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Two or More
in My Name

By Candace Frieze & Sananda Immanuel

CANDACE: Hi, everyone. I am sorry for the time in getting this new message out. Sananda channeled his portion Wednesday, May 4. I have had computer difficulties this morning, May 5. I need to remember to frequently save the material as I work on it. What happened this morning seemed to be interference and not normal computer problems. I thought initially all of this message was lost, but the only part lost was the part I did this morning, and had not, yet, saved. I had made a number of changes throughout the material this morning, and now have to reconstruct them again, as best that my memory allows. I wrote most of the material prior to Sananda's section on Monday.

As you know, it was about twelve days ago (4/23) that I did the channeling of the Message from Hatonn, aka Christ Michael and Sananda, and the calling of us to become Messiahs. (For those having missed this message, go to or for it. It is called "No Other Planet Has Walked with Christ Michael As You Shall Do.)

The mail has been outstanding, big questions, taking much time, and offering both support and criticism. I need to talk a bit more about myself and what I am doing in all of this. You read in that message that I sent a special petition straight to Christ Michael. It didn't have to go all that far. It seems he was right in our skies. I sent that petition more than two years ago, but I can't determine the time. I neglected to journalize it. In the asking for many messiahs, I find my prayer answered, and the dream coming into being.

Some are asking, how do I know that who I am channeling are the real beings I claim to channel? I can only answer this by saying that I am more than the "channel." I am actually on the "Planning Committee" for the Second Coming Event. (This was covered briefly in the last message, Update from Hatonn.) This is why I do the messages. Sananda, Hatonn, Germain, myself and others meet pretty regularly to discuss issues and problems, and where we are going with these messages. These meetings are most often done by telepathy. I have said before that a conversation between several can occur with telepathy, just as it does using voice.

I talk with Sananda daily, sometimes several times a day, and with Hatonn frequently as required. I do not require a state of meditation for this communication, and neither will all of you, as you come into your abilities of telepathy. It is as natural as voice communication. I can chat with these folks in the store, while driving or out walking.
I have been asked if I have seen Sananda personally. Yes, I have. The first time was about one and one-half years ago, when he appeared to me in my home to discuss with me my organization called Abundant Hope, and its proposed funding requirements. I have since on a few occasions been transported to a location in the Himalayas for meetings. I realize that you do have to accept these comments on faith at this time. These happenings I am involved in are a very real experience for me.
What does Sananda look like? He is very tall but not super tall. He wears his hair in various lengths. He is currently growing it out for the "Jesus look" in preparation for the Second Coming Event. He looks just like his picture in Phoenix Journal #2, page 1, which is a reproduction of an actual photograph. His hair color is a dark strawberry blond, almost light strawberry brown as best as I can describe it. He has blue eyes of great depth.

Some are wondering more about Hatonn, and him being in a large gray body. I was sent a link to a picture from the second Star Wars film that had some grey beings in it. Some would like to know what to expect of Christ Michael (aka Hatonn) in his appearance. Other than being bald and being very light gray in color, he is reasonably human looking. He is not as extreme as the appearance of these strange types in the Star Wars film. He has quite a glow about him, also.

The reason for this special body is that to use a human body such as ours would require incarnation as was done 2000 years ago. This idea is not suitable for the mission at hand. He has a total energy body in his natural state. If he would appear in this manner on the Earth plane, this energy body would "toast" anybody approaching it. This is not a good idea at this time.

This android type body simply means it is not a reproducing body such as we have. This type of body he is using is quite suitable for deep space travel and for commandning the fleet accompanying the Phoenix. His very high energy would not be suitable around those in his command for the same reason as stated above. He desires to actually walk the Earth.

Over these many months of preparing for all of this I knew intuitively that this "Hatonn" was something more than a space commander of a fleet. I imagined all sorts of possibilities, all of which were laughed at by Hatonn. About ten days before we did the recent Christ Michael message it dawned on me, finally, and when it dawned on me, I knew I was correct. I asked for confirmation anyway. He was delighted in my discovery.

It was the putting together of himself as Aton, as a large Oversoul (mentioned in the message, Hatonn Describes Himself), and that comment from the Phoenix Journals that he had experienced as a Jew on this planet that finally caused "my light bulb" moment. I did receive quite a few questions from others asking, also, about how Hatonn is Creator God and Aton, and just who is Christ Michael in all of this. I wrote back to these ones that Hatonn intended in a future message to further describe himself. I was going to call last week's message, "Hatonn Describes Himself, part 2" before the channeling was done. That was, of course, quite inadequate.
I had a couple of days where I was quite awestruck (more like dumbfounded), as I contemplated that this Hatonn with whom I chat regularly and very informally was Christ Michael. I think this says something about how great this Christ Michael truly is and his love of this Earth. He comes here as a space commander (and this is an important part of the mission), gives very "in your face" type information and knowledge in the Phoenix Journals, and just chats with us. I remained in an intense frame of mind about all of this, as I read and re-read our message of last week. I'm still a little in this mood, as I come more to fully understand how that prayer I sent got answered.

I was sent a comment, "How could the "Christ energy" incarnate into a body?" The writer was implying that this was impossible and stupid, as I understood the question. Seems to me that happened 2000 years ago.

This, of course, is a reason for disbelief in some people that God would come in this manner. So, it is. God is greatly misunderstood on Earth. I received a number of e-mails with information that described God as very esoteric, and not in any way personal. Obviously, to myself at least, Christ comes as esoteric, the source of Life Spirit in this Universe, and as a person, a manager and solver of problems in this Universe. He, also, comes through all of us, as our Christ consciousness by whatever label one likes.

Those of you reading the description of the "Michaels" in The Urantia Book understand this is, indeed, possible. If you do not own a copy of The Urantia Book, I suggest you might want to visit and read paper #191 starting on page 1308. Our Christ Michael had seven interesting experiences required of the Creator Sons before becoming the Sovereign leader of their Universes. At this time I want to briefly thank the person, who sent that paper to me. It saved me much time in looking it up myself. I do not mention names of people in these messages for reasons of their protection.
These experiences are called "bestowal's," and the final bestowal, #7, must be as an incarnation into flesh on a planet of the realm. Earth (Urantia) was chosen by Christ Michael for this final event. This is why we are twice blessed with his return in person, yet another time. He did promise this return back when he was here the first time. The Urantia papers were given to Earth back around 1934 or 1935 (I might be off a year in my memory) and brought into publication in 1955, a year after the return of Christ Michael and Sananda.

I need to do a little change of pace. Instead of describing the negative e-mail I will switch to talking about the positive e-mail. At least once a week I hear from someone doing translations of the messages. I recently heard from a person in Europe, who has been translating the messages into German and distributes them to his list of 2500 members.

It just occurred to me to mention another issue. Many of my readers are on someone else's list. I am finding out that many who have lists only send selected messages out. I have answered several letters from people who received Hatonn's recent update, who were asking questions that clearly indicated they did not receive the big message of who Hatonn really is.

I am asking those that forward the messages to their lists to forward all of them in their entirety, rather than those of your personal choice. If you do not wish to do this, please notify your list membership where the messages can be read at the websites mentioned above, and let these people chose for themselves what they wish to read.

Someone else is not only translating the messages into Spanish for a small website and several lists, but is, also, working on translating the Phoenix Journals. Another person has translated the messages for a major site into Spanish, and has beautifully illustrated them. I have not book-marked all the foreign language sites posting this material. I am requesting you to re-send your information to me, and I will put these links into a future message, if you would like them published in these messages.
I hear from people who translate into Dutch, Croatian and French for list members, or who have found a website to publish the translations. The list goes on. I can't remember them all, but the messages are traveling the world and waking people up to the new possibilities.

I receive many letters from people who had nearly given up, ready to leave this Earth, and seeing little point in remaining here, who are now dreaming of messiah work. I have heard from several of the Islamic faith, who were lead to discover spiritual websites and found messages that touched them. Mohammed has answered some letters personally through me, and we have more messiahs willing to create a mission for their Islamic brothers and sisters.

Many who are writing are looking beyond what they had originally thought themselves capable of doing, building a bigger dream from the idea of becoming a messiah. You are all finding additional inspiration that you write about to me. I, also, receive many personal stories that these writers have not felt comfortable sharing with those round them. We have many, many, wonderful simple "Thank you notes".
So now, we need to get to the title of this message, "Two Or More In My Name." Many have written wanting a little better understanding of how or where a messiah might look for a mission.

We now go to Sananda, this morning of May 4th, 2005, a beautiful spring day where I live.
SANANDA: My dear future fellow messiahs. We have received quite a few letters, now, wondering how to become a messiah, and still some asking me what they are to do in this life? What is their mission?
So, we will talk about what is your mission. First, I am not going to assign you a mission. There are many needs on the planet. The needs vary according to location and to your own skills. A messiah dreams up his/her own mission, according to personal skills and needs that are determined.

Each of you live in a different city or country on this planet. We now have readers all over the world, as the result of this project of announcing the Second Coming Event. We have people from big cities and small little European type hamlets.
We have readers who are wealthy and independent. We have readers who had given up on Earth, and were ready to "check out" and leave this incarnation. Even Candace found herself in this position many years ago, wondering what good her life had accomplished other than bringing children into an over-populated world.
All of you, no matter how long you have been on this Earth (some readers are in their teens, some in their 90’s), have gifts to give as the result of your experience. Sometimes you don't see the gift. The gift can come from your "lousy" experiences. By your sad experiences you understand the sadness of others, and you might see a way to relieve that sadness.

Many of your are frustrated with the "system" in which you work. Maybe it is the lousy public school system that you find controlling and that does not listen to your suggestions for improvement. Maybe you do not make these suggestions, for as you well know that if you open your "big mouth", you will be minus the job you need to feed your family.

You see children that are restricted in their imagination and are being molded into identical little robots. They are being molded into servants to serve the rich. You see inquiring little minds that are told to shut up, and you cry at this. You see many teachers around who have little inquisitiveness and seem robotic.

Some of you may have been in politics and are sadly disillusioned with the political process of graft and paybacks. You thought you went into the profession to further democracy and equal rights for all, and found this not to be the case. In fact, politics seemed to be about making laws that take away rights and benefit only those in power.

You may be in law enforcement and are tired of arresting people for whom prison does no good. Police officers get tired of putting prostitutes and homeless people in jail. These people need other services. Police officers, also, get tired of the system that does not protect women and children, who are in harm's way from husbands and boyfriends that prey on them. You see graft, also, among your fellow officers who are taking kick-backs for looking the other way.

You may be a social worker who is exhausted from a heavy caseload beyond your abilities to physically handle. You, finally, remove children from a bad home only to have them returned or put into a foster home that may, also, prey upon these children. Earth has many predators, and it seems that no one really takes care of the predators and separates them from society. Instead, you separate the victims and often make matters worse for them. Some children go from foster home to foster home, and in the process of survival become predators themselves.

Predation is often learned from other predators or chosen as a way to exist. Those rich and in power and dreaming up wars are the predators of the worst sort. They prey on the young by offering them work in the military, when they can find none where they live. They send these young minds off to war to die for their countries. This is predatory in nature.

Certainly, the BBB&G’s (Big Bad Boys & Girls) of the United States are predators, going after oil and power in the world, and using the young to carry out their goals in the military. The taxpayers of America are being preyed upon to pay for the current warring in Iraq and Afghanistan. You are paying for your military to prey on people around the world. The financial bill is huge and beyond describing to have the machines of war spread over more than 130 countries on the planet.

So, where am I going with the predator part of this message? Some of you with skills to do so need to go after the real predators. This is done in a variety of ways. One way is, of course, to expose the predation that is not seen. Many are already engaged in this battle, often through the Internet, in the posting of the problems and truth.
We need people to work within the systems in which they are currently employed in to create change. We know this is difficult to do alone. This is why I emphasize the importance of "Two or More in My Name." Your new found power needs to be shared. In the sharing you share problems and ideas for solutions. You then draw more into your group and your power grows.

WE WANT TO SEE SOME CHAOS BEING CREATED. Many in the New Age community have been taught the myth that one must avoid negativity. Notice in our messages and the responses to them, especially recently, that there is chaos going on. Some of New Age are not happy with the idea of chaos. More often these are BBB&G’s pretending to be of the Light to cause spiritual people to turn away from solving problems, and thus, they become part of the problem.

Chaos causes thinking and action. In your creating, please, create some chaos in your work situations where you see harm being done. Remember to find yourself support and sharing in the creating of the chaos. If one fourth of the teachers in a school get together and formulate a plan, they become a mighty force with which to be reckoned. Most schools are not going to fire one fourth of their, already inadequate staff. If you are threatened, go find a reporter that will hear your story or draw attention to the problem in other ways. Get it out! Make noise!

Recently, we had a reader, who in the chaos we created recently, told everyone it was time to get off the "lollipop material" that is sent to the spiritual community. I have sent "lollipops" in recent years, and I am tired of it. We must get off our duffs and get to work and stop just being placated by sweet material offering that love alone will change the world. It will not and has not!

Action must be taken. A little chaos is a good thing. In sufficient numbers, "Two or More in My Name", you can bring about great change. Understand that spirituality is more than reading "spiritual lollipops". To be truly spiritual you must dive into life and become a part of it. Solving planetary problems is most spiritual, indeed. Works are very important!

You will be helped in this by the coming of the Star People. You will be helped by having enough money to carry out plans requiring money. You will be able to apply for "grants" from special sources of which we shall inform you later.
Look at where you live. If you see no problems that need fixing, then look elsewhere. Right now we do not need a huge number of spiritual mystery schools. That can come later. The mystery schools merely detract from the work that is so needed in these times.

There are more than six billion, mostly miserable people on this planet. Many of you should stay in your work and enhance what you do within it. Some will need to leave and make changes in another way. The misery of many people will first be relieved by food, housing and basic education and safety from predators. There is such talent that is suppressed in the poor. Feed them so that they may find their talents and, thus, become messiahs themselves, "Two or More in My Name".

CANDACE: I want to show how simple arithmetic works here, showing the power of "Two or More in My Name." Lets assume that from these messages alone we find 2000 messiahs. These 2000 people each enlighten or otherwise help two people for a sum of 4000. Now, these additional people will spread their joy and learning, also. It is a natural way to be, given the opportunity.

We now have 6000 enlightened (having Light within) people. If all of these (including the first 2000) bring another two each into the fold, there are now 18,000 in the Light. Again, these 18,000 help two each. There are now 54,000 living a much improved life and choosing to "pay it forward!" (Great film by the way, if you saw the film by that name.) Most of you are going to help considerably more than two people. We aren't necessarily saying that all these people will become messiahs, but nearly all of them will choose to improve the lot of their family and friends, and so it goes on and on.

SANANDA: An amazing event is occurring now in Indonesia, as it recovers from the Tsunami. People there are beginning to overcome the stress of the losses and are dreaming in a way they had not done before. Many find that they no longer wish to live as they did in survival mode. Many minds are waking up. The beginning of a better way is being found. The chaos created by the Tsunami has created many questions, and these people are refusing to return to their former pathways. They are creating change.

These people, in general, are closely knit. The power of "Two or More in My Name" has been used to keep family together in the past. Now that some family members are gone, these people look to others and to themselves, and a new power is being formed for radical change. They will create a better world in that place.
They are forming alliances against those that always prey upon the survivors of calamity. They are standing tall in My Name (actually Mohammed's name in many cases) and saying "enough is enough". They are, also, questioning the Islamic teachings that have kept them in place.

Mohammed will be working there to change those teachings that were not his in the first place. He is working at night with many, now, who are preparing his way. He is, also, working with a few through these messages, who have written their concerns and needs. He has sent a few messages to readers from that region and others through Candace. These people are in great delight, knowing that he is returning to right the wrongs done in his name.

For those with the means to do so, great help will be required in Africa, which is very war torn and has great problems with predators. These people are quite beautiful in spirit and, if they get the opportunity, they will be very creative. African mothers, if given the chance, are among the best mothers in this world. They understand that each child has gifts, and they consciously see the gifts in their children. They suffer greatly when they cannot provide the care their little ones need.

Of course, our Star People will be helping to install a situation of peace there. So, those of you who are interested can go to Africa in peace and do the work. When these people are released from the bondage of both war and disease, they will rise to the occasion. They are tough and durable.

Remember that AIDS is a laboratory disease that was given to Africa through the small pox vaccine in the 1970’s. We have treatments that are relatively simple that can help many with this condition. Sadly, some are too ill to totally heal, and they will have to return in a new body. This is not necessarily bad, as they will be reborn in new circumstances with better care and teaching, and will blossom into their potential in that manner.

Many of you live in countries with great problems, and you will have no trouble seeing the problems and dreaming up a plan right where you live. We need the many "little" messiahs joining with other little messiahs and, thus, making a powerful messianic vision. In the waiting for the Second Coming Event, look around you. Look at your skills. Write down the problems and your skills, and make many lists of ideas until something falls into place.

Some of you need to become politicians in your regions and help create a better way in this manner. Some of you need to change the industries in which you work. Retooling, for example, may be important in manufacturing. Even little changes add up. If you are a teacher, create brightness for your children in your care, and they will share the Light.

If you are a parent, look at how you parent and, if you find it leaves something to be desired, change how you parent. Children are always a gift to society, and your very future depends on them. They are the future!

I am going to leave the rest of the message to Candace. She is gong to discuss the power of community, "Two or More in My Name". Feel blessed in your work and what you can bring to the world. Think in a messianic nature, and you shall become a messiah. Let us all march on in the power of "Two or More in My Name" and use it to change the world. I cannot do it all by myself. Even Christ Michael cannot do it by himself. It is a group project. We could not have the Second Coming Event without your help. It would be pointless. Our work together will glorify God. It will be Holy!
Yes, I know, again where is NESARA? It is coming to the USA pretty shortly now, we believe. We seem to be finding no more nuclear bombs, and the White Knights are better unified and many moles have been identified and removed.

NESARA is happening in other countries, already. I know you do not hear of it, except when your news announces someone has been removed from power. The financial changes in some countries are not known by the name of NESARA. That name was created in the United States.

There is a great deal going on that you do not see. I know that we told you that the announcement would come first in the USA. Had not some major security issues arisen, it would have. We cannot make the rest of the world wait on the USA BBB&G’s games being played. We march on.

Yes, you want the names of some countries in which progress is being made. These would be Russia, several in the Indonesian area, several in Central and South America, Italy, France, Lebanon, and Syria, and to some degree in Israel and the Palestine. There are many changes occurring in Africa. Russia is working with the little countries that are no long part of the USSR. Iran is making changes.

The Islamic countries in the Middle East are already on the gold standard, such as the Dinar, and little needs to be done so far as how money is used in these areas. Islamic banks do not charge interest. They make money in business activities, as those in the USA and elsewhere will do. Watch what little of your world stage is presented by your news, and see NESARA happening in the reporting. Now, it is back to work, a busy day, as always ahead! Be in Peace and dream some dreams in the awaiting. Namaste, Sananda Immanuel.

CANDACE: I have to leave the Power of Community message until later. The message is too big to send in one e-mail, so I will have that portion later. What a day it has been. The computer gave me trouble and I rewrote the Community section, only to have it not fit. It seems that my e-mail space has shrunk. So, I will just end this for the day.

Continue to be patient with NESARA. The good news is that there have been no more big problems like nuclear bombs. There are lots of "little fires" right now being put out, such as the problem that was attempted in New York City at the British consulate. Those who are impatient and awaiting results, please understand that the Federation's job is mighty big.

This is the big last final major effort to boot the major BBB&G’s from this Earth. There were many attempts at assorted 911-type events, particularly last fall in the USA and elsewhere, that were aborted. Last September our BBB&G’s planned to blow up a major dam in the state in which I live. There have been many serious attempts to institute Martial Law in the United States. As was said previously, the safety of the world right now is extremely important. Trust in the process, please. I personally know NESARA is going to happen or I would not have taken this job.

I face the same disappointment as do all of you when I don't see what I expect to see on the TV. I have my days of being so tense that my shoulders ache from it. Right now, I am just as poor as many of you with bills piled up that I can't pay. It is only a little longer, but it must be done right. As has been stated before by blatantly announcing the date for April 15th instead of keeping it a secret, the hands of the BBB&G’s were, again, forced. They, also, had the same date.

The final conflict is occurring. This is the final battle between good and evil as Revelations so predicted. We are not about to let evil win this one! Please, trust in the process! During the waiting continue dreaming instead of stewing. This is, also, good advice to myself, I might add! Take care, Candace.