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Presented with easy to understand colourful graphics and charts.
Learn why it is essential for humanity to switch to this new cosmic time.
Understand the daily benefits from using the Dreamspell wall calendar.
See how synchronicity becomes a part of your daily life.
Have your biorhythms synchronise naturally with the new calendar.
Learn what the 13:20 timing frequency means. The 13:20:33 cosmic timing is an essential tool for
the new Mer-ka-ba light body activation.
See why the old 12:60 timing has to end & why it keeps us disconnected from the cosmos.
What is the 260 kin Tzolkin and the 365 day Haab?
Explore why the Mayan Calendar ends at 2012.
Learn why 13 is NOT and unlucky number!
Understand the meaning of terms such as a Wavespell.
Learn about the Hunab Ku, the Mayan term for
"The principle of intelligent energy that pervades
the entire universe
", also known as "The mind of the Universe, the keeper of the mathematical
structure of the galaxy
The Hunab Ku is the "
giver of movement and measure".
Why a Mayan Calendar? The Maya people were able to foretell events throughout history by
observing and tracking the sun, moon and stars over a 5,125 year period. They (as scientific fact)
are acknowledged as having the most advanced time keeping methods known to man for mapping
time and keeping calendars.
By using the Dreamspell 13 Moon calendar (as it is called) your natural cycle of time is restored
andyour awareness of cosmic timing becomes real.
Presented by researchers Jill Whyte and Nick Armstrong
This is a quality live presentation, professionally edited with
colourful graphics and explanatory charts.
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