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The God Event

The God Event
By Candace Frieze, Christ Michael, Lauren, and Sananda
February 24, 2006

Hi everyone! We have an event that has started and will increase over the coming days, the God Event, which is the injection of Creator Source (God the Father), sometimes called Prime Creator of a special energy on the Earth. I am starting this out with a short message from Christ Michael. Then I am placing a message from Sananda through Lauren after Christ Michael's portion.

Christ Michael: Hello my beloveds, I AM Christ Michael and I am coming today to add a little further explanation of the “God Event.” This event started several days ago, and is in simplicity, the change in the Earth’s energy patterns, by the Father of all, known also to some as Prime Creator. This is basically “plan B” because of the immense trouble of getting the last of the dark energy expelled from Earth. Remember that the dark energy that invaded Nebadon (see Urantia Book), and other universes long ago, is quarantined on this planet. We have removed nearly all of the dark forces now, as you know, including the feared Animus that roamed a variety of universes in Orvonton (see the Urantia book) for a very long time.

The people of Earth are not awakening yet as they should. They are in darkness, from their lack of knowledge, and from generally the low energies and confusion they feel at this time. The God Event will help this out a great deal. Prime Creator, the Father, is present on the planet personally also at this time. HE is injecting a special energy into the planet, never done before, that will change the very energy of the atom, every atom in this place. It affects also, my entire Universe of Nebadon. This has been planned for a time, and has become necessary.

It is not so much for the dark, but to awaken those still in sleep. They will begin to have a memory of their godhood. This process will continue for several more days. During that time, you may experience extreme fatigue and other related Ascension syndrome symptoms. So may those around you, who are totally unaware. This is not a fearful event, and not the Second Coming event, but yet part of it.

It will affect people on their soul level, increasing the vibration of their atoms. This energy increases the vibration of every entity upon the Earth, and also the rocks, the plants, and all the animals. It affects the air, the water, everything. Many will not truly be aware of this consciously. It is being done at this time, to help abate the negative energy that is increasing by our BBB&G’s during this last stand. In effect, we have, in a manner of speaking, a first coming to the planet of the Father.

I would like at this time to comment that what the news is portraying in Iraq is not quite the truth, not even close. Rather than civil war, what is happening is the uniting of Iraq, against the enemy. This is huge, and an improvement that should shortly usher the United States out of the place. Their people in high places have come together in a common cause. The United States should be shortly pulling out, as the military forces of this united front are far greater than the forces of the United States. The United States attacking the mosque there, was a fatal mistake. Islam has had enough. As it should be.

Now back to the God Event. If you have not discovered the website called Return of Light,, it is time to do so. This is the Fathers personal presence here. You are responsible for your education on this event, and for being a rock to those around you, who are likely to feel ill, and have no idea why. Explaining this is the Father, may not help, so use your judgment in this case.

If you have trouble with the ascension syndrome involved, drink lots of pure water, eat very lightly of fruits and vegetables, and rest and walk in the sunshine. The sun is also receiving this blast of energy, and being in the sun, when you are able during this event will be helpful. You may feel a sense of pressure, your ears may hurt and you may have nausea. Do whatever works for you to relieve these symptoms. Play the most Godly spiritual calming music you own. Do not let your young ones play rock during this time, it will be very irritating to listen to. Absolutely no pigging out on meat and refined products, this is a time to do a semi fast of quality foods, in small quantities.

This event will raise the frequencies of Earth herself into very high 4D. You are barely into low 4D now. This will accelerate your stepping into 5D, which is also predicated time wise, on your works in the healing of the planet.

I remind you, you are the future Creator Gods in training on this beauteous planet. I would like to make a comment here, regards AbundantHope. Candace recently closed the forum for a remodeling. There was a dark energy invasion. Now that the site has reopened, I am informed by others, not necessarily Candace, that the registration of those creating messianic projects is dismally low, considering the number of registered readers.

Some of you readers are very angry about the changes to the forum. Tough. You are here to fix the planet. You may or may not choose to participate in AbundantHope and are not required to. But do not complain over the changes if you have decided not to participate in the goals of this organization personally. It has its goals, and it must move on into that. I suggest you reconsider and starting writing those missions, because what on Earth otherwise are you here for? Sky God is not going to do all the work, yea are the Gods. AbundantHope is running on the volunteer activities of several people, because like everyone else, Candace awaits her funding, and the fundamental changes needed to work in the public eye.

There is little more to say on the God Event, except that you will experience it. Do not expect landings, that is not part of the event. Do not expect instant results politically, you are going to make those changes. The event will assist many at soul level to awaken. That is the point. The soul will feel the event. That is the good news. I am involved in this, you are involved in this, the Galactic Federation is involved in this. Go educate yourself further in the knowledge available on this new site also, as part of the God Event.

Now would also be a good time to meditate, and soul search, and write a messianic vision, if not yet a mission. Writing it down changes everything. The time to sit in waiting is up. The God event will provide you assistance, because the dark energy will be gone, for the most part. The cleansing will be complete, and the remaining really dark folks will have a good deal of difficulty holding it together.

Most of the “darkness” that will remain, is the darkness of lack of knowledge, and that is your job to handle in many various ways. This does speed up the process, because many will become more aware, and will feel a need to move into action mode. That should include also yourselves! I think you will find those in reticence around you, will become more open, and thus open to suggestion. They will consciously feel different, but may not know why. Direct them. Namaste, I AM Christ Michael, Master Son of Nebadon.

Sananda and Lauren: Hello fellow sparks of the divine! It is with great pleasure that I share my latest communication with Sananda. For those of you who would ike more information on the upcoming "God Event" you can visit:
See you in the New  World!
In the light,


"I don't believe in miracles, I depend on them."

2/24/06 10:45am


S: Good morning my love. What a beautiful display of light today.

L: Thank you! How art thou? S: We are doing marvelous aboard the Capricorn today. We are in  anticipation of some wonderful events that we would like to share with  you.

L: Go right ahead please.

S: First we would like to address the issue of the God Event as is  being discussed among lightworkers. I wish to address this issue as it  pertains to you on earth as well as the cosmic responsibility of the  event and the ramifications it will have on the entire universe. We  are sure that many are aware of the changes about to come based on what  you may have been feeling these past few days. There is an enormous  amount of energy being forced upon the earth at this time and it can be  likened to a pressure cooker of sorts. Please do not be dismayed by  the experiences that you may be going through.

 The issues at hand are in need of this intense flow of energy from the cosmos at this time and all are requested to bump up in the process. We understand that this can cause extreme feelings of unease, please know that these feeling will be abated shortly. You will only need to feel these intense  energies during the beginning of what you term the "God event". This  event is a world of change encrypted in the tiny atoms of energy that  are being transmuted at this time. You will all notice the changes in  very different ways, based on your level of awareness and spiritual  proclivity.

 Know that we are doing the best that we can to ensure that  you all are relieved of the physical symptoms in a very short period of  time. In the meantime please use your awareness to guide you. You  will have an innate understanding of what your body needs for optimum  results, listen closely to these orders. You will be guided to what is  best needed for your personal comfort.   Now we wish to address the purpose of this event for a better understanding. This termed "God Event" is a function that is required to push events in your world forward with a great thrust of Source energy. This is something that  has never been attempted before and we are using great caution to  ensure the success of it all. You need not be concerned with how it  will all play out, you are in the hands of the creator now.   Christ Michael, as you call him, is beckoning to resolve all issues of  darkness at this time. This ongoing process of light versus dark has  brought Mother earth to the brink of destruction, therefore great  measures have been taken to ensure the safety of all. We urge you all  at this time to firmly plant yourselves on the ground and prepare for a  thrust of great change. The forward movement caused by this thrust of  Source energy will be monumental in scope and will have a far and wide  reaching effect.   At this time, many are already aware and prepared for  the coming of your God. Be assured that you will all have an  opportunity to help others come to the light of awareness. Many of you  are already feeling the intense energy as it prepared to launch, stay  alert and know that I AM. We are coming to your rescue now and there  will be an upheaval of great proportion but one that will initiate the  changes necessary to move onward and upward. The time for the great  shift has arrived and this God Event will lay the foundation for it all.

 Many of you are wondering what will take place during this event.

 We wish to advise you of some perceived possibilities. The first and  most obvious sign of this event will be the coming of intense energy  to the planet. The second most obvious repercussion will be the  downward spiral of the US government. As many feel the effects of this  energy, there will be little tolerance left for the dark forces of this  cabal. There is the possibility of an uprising of citizens demanding  their sovereign rights which will cause an usurping power to sweep over  the governmental institutions of your nation. We see this as the most  probable outcome at this time due to current events in your country.

   This power of the people will be the most extraordinary event in the  history of earth. It will propel a wave of energy so large into the  cosmos that it will literally change the entire structure of the  universe. You will have the opportunity to influence every life form  on this planet with the thrust of light that you will cause. We  suggest using this righteous power to overthrow all that does not  belong in your sovereign world of peace and order. Know of the power  that 2 or more can bring in my name and use this great strength to  manifest all that is rightfully yours.   The time in now, the stage is set, and the curtain will fall with rapid force. Soon, all will be exposed and as the dark struggle to find their way back to their origin, they will find that their origin has changed. This change will  inevitably force them to face their demise and resurrect their wrong  doings. We wish for you to know that the timing of this great event is  in line with all the perceived outcomes, this is just an alternate plan  of action, one that will procure the same results.   We are prepared for all possible scenarios as we can see the energy of each choice in motion and determine its outcome based on this choice. You are in good hands now, the hands of your maker. Give praise to He who hears your  calls, be joyous that He has the potential to right your wrongs. Give  adulation to those who work for the forces of light and be not afraid.  We are with you now and shall be forever more. Look to the sun and feel  the heat of its rays and know that He who praises God in all His glory  shall be the recipient of wondrous rewards.

L: Wow Sananda, this is blowing me away. Is this the reason why I have  been so weepy lately? S: You are mourning your past and weeping for your present in joy. The  energies that hit earth late last night were for the purposes of  cleansing and preparation.

L: What will this feel like to those who are unaware? S: This may be a time of strife for those still in the dark. That is  why it is our wish that you console those in need, this will be a time  of upheaval in the lives of many. Do your best to remain calm and  compassionate of others, they will need to rely upon your strength and  awareness. This time of change is well understood by all on a soul  level so the reality will eventually seep in and become harmonic. In  the meantime, many layers of untruth need to be transmuted and cleared  to make the path home an enjoyable one.

L: Is this God event set in stone, or is it contingent upon us? S: The energy of the termed God event is already set in motion. This  cannot be changed. It will be a momentous occasion, one to greet with  joy and anticipation. We imagine that the lower densities will be  transformed from this experience almost immediately.

L: Can we expect government changes by the weekend? S: It is recommended that you expect them. This will aid in the forward  movement.

L: ok, very good. But is it likely? S: It is likely that changes will begin to manifest by the end of this  month.

L: Wow, that is only 4 days from now, I guess God means business, huh? S: Your creator is determined to set things straight, yes. We assure  you, you are all in good hands.

L: Thank you S for all this information. I am going to digest it all  now. I wonder, how does the Galactic Federation play a part in this  God event? S: That is a good question my child, one that deserves a good answer.  We anticipate that the GF will have a major role to play in the coming  days. They will be monumental in assorting and controlling the adverse  reactions to the thrust of energy onto your planet. They will be  uniting with one another to ensure the success of this event. Their  assistance is paramount and we are in awe of their accomplishments to  date. These are truly miraculous times.

L: Amen! Well, I will be available for updates, should you or the GF  need me. Good luck with the amazing event and pass my love around to  all our Galactic Brothers and sisters. We, on earth, are very grateful  for their support...and yours! S: As you wish. We, too are delighted at their contributions. Go in  peace and be good to yourselves and one another at this transformative time.

I AM Sananda Immanuel•L: Thank you Lord•

Candace: There is little more to say! We have had a variety of meetings this past week, discussing what has happened over the past year. The general consensus, is that this years wait, has in many ways placed us ahead, rather than behind, for there are more in genuine support now, and there really will be fewer problems in many areas, had it gone ahead as planned last year. The God Event we are undergoing will repair generously the damage incurred by so many Americans remaining in the dark, and in fact choosing ignorance and apathy this past year•

On the up side, many organizations have worked very hard to prepare material, and provide other resources to awaken America. We are seeing this week in some of the news in America more attempts to state that what happened on 911 was a controlled implosion, and not the collapse of buildings based on the poor construction, and the loss of insulation on the beams. Such nonsense in those stories•

As the idea of implosion continues to take hold, remind your friends that their pots and pans do not melt on their gas stoves, and gas burns as hot as airplane fuel. The movie “Why We Fight” is out. I have not seen it, but I know someone who has, and he says it is really excellent. He saw it with a friend, who was then open as a result to the idea of what 911 was.

As to the forum, it will eventually become a private forum, only open to those actually creating messianic missions. I will also be allowing clergy to use it to discuss changes they are making in their organizations. Right now, I am continuing to allow readership, mostly in the hopes that readers will state a mission and become involved. The teaching will be on the main site, but this teaching will remain focused on what organized religion needs to read and the messianic concept, and the matrix in general.

Right now, under our new reorganization, you can only post if you are working on a messianic mission/vision. The private messaging system is also only for those with posting privileges, and not general use. AbundantHope is a working organization, and so will be its membership. Take care, Candace