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The God Event UPDATE

March 1, 2006 - by Elora Gabriel


As we have discussed in previous updates, the God Event was to be preceded by an energy wave which was expected to arrive on Thursday, February 23rd. This “Great Wave” would last for three days and was to be followed by the God Event, tentatively predicted for Sunday, February 26th.


The Great Wave arrived on schedule and was quite spectacular. It was preceded by a week or two of something along the lines of a “pressure wave” or the feeling of heaviness that precedes a weather front. Many, many people reported experiences of exhaustion, depression, and intense emotional clearings. Once the wave hit, many people told us that they felt strongly affected by the intensity of the energy. Some people were exhausted, others went through strange moods, and others even reported dizziness and nausea to the point that they had to lie down. One woman told us that the wave brought a tremendous experience of peace which even extended to her pets.

The Great Wave contained within it something which we were told would cause darkness to disintegrate wherever it was encountered, including darkness within beings. This effect may have been temporarily experienced by third dimensional humans, however we feel that it had a very strong effect on higher dimensional dark beings. Since the time of this wave, we just don’t see them around any more. We would be most interested to know if any of our readers are still experiencing psychic attacks of any kind. Of course, if a person has been implanted in the past, those implants would still remain. However, we are hopeful that new attacks and new implants would not be occurring.

Countless beings, of a sort unknown to us, were also borne in on the Great Wave. They are called the Sharanans. They are about ten feet in height, more or less golden in color, and have flowing golden hair. I believe that they come from the Light Warrior Creation, but although they can apparently fight if necessary, this appears not to be their primary job. It is my impression that they are experts in working with atomic structure and that they have begun working with matter on our planet, beginning with the 9th dimension and working their way down. Shakura was also told that they are busy removing the last of the constructs, generators, devices, and frequency barriers erected by the dark. They may be able to help us by working on our bodies—we are not sure yet. In any case they are lovely beings, full of healing energies the determination to restore our part of Creation.

There is one other thing which appears to be going on at this time, and it relates to selves that we may have in parallel realities. I personally never wanted to know anything about such things, feeling that one self is plenty to worry about! However, I was unwillingly made aware of my own parallels recently.

I would like to distinguish “selves living in parallel realities” from “parallel selves”. Perhaps it’s just a matter of semantics, but I had understood parallel selves to be other aspects created by one’s monad and living on the same dimensional level. For example, Karen’s monad has created third dimensional aspects (humans) on all the twelve critical planets in this universe. That would mean that she has eleven parallel selves just in this universe.

The “selves living in parallel realities” are different. I’m extrapolating here, but I think that somehow reality tends to fracture in fallen universes, and therefore we get different selves living in somewhat different realities. If you narrowly missed getting into a fatal car crash, for example, there might be another one of you who did get into the crash and who died. I don’t think this happens in a light universe, and somehow in the process of healing and restoration, all these selves have to merge back into one. I don’t pretend to understand this very complex subject. However, on the weekend of February 18-19, I became aware that I had a number of these selves—about 41 in fact—and that there were two of them on Earth besides myself. Shortly after this, the process of merging with these two selves began. This caused feelings of disorientation, weakness, and spaciness. As the God Event approached, I began to receive information that I was merging with all of my other parallel selves. And in fact, when I would look at the God Event from about a week previous, I would see a lot of semi-parallel lines converging into one huge ball of light. These may be parallel realities of humans, or of Earth herself, or both.


Those of us anticipating the God Event on February 26th felt a heightened energy during the day and an altered state of consciousness. This was reported by a number of people. Shakura observed a huge cloud or mass of energy building up around the planet early in the day, and then was told that Prime Creator was entering various areas of Earth in a sequential pattern. About 5 PM eastern time, she was told that the first stage of the God Event had been successfully achieved.

We were not aware of this previously, but the God Event in fact entails three stages. The first stage involved Prime Creator’s entry into all of the atoms in nature (except for animals): water, air, earth, trees, mountains, plants, and so on. We are told that the second stage will happen on March 2nd, and at that time Prime Creator will enter the atoms in human beings and animals. In another four days, or about March 6th, he will enter all artificial matter, such as cars, airplanes, plastics, etc.

We all wanted something quite dramatic to happen, and it appears that the whole event is going to unfold in a somewhat more gentle and gradual way than first anticipated. We do feel that the first stage was successful, at least in the fact that Creator has entered the atoms within nature. When I looked at trees, mountains, and so on, directly after the first stage, they appeared to be filled with a pure, brilliant light that I hadn’t seen before. Several people told us that they feel a peacefulness and love in nature that was not previously present. And on Sunday night, my husband John reported that he had many dreams/experiences where power was coming out of the Earth. Shakura has also clairvoyantly observed the atoms of matter in nature going through a process of change with much movement in the nucleus. We would appreciate feedback from sensitive readers, particularly after the second part of the event occurs and Creator enters humans.

Regarding Creator’s entry into the Earth itself, John also had a very interesting experience on Monday morning, February 27th. He had the radio on while driving to his office, and was listening to a story about unusual shaking of the earth in Maine. He didn’t catch when this had occurred, but probably yesterday (the date of the first part of the God Event) since the story had just come out. There was no seismic evidence of an earthquake and there was no explosion which could have caused this, but the ground was shaking and many people reported that fact. As John was listening, he happened to glance at the digital display for the radio, which would normally show the number of the radio station he was listening to. Instead of the normal numeric display, he saw, though not perfectly, the letters “G” “o” “d”! He said that the first letter appeared to be an “8” which was attempting to turn into a “G”. The second two letters were clearly a lower case “o” followed by a lower case “d”. This strange anomaly lasted during the entire broadcast about the unusual situation in Maine and then abruptly stopped. He has never seen such a thing before or since.

What happens next? To the best of our understanding, here’s what will occur. Prime Creator energetically “blasts” into the atoms of third dimensional matter, whether it be a human being, a tree, or a rock. He then holds those atoms in place, in their current distorted state, because to immediately correct them to a perfected state would cause tremendous upheaval for living beings, and perhaps earthquakes and volcanic eruptions for the matter composing Earth. We just couldn’t adjust that fast, nor could Earth herself. Creator will then slightly release the atoms, make a small correction, and then hold them again until the adjustment has been absorbed by the systems of the being in question. He will then repeat the process, step by step, until the atoms are entirely corrected. He would not give us a time frame for this to occur, and probably it will be different in different cases. However at the end of this process, the atoms should be 100% corrected. At that point, it would still take some time--quite a bit of time, perhaps, for people who are older or ill--for the cells, organs, and systems of the body to go through a healing process.

Once Prime Creator has entered humans, as well as correcting the atomic structure, he will begin removing darkness within those who are fallen. It is this process which should have the most noticeable and dramatic effect on our world. Creator initially stated that it would probably take about month from the time of the God Event--i.e. about the end of March—to see shifts in our government.

This update has been written to alert our readers of the second stage of this great event, which is to occur tomorrow. We will do our best to send out frequent updates as things unfold.


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IMPORTANT NOTE: In order for these updates to make sense, we strongly recommend that you first read The Return of Light, and then read the updates on our website in the order in which they were received—i.e. the earlier updates first. Each set of updates builds upon the last.