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(August 29, 2010) CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH ROBY: (Warning, particularly for Australian East Coast)
Things are getting prepared now, everything is ready, Mother Gaia can no longer wait. I have given her the full privilege to do what she is intentioning to go to the higher vibration. The planet is set up in motion.
Roby: Was someone in the background? (CM: Yes! It was Esu.)

Esu: Things are progressing quite heavily, you know your role, be on alert now in the days coming ahead. My son, Gulf Stream is quickening, there is no way the thugs can stop it. The Pacific Rim is erupting with volcanoes, heavy strokes are coming your way, I mean Australia. A lot of coastlines are going to be submerged.
Roby: I know Esu.
Esu: But son, you don’t know the outcome from the devastation, havoc is going to be on a maximum scale; a [magnetic] pole reversal is going to take place. That is why we were so reluctant to contact you and inform all our light workers to be ready and prepared. You are ready but you have to organise now and write down a list of people you are thinking are ready from your family, where we will start first.
Roby: Please Esu, give me the time and day period when the eruption is going to take place?
Esu: For that my son Roby, even CM does not know it exactly, to put it in your linear time framing. Just watch the signs Roby , the weather, the anomalies and the pressure from the magnetosphere.
Roby: Thank you. Can you tell me please what areas are going to be evacuated first, in Australia?
Esu: Your Victoria, NSW, and Queensland are going to be the hot spots. The whole east coast is going to be slammed by gigantic tsunamis.
Roby: Wow. I feel so sad, I mean a lot of life is going to be lost.
Esu: We can’t do anything about that, the warnings were given a long time ago, people who had eyes to see, and ears to hear should know and have learned by now. Everything is going to be set up in intervals, some are going to be transferred to different planets, others are going to board ships, others are going to inner Earth for education, so they are to be ready when stasis is going to be implemented.
CM: We won’t go into too much, just to tell you be on alert now as Esu told you; evacuation is going to be shortly, right after the big crack in the Pacific Ring of Fire.
Roby: How can I inform the public or communities? If I tell them that something catastrophic is heading our way, they would think I’m insane and crazy! (CM laughs!)
CM: This is for them to worry about, not you. You have been telling your friends and families for a couple of years, whoever have woken up, it’s going to be good for them, the ones sleeping are not to worry about that now. Those times are gone and past. Now look to your family, see if they are ready if they feel positive about it, just speak to them.
Roby: Father, I’ve spoken heaps of time with my parents and sister, they hardly understand me, I even pray for them to be saved.
CM: We will deal with those issues, don’t leave too much heavy weight on your shoulders. Have a relief of your burden which has been too heavy. You are getting the relief that you deserve, just pay more attention to yourself, and your wife and children.
Roby: I will Father. If I can’t change my parents or sister, I leave it to you!
CM: Okay my son Roby, don’t worry too much, even if they are saved. You don’t have to be worried, because you might go opposite ways, like Esu told you. Thank you my son, I honour your commitment and you are blessed and loved by heavens.

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