we have had to constant adapt the game plan you are working under as a global group to fit the unpredicted directions your decisions have taken. It is not a timetable set in stone. You are creating it as you live from day to day. And the less you listen to our advise and suggestions, the more you fall back into patterns of routines you have inherited as philosophical and cultural presumptions. We give you suggestions and it is up to you to connect with them and determine the direction the Universe is moving. Things are happening around you, and you will be much more satisfied and less conflicted if you can see for yourself where we the Universe is moving and how you an intrinsic part of its manifested embodiment can most happily merge with it. If it is your choice, however. This is the unique gift we gave you.

And I will tell you that we are constantly learning from your experiments with duality and with this lower density vibration. We have never experienced this scenario before and we applaud those of you willing to come here and experience it for us. Because you have experienced something we have not, we are in your debt. We view you as equals at the table of information and discussion. You must realize this and take advantage of the role you are still playing unconsciously, for the most part. We want and need your input.

We ask that you not wait for us to "fix things," but realize that you are actually in charge of your destiny. It is your ultimate responsibility to connect as one people and learn to think in your own best interests. That means you must learn to see what your best interests are-in terms of your individual purpose and your place in the universal macrocosm. Again, we can give you hints and possibilities and remind you of past memories and attitudes that have blocked your progress. But you must ask for these blocks to be removed. You must analyze your actions and determine if everything you do is in your own best interest-which ultimately fits you into a large scheme of existence where everyone acts for the best interest of all.

The events of the day are a beginning. Don't disparage what you see and hear. Look at the disparate pieces and see how they begin to fit together for your benefit. Look how your life is moving in a more effective, purposeful path. See how you can make it even better. Look at your surroundings and see what you have to do to make them suit you and allow you the freedom and flexibility to pursue what you know is your truest nature.

This is Christ Michael saying we are here and we are in charge. It is your role to join us, not wait for us to come to you. You are in charge of your destiny, not us.

We also love you and are eager to have you realize how connected with us you are.