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Time of Restructuring & DNA

September 6th 2006

From The Lighted Beings Of Nebadon ~ Lauren

“We are surrounding you”

L: Who please?

“”We are the lighted beings of Nebadon.”

L: Greetings.

“We greet you with joy and gratitude for your service. We are a group of souls who assist in the rehabilitation of Earth Shan. What we offer humanity is insight and wisdom for the healing properties of earth. We have implored your services before and wish to ask you for service again this day.”

L: How may I assist?

“ We are embarking upon a great journey to earth for the purposes of resurrecting the skin of Shan. This means that we have a special mission in serving creator by way of restoring the balance to the auric field of the Great Mother. What we would ask of you if you so choose, is to be a telepathic communicator for this special service”

L: I would be pleased to assist. Whom would I share this with?

“ You could begin by sharing these messages with your network of support”

L: Very well, please proceed.

“Warm thanks for your selfless service to Earth Shan at this very special time. Firstly we would like to address the issues of your current eco-system. There is a polarity issue that most of your scientists are aware of, one of extreme imbalance. In this scenario, there is coming a time of great shifting that will cause some upheaval upon your plane. What we wish to advise is that all who are vibrating at a rate of intended ascension shall be in tune with the gamma ray frequency wavelength. This process is one to ensure that all who have begun to initiate changes will in fact be restructuring their auric fields in tune with the mother’s. In other words, all who intend to ascend are moving along with the vibrational pull of earth since earth is ready now to take her position for change.

In knowing this, each of you may prepare yourselves by being in a state of acceptance with the coming frequencies. These frequencies are allotted to the sector of population who have attained a great deal of self mastery. It will be up to these souls to begin the new grounding of higher energies to earth once the shifting has occurred. This message is to specifically make those souls aware that the time to change form is at the fore.

This is in no way something to be alarmed of, in fact it is a very natural process, one that you will find to be joyful. What will begin to change is the frequency by which you vibrate. It will become easier for you to alter your state of consciousness at will. This is the beginning phase of planetary ascension. It is a paced event that will herald the new form of your physical vessel as well as the physical structure of your planet. To this we add that you are currently being downloaded with a tremendous amount of light which is causing some erratic behavior among some of you. We wish to ease your minds by telling you that this is the last and final push to bring about the afore mentioned changes. It is in the downloading of specific codes that each of you will begin to transform into your intended outcome, that of a light being. Your auric fields have already received the encrypted data necessary for this alteration and it will work its way into your physical domain as you are prepared to incorporate it. This process is an individual one, but available to all who are prepared on higher levels.

This coming time of restructuring will indeed be confusing for some. With your new DNA activated, it will become easy to understand what is taking place. You will then be in a position to assist others. In the days ahead, you who have a life purpose to lead your world to the unknown dimensions will begin to take the lead. This line-up of sorts will become an urging and opportunities will abound to take the next steps. What our role incorporates is assisting those of you who will be coming aboard to help lead Earth Shan to her destination vibration. We specifically have a role to play in aiding those who have roles in rehabilitating the land and seas. In this way we are urging those of you who have an interest in these environmental issues to step forth in your desires for a better world. We will be implanting many new ideas in the minds of those receptive and will show support for those who need assistance. Our role is a divinely inspired one of great magnificence and we are delighted to share the responsibility with you all. With balance restored, Earth Shan will be capable of lifting herself to even higher planes. It will be up to you to assist her as a sentient being, the way that she has enabled you to exist within her massive body. She is desirous of immediate transformation, as are many of you. Remember that you are all connected so none of you is exempt from the ramifications of an unascended planet. It is with this knowledge that each of you should take joy in cleaning especially the energy of thought forms existing within and around the planet.

It is our special duty to assist all who are ready to take hold of the direction that earth is headed. It is our responsibility to see this through, though we do it with great joy. Allow yourselves to become part of the new direction of earth by seeing to it that you all have cleaned your auric fields and eliminated any residue of lower vibration. Continual cleansing will not be necessary after you move up, however to make the shift with ease you are encouraged to let go of anything holding you down. Call on us, the lighted beings of Nebadon, to assist in releasing you from density, we will gladly oblige.

Take heed for you are at the cusp of great shifting. You are one step away from altering your lives for the highest good. You are at the bounty awaiting your turn at the splendor of what’s in store. Your patience will have paid off 100 times over and you will forever be lifted above the chaos of duality. Give praise for the ability to take this leap with the Great Mother, for this opportunity is truly a gift. We await your calls and join you in your pursuits to total transformation. It will be a glorious time indeed. Thank you for your service to us this day.

L: It is my pleasure. Farewell.