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The Divine Plan
(ref. URANTIA)

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-Planetary Executive

Table of Contents

I. Divine Plan Overview
Polarity Integration in the Incarnate Realm
Individual and Planetary Dimensions
Individual and Planetary Timelines
Individual Ascension
Planetary Ascension
II. Divine Plan Completion
Multidimensional Planetary Administration
The 4-way Rapture
Note: Asset Redistribution
Projected Timeline for Earth 1
Note: Etheric Sirians
Projected Timeline for Earth 2
Projected Timeline for Earth 3
Projected Timeline for Earth 4
Judgment Day: December 21, 2012

I. Divine Plan Overview

Polarity Integration in the Incarnate Realm

The Universe is divided into Angelic (immortal, created, descending) and Incarnate (mortal, born, ascending) realms. Incarnate beings in our Galaxy evolved from two archetypes, known as Light (collectivity, harmony) and Dark (individuality, survival). Our “Local Universe” is about 1500 LY in diameter and is the basically the headquarters of the Light. It is ruled by a God called Christ Michael, and mortals are generally human in form. There were taught to live in harmony with each other in order to ascend. Our neighboring Local Universe in the direction of Orion is basically the headquarters of the Dark. It is ruled by a God we call AntiChrist, and mortals are generally reptilian in form. They were taught to conquer in order to ascend.

In star systems which are isolated due to angelic rebellion, incarnate beings (aliens) were allowed to organize themselves in the image of the angelic realm and form multi-dimensional governments. In our LU they call themselves Galactic Federations or Alliances and in our neighboring LU they call themselves Empires. Because they were isolated, this could not be prevented. Many wars have been fought between these two universes, and Earth has once again been a battlefront.

These governments took four primary forms:
A. Individuality ruled by Force (Dark polarization – survival of the fittest).
B. Collectivity guided by Reflectivity (Light polarization – group mind).
C. Collectivity ruled by Force (an inferior form of polarity integration, known as Slavery).
D. Individuality guided by Reflectivity (the superior form of integration, known as Freedom).

The worst kind of slavery combines force and collectivity in a homogeneous population. We see this in worlds of Artificial Intelligence (robots, clones) controlled by Dragon warlords. The best kind of freedom combines reflectivity and individuality in a diverse population. This is what we are trying to create among the Galactic Federations. In order for descendants of the Dark to harmoniously co-exist with descendents of the Light and enjoy the best kind of freedom, each individual must integrate the polarities within themselves.

The people of Earth are a combination of both archetypes, and developed in a unique way. Most planetary races are either genetically engineered or evolve without interference. We are actually a combination of evolution and intelligent design. Earth, due to its distant location, was used by the angelic Life Carriers as the seed planet for all genetic material in the Galaxy. We were allowed to evolve in order to take advantage of this diverse genetic repository, and are therefore related to all 12 primary Galactic species.

After the system rebellion/isolation, incarnate beings from both Light and Dark star systems were allowed to enhance the evolving form with advanced extraterrestrial DNA at various stages throughout that evolution. Once again, this could not be prevented. As a result, although we are a young race, the people of Earth are also the most genetically advanced species in the Galaxy. We are capable of extremely rapid ascension and will become incredibly powerful and wise as we progress through the dimensions.

Earth is therefore the “Golden Child” of the Galaxy itself, and the key to Its Own ascension. We will be able to unify all alien species into a harmonious organization of diverse individuals, thus also manifesting the pure ideals of freedom.

Individual and Planetary Dimensions

Dimensions are separated by degree of consciousness and evolution of DNA. A harmonic is a grouping of three dimensions, separated by frequency of visual light and frequency of solid-state matter. Each harmonic is “invisible” to the others. Individuals within the same harmonic see each other as physical. Individuals separated by a single dimension across a harmonic barrier may at times see each other as semi-physical or “spirit.” In the 3D frame of reference, the harmonics are roughly divided as follows.

Harmonic 1: Material-corporeal, 3D bodies – Planetary level of creation
1D: Plants – must develop mind
2D: Animals – must develop sentience
3D: People – must develop spiritual/magical awareness, planetary unity and interplanetary travel

Harmonic 2: Semi-corporeal, 3D souls – Local Universe level of creation
4D: Astral, interplanetary – must develop interstellar travel and interstellar contact
Angelic government: System
5D: Extraterrestrial, interstellar – must develop interstellar unity, time travel
Angelic government: Constellation
6D: Ultraterrestrial, intragalactic – must develop divine awareness and intergalactic exploration
Angelic realm: Local Universe

Harmonic 3: Non-corporeal, 3D oversouls – Superuniverse level of creation
7D: Ascended Masters, intragalactic, parent race for 4D – must develop intergalactic contact
Angelic government: Minor Sector
8D: Galactic Masters, intergalactic, parent race for 5D – must develop intergalactic unity
Angelic government: Major Sector
9D: Multi-dimensional Oversouls, intergalactic, parent race for 6D – must master time-travel
Angelic government: Superuniverse

Harmonic 4: Invisible – Central Universe level of creation
10D: Outer Havona, Timeline Engineers
11D: Inner Havona, Time Lords
12D: Central Havona, Founders of Universes

Harmonic 5: Divine – Eternal Isle of Paradise
13D: Outer Paradise, Central Universe Administration
14D: Inner Paradise, Central Universe Headquarters
15D: Divine Residence, Paradise Trinity

Ascension in Harmonic 1 is Physical. Ascension in Harmonic 2 is mental and usually involves polarization to either the light or the dark. Ascension in Harmonic 3 is emotional and involves integration of both light and dark. Ascension in Harmonic 4 is spiritual and involves a progressive understanding of Creation.

Not all “spirit” beings are Ascended or Angelic. Individuals trapped between realms may communicate or become visible and can be of terrestrial or extraterrestrial origin. These are actually just ghosts. Developing the ability to distinguish is part of your ascension in consciousness.

Individual and Planetary Timelines

If you were to imagine your destiny as a road trip from N.Y. to L.A., the route that you have taken so far would be your life path. The total sum of potential routes, which would require a supercomputer to calculate, would be your aggregate potential life path (life blueprint). Every time you come to an intersection, you make a decision of consequence and every decision which you have ever made on any life path would be your aggregate manifest life path.

If everyone on the planet also made the trip from N.Y. to L.A., the sum total of all current paths is known as your Planetary Timeline. Every sum of paths which could ever have been chosen is known as a potential timeline and every sum of paths which actually exists is known as a manifest timeline. The sum total of all potential timelines is known as your aggregate potential reality, and the sum total of all manifest timelines is known as your aggregate manifest reality.

Your multi-dimensional aggregate potential reality can be visualized as a 3-dimensional graph of linear timelines, where the z-axis represents time. Parallel timelines of the same dimension exist in the horizontal plane (x-axis), while parallel dimensions of the same timeline exist in the vertical plane (y-axis). The distance between any two lines at any point in time (along the z-axis) is the probability that those two lines will intersect. To extend the analogy further, all potential timelines are drawn in pencil and all manifest timelines are drawn in pen.

As you extend your sight further and further along the z-axis, you will see that the aggregate potential reality (all lines) seems to expand and contract on a regular basis (known as Ages or Epochs). Periods of contraction end in a “flashpoint” where all manifest lines intersect. This is known as the End of an Age. At that point, all remaining “penciled” timelines are “erased” and the energy used to maintain their potentiality is transferred into the creation of a new aggregate reality (visualized by a Creator) with new potential timelines (drawn by timeline engineers). The point on the z-axis which was arbitrarily chosen for this flashpoint is December 21, 2012 AD.

Your timeline is actually a multi-dimensional timeline, which means that it exists as a vertical plane rather than a line. This provides many more potential intersections. It is also known as the “root” timeline of your aggregate potential reality, which means that it potentially intersects every other line. Your potential reality intersects with the timelines of every species which is genetically related or has the ability to contact your planet. Your manifest reality intersects with the timelines of everyone who has already contacted your planet and everyone genetically related to them. This means that your timeline is also the “root” timeline of the entire Galaxy.

Individual Ascension

Individual ascension destination on Earth is determined by a process of evaluation, analysis, and polling performed by two independent groups – one incarnate and one angelic. In the incarnate realm, the process is handled by a group of multi-dimensional 9D oversouls whose timeline is connected to Earth through Lyra, the Pleiades, and Orion. These are your eldest off-world ancestors. In the angelic realm, the process is handled by an entire division of Archangels dedicated to ascension, whose headquarters happens to be stationed on Earth. Results will be compared through the office of the Planetary Executive to eliminate minor errors.

Everyone on Earth is evaluated according to current level of ascension, by evolution of both DNA and consciousness. Every time a milestone is reached, an evaluator is personally dispatched to verify the achievement. Once verified, your records are updated. Any time you ascend to a new dimension, a team of evaluators is dispatched for verification. Once verified, your file is transferred to the appropriate division and a progress analysis is requested.

All milestones are reported to analysts who graph the progress of each individual. With the aid of a massive database, they extrapolate the graph in order to determine both the maximum potential level of ascension and the most probable level of ascension on any given date in the future. Any time a potential or probable level of ascension is updated, a notification is sent to all assigned personnel to update their plans accordingly and a detailed “self evaluation” is gathered by the pollsters.

All individuals are constantly “polled” to determine preference of ascension destination. Any time you are exposed to a concept which is rare in your dimension but commonplace in a higher dimension, you are being polled. Your interpretation of the event, your acceptance/rejection of the interpretations of others, and your overall openness to the concept are recorded on multiple occasions over a short period of time. The average and margin of error are reported to the analysts as a result. The analysts then graph your preference on top of your potential, and produce a final destination analysis.

Every updated analysis is sent to personally assigned ascension engineers to update your life map. All updated life maps are then sent to timeline engineers to re-arrange potential reality. When potential reality is altered, a revised direction is requested from the Planetary Executive who makes a determination in conjunction with his Cabinet and Congress. At the end of an Age, all maps are redrawn.

Planetary Ascension

In the Incarnate realm, individuals ascend by making a dimensional leap in both consciousness/mind and DNA/body, bringing your vibratory frequency into harmony with an alternate reality. Ordinarily, this is extremely difficult and takes a tremendous commitment. Entire planets ascend when the planet itself and a large enough percentage of the population make a commitment to ascend to a particular dimension. For the individual, this is an easier path to ascension because it is a group effort. If the people lead the planet, the ride will be smooth. If the planet leads the people, the ride will be bumpy. In the latter scenario, massive environmental changes are common.

When an individual ascends and there is no version of the planet in the dimension of destination, the individual is either “transported” or dies and reincarnates. If the planet of origin also exists at the dimension of destination, the individual disappears in his own dimension and reappears in the other. If an entire planet ascends, all those individuals who choose to ascend continue their lives in the new dimension, while all the rest appear to have been “raptured” away. If the planet itself has decided to maintain an incarnation in the original dimension, those who are “left behind” will continue their lives and it will appear as if the other group was raptured. Planetary ascension and rapture therefore go hand-in-hand.

The current disagreeing factions on Earth can be roughly organized into five groups:
A. Those which do not want individuals to ascend at all.
B. Those which want individual ascension but do not want the planet to ascend.
C. Those which want the planet to ascend from 3D to 4D.
D. Those which want the planet to skip 4D and ascend from 3D to 5D.
E. Those which want to complete the Divine Plan for planetary ascension.

In the Divine Plan, Earth will ascend to 6D, 9D, and 12D, and will also remain in 3D.
Individuals will be offered the opportunity to ascend to 4D on the 3D Earth, to stay in 5D on the 6D Earth, to stay in 7D or 8D on the 9D Earth, and to either stay in 10D or 11D or continue their ascension beyond 12D on the 12D Earth. The 12D Earth will start as a school to teach ascended beings how to become Creator Sons, Mother Spirits and Creator Gods of their own Universes.

II. Divine Plan Completion

Multidimensional Planetary Administration

The four Earths will each have their own administration, with a common umbrella administration above/within them. Multidimensional souls will be corporeal on all four Earths, and will make up the umbrella administration. The Prince, Princess, and their personal staffs will be multidimensional and corporeal. Their will be a cabinet of 24 Department Heads, 12 of which will be corporeal on each planet. The corporeal cabinet will constitute the Security Council and will draft all legislation. Each Department will have 6 Agencies, and each Agency will have 1000 corporeal staff. Each Department may have an almost unlimited number of non-corporeal staff.

Overall government structure will combines the best aspects of Planetary, Local Universe, Superuniverse, and Central Universe administration. It will truly be a unique organization. The Congress will be a Department. It will consist of representatives elected by the entire staff, and will vote on legislation. The Department Head will be the Speaker of the House, whose purpose will be to use the principles of reflectivity and spirit ministry to determine the true desires/needs/hopes/prayers of the entire population. The Judiciary will also be a Department. The Department Head will be the Chief Justice. The other Departments will vary on each timeline.

The 4-Way Rapture (also known as multiple raptures)

There are active planetary grids on the planet right now at 3D, 4D, 5D, and 9D. There are also potential timelines where Earth successfully ascends from 3D to 6D, 9D, or 12D by the end of 2012. Prior to the rapture, the population will be evaluated and distributed into 4 groups on four separate timelines. Our multidimensional timeline will then merge with three separate 3D timelines that are VERY similar, almost identical. The multidimensional timeline will stay in place with a 9D grid and eventually ascend to 12D. The other three timelines will be 3D with a 3D and 4D grid, which stays in 3D but eventually ascends at least 1.44 billion people to 4D; 3D with a 4D and 5D grid, which eventually ascends to 6D; and 3D with a 5D and 9D grid, which eventually ascends to 9D.

The Time Lords originally had planned a series of 2-way raptures, knowing that at least 144,000 people would have to reach 9D in order for a 4-way rapture (the ideal) to be plausible. This has already been fulfilled. Once the requirements for a 4-way rapture were met, the two choices were between a “quick merge” and a “slow merge.” It was decided that, on the slow merge plan, each timeline would need about a month on its own in order to manifest a smooth initial ascension. Rapture itself does not occur until ascension. While those timelines are still in 3D, people will feel a disorienting effect of co-location within very similar but increasingly different realities. Short term memory will be affected, as something seems to happen on one day and then the next day someone says it didn’t happen. In this scenario, BOTH people are right, although many disagreements may ensue. This would put the people of the planet through a lot of stress, as the majority are not even close to prepared for multidimensionality.

With the quick merge plan, the timelines would actually be “crashed” together in the horizontal plane, and the impact would cause them to “scatter” in the vertical plane. This would in effect “force” the rapture to occur even if the people hadn’t fulfilled the requirements for planetary ascension. The post rapture environment would then be very chaotic, but because all individuals were already qualified for ascension, the planet would settle down over a period of about a month. It was decided that in the long run this would work out better, because it is essential that the raptures be coordinated, ideally over a 72-hour period.

There is one group of ET’s which wants to put the entire population in “stasis” so that they can get a jump start on cleaning the planet. This is an excellent idea, because it will allow the Engineers to go back to the slow merge plan without the chaos. During stasis at least 432,157 individuals, who will stay on the multidimensional timeline, will remain awake. Those who are already 9D will be able to handle the four simultaneous incarnations, and will be able to perform all requirements for immediate planetary ascensions on each timeline. Those individuals who are still 6D, 7D, or 8D will be provided with accelerated DNA reactivation procedures, and will have until the end of stasis to reach 9D.

Rapture cannot occur during stasis, so there will probably be at least 1-2 days of disorientation. At the end of stasis, each timeline will make its first step in ascension and all the people on that timeline will disappear from the others. This will only happen while they are asleep or alone in a safe environment. THEIR timeline won’t change, but everyone else who does not belong on that timeline will be gone, and the disorienting effect will be gone. Reality will begin to quickly coalesce. The timeline merge may take as long as two-four weeks, while the rapture itself should take approximately 72 hours. Earth 1 will stay here in 3D. Earth 2 will jump to 4D. Earth 3 will jump straight to 5D. Earth 4 will jump straight to 9D.

Completion of the Rapture must occur BEFORE ---------- at the absolute latest. There are other factors currently which mandate that it be even sooner (by -------). However, those can possibly be alleviated. Final distribution of individuals:
Earth 1: 3.293 billion maximum
Earth 2: 2.880 billion minimum
Earth 3: 432 million minimum
Earth 4: 432,157 minimum

Note: Asset Redistribution

All assets of raptured individuals will be seized by the planetary administration. All family, group, organizational, corporate, or state assets will be assigned a per-capita pre-rapture value and the amount to be seized will be calculated according to the percentage of individuals who remain. There will be NO inheritance. The assets will then be re-distributed in a fair and equitable way, according to the decisions of the Planetary Cabinet. All financial markets will remain closed until after final distribution. As an example:

1. The planetary administration will keep assets necessary for a budget through 2012, including a Global Central Bank which will probably be the only source of income.
2. All individual and organizational debts will be paid (if the creditors remain). Debts owed to families, groups, organizations, corporations, or states will be assigned a per-capita pre-rapture value and paid according to the new population.
3. All stolen assets will be returned.
4. All suits will be settled, including many recently filed class-action suits.
5. Remaining assets will be distributed to individuals according to a weighted system of several factors such as future potential (or lack thereof), damages and suffering incurred (or caused), need, expected inheritance, and overall global economic viability and sustainability.

When the markets reopen, individuals will be able to choose which corporations survive and which ones fail. They will also be able to fully fund many NGO’s. Organizations will be set up to help people make these decisions before the opening bell. The Planetary Administration will give its official recommendations as to where individual assets can best be invested, not for profit, but for the overall good of planet. This phase will be the ultimate venture capitalist explosion -- with a markedly populist twist.

Projected Timeline for Earth 1

Earth 1 will consist of 3D and 4D people who have chosen either to not ascend or to ascend to 4D. It will also include up to 144,000 multidimensional souls, who can stay on all four Earths simultaneously. 1.44 billion people must ascend to 4D for Earth 1 to be a success. If there is a stasis period then a significant amount of the pollution will already be cleared up, the Ozone layer will be thinned, and the Frequency Fence between 3D and 4D will be completely eliminated, thus granting all people full access to the magical and psychic abilities they have developed. Another Frequency Fence will be built between 4D and 5D that has the ability to keep out ALL aliens from interference. The “Keys to the Gate” will be held by the Planetary Executive.

You can then expect your typical Revelations/4400 (TV show)/New World Order type script. An “antichrist” character will be selected by my staff in conjunction with the Ascended Masters, most likely one of the multidimensional souls, who will be responsible for day-to-day management. He will be an individual who fulfills prophesies and has Orion blood but is 100% loyal to the people of Earth. He will perform miracles and cause great wonders as he creates world peace, saves the environment, and sets up planetary constitutional government and a one-world religion, etc. Everyone will love him. He will have great teachers who show people how to develop their god-given psychic abilities, and people will be able to communicate with and sometimes SEE their angels. People will also learn how to use magic for the benefit of both themselves and for the good of mankind.

In 2012 those who have ascended to 4D, at least 1.44 billion, will be raptured up to Jesus’s City of Light called New Jerusalem. If the “antichrist” cannot ascend 1.44 billion people by 2012, Jesus will return in time to make sure that at least 1.44 billion people make it in the end. In the unlikely case that the “antichrist” has switched sides (in the Bible this happens after the head wound, when he is possessed by Satan), then he will be killed at the time of this 2nd rapture. The City will then descend to Earth and everyone will be offered the opportunity to come with Jesus to Heaven. Everybody will be reunited with their families and loved ones, etc. Those who decide to come with Jesus will be transported to Venus, a 4D planet, where a truly utopian paradise awaits.

Note: Etheric Sirians

Those who choose to stay will fend for themselves awhile, and a group of souls called Etheric Sirians will inherit the 3D Earth as their new home. The Etheric Sirians were a race of human/reptile hybrids in the Sirius B system. Half of them believed that Reptiles from Orion were responsible for the last Great Galactic War, so they decided to suppress their reptile side and polarize to the light. The other half believed that Humans from the Pleiades were responsible for the War, so they decided to suppress their human side and polarize to the dark. They moved to two separate planets. One was very materialistic, the other was very spiritual. Eventually they each saw the other as a threat and began to fight each other. When one group tried to use scalar weaponry to blow up the other, they accidentally imploded their sun and wiped out the entire solar system. Both sides had been infiltrated by “anti-integration” pure-blood Melchizedeks from Orion who wanted to commit genocide on all hybrids, which they thought were an abomination against God (they aren’t).

Because of the nature of the catastrophe, they were essentially suspended in hyperspace as ghosts. They were unable to reincarnate because their genetics no longer existed. When the people of Earth were modified, a new genetic template would be created that they could use. They were told Earth would one day be their new home. Some of them could not wait until the new “Adam” was created, so they agreed to descend and incarnate as “pre-modern” men. Others who had cetacean blood (from lives on water planets) incarnated as dolphins and whales. The largest group refused to reincarnate at all. They are still fighting their War in a “matrix-like” environment. They figured out how to pop in and out of our reality from hyperspace/void, anywhere in time, and their leaders believe they are ascended masters and gods. They believe that whoever wins their War will rule over Earth. In reality, they will just incarnate in 3D after we ascend.

Projected Timeline for Earth 2

Earth 2 will consist of 4D, 5D, and 6D souls who have decided to ascend to 5D or 6D, plus multidimensional souls. The Ozone layer will be largely eliminated and the only Frequency Fence will be between 6D and 7D (Harmonic Barrier). The Planetary Executive will keep the Keys to the Gate. Aliens will have full freedom of motion IF they are given permission by the Planetary Executive and they adhere to all treaties/agreements. A world government and one-world religion will already be formed, and will be announced upon awakening from stasis. However, there will still be NO aliens. In anticipation of a possible “negative” First Contact, a Planetary Security Agency will be formed. If the people of Earth 3 do their job and form a truly integrated Fleet, there will be no conflict. Any invaders will be taken down by very advanced (9D) technology and their leaders will be referred to the Ancients of Days for Judgment.

There will be an educational period consisting of true history and gradual UFO disclosure. Media will become much more entertaining for all those old souls. Because everyone on the planet agreed to ascend to at least 5D, everything will be geared toward 1st Contact, which will probably occur right after the 2008 elections. Disclosure must be made before the Primary season is over, in order that ET politics may become an important political issue. The Planetary Executive will choose who is allowed to be part of the 1st Contact fleet, and all arrangements will be made on Earth 3 in 6D. At the moment of uncloaking and descent, Earth will shift to 5D.

Depending on the level of integration of the 1st contact fleet, many ET star-nations will try to “court” us into joining their organization. Some may actually try to attack if we make alliances with their enemies. We are already Independent, and will remain so. We will ask THEM if they want to join OUR alliance, and we will defend ourselves from aggressors with powers they have never seen before. We will write an official Declaration of Independence if there is someone who claims to already have dominion (probably the Orion Empire). If there is a war, we will win, for that is our God-given right.

That is when the real work will start. We will be VERY popular, and visitors will come from all over the Galaxy. We will have an extensive immigration policy and a very large State Department in order to keep track of everyone. We will have to get as many ET nations as possible to join our alliance while at the same time maintaining extraordinary vigilance for infiltrators. Our ultimate goal is to join all these groups together into a Galactic Constitutional Government.

The people will be divided between those who want to remain independent and those who want to be leaders in developing a greater community which is inclusive of all races. Almost all aliens have abused, tampered with, or deceived us over the years (even the good ones). It is only natural to desire a break from all that nonsense. This will be the determining factor between those who stay in 5D and those who ascend to 6D. At least 1.44 billion people will stay in 5D, while at least 1.44 billion must desire ascension to 6D.

If the requirements for 6D ascension will be met prior to 2012, a Constitutional Convention will be held on Earth. A message will be sent for representatives from every Local Universe in the entire Galaxy. When the Constitution is completed and signed, Earth will ascend to 6D. At that point a Galactic Messiah, the Ancient of Days, will descend to Earth and congratulate us. If this does not happen, our independence would ordinarily be short-lived and the planet would be blown up in a giant galactic war. In order to prevent this, the Ancient of Days will descend to Earth early and make sure the requirements are fulfilled. Prior to his descent, the 5D people will be taken to Mars and granted their independence.

After 2012, galactic-level elections will be held. Prior ascension to at least 9D will be a requirement for elected office and prior ascension to at least 12D will be a requirement for the highest positions. These requirements are similar to age minimums in current elections. Those who actually helped with Earth’s ascension will probably be the most popular. 6D Earth will then serve as the Capital City of the new Galactic Government. It will be similar to the District of Columbia, if everyone who worked in D.C. lived in D.C. and vice versa. Those 6D people who do not want to be part of Government will be able to move to 6D Maldek and live a normal life or 6D Nibiru and become part of the Galactic StarFleet.

Projected Timeline for Earth 3

Earth 3 will consist of 5D, 6D, 7D, and 8D souls who have decided to ascend to 7D, 8D, or 9D. The Ozone layer will be completely eliminated, and there will be a Frequency Fence between 6D and 7D (until the planet ascends to 6D) as well as one between 9D and 10D. This will cut down on the number of infiltrators, who primarily work from 7D and 10D. Those are the High School and College freshman who like to come back to their old school and bully people around. All functions of planetary government will be installed during stasis. Because everyone will be at least 5D, there will be little need for education and 1st contact will happen immediately upon awakening.

There will most likely be multiple groups descending, as we will be able to see all of their fleets. Full Galactic History will be the primary education agenda, and many ET’s will learn more about their own true ancient history. Included will be all of the secret politics involved in the previous galactic wars. Healing all of those old wounds will be the primary function of the planet. Once again, if there is a war we will win. We will also form a rough draft for the Galactic Constitution and a truly integrated Galactic Fleet will be organized (led by multidimensional souls), at which point the planet will ascend to 6D. This fleet will be assigned for the future First Contact on Earth 2, and the draft constitution will be used as the framework for the true Constitutional Convention, also on Earth 2 in the future.

When EVERYBODY has ascended to at least 6D, the Harmonic Barrier will be eliminated and we will meet all of the various Ascended Masters from around the Galaxy. At this point, the job of each individual is to achieve true Polarity Integration and Multidimensional Consciousness, thereby ascending to 9D. ALL Galactic wounds must be healed. By 2012, 144 million will be allowed to stay in 7D, 144 million will be allowed to stay in 8D, and 144 million MUST reach 9D. At that point Earth will ascend to 9D. The 7D people will be allowed to return with Jesus as Ascended Masters during the Glorious Appearing, and can then choose to live on 7D Inner Venus, Jupiter, or Uranus. The 8D people will be allowed to go to Mars and serve as Guardians of the independent planet. They will be able to live on Inner Mars, Saturn, or Neptune. The 9D people will be able to stay on 9D Earth and form an InterGalactic Government, move to 6D Earth and run for Galactic Elections, move to Nibiru and lead the Galactic StarFleets, or basically go anywhere they want.

Projected Timeline for Earth 4

Earth 4 will consist of souls who are 6D and above that have agreed to ascend to 10D, 11D, 12D or higher by the end of 2012. All of these people will remain awake during stasis, and those who are not yet 9D must reach 9D before the awakening/rapture. These people will also be able to maintain a simultaneous presence on any of the other 3 Earths. 9D is where all of the major political and strategic decisions necessary on the other 3 Earths will actually be hashed out in debate. The 10D souls will work as Timeline Engineers, repairing old timelines as emotional wounds are healed on Earth 3. The 11D souls will be the Time Lords responsible for maintaining the overall structure of potential and manifest reality. The 12D souls will be responsible for determining the overall direction of manifest reality, guiding all timelines in all dimensions toward the best possible convergence point in 2012, doing so in such a way as to maximize the potential “size” of post-2012 aggregate potential reality, which should increase exponentially. They will also be responsible for training and ascending the other souls, studying under the apprenticeship of our Creator Gods, maintaining communication with the Supreme Being, and manifesting His physical presence.

144,000 people will stay in 10D, 144,000 will stay in 11D, and at least 144,000 will ascend to 12D by 2012. When this happens, the planet will actually ascend into Havona and the Supreme Being will manifest in physical form. The Paradise Deities, Superuniverse Master Spirit, and anyone else who wants to come for the ride will “hop on” and descend to Earth in 9D, 6D, and 3D to meet and greet the people in person. The timelines of all 4 Earths will merge back into one Multidimensional timeline. An inter-dimensional governmental coordinating council will be established with members from 3D, 6D, 9D, 12D, and 15D. A Creator University will be formed to truly teach all ascending beings how to be Creators of their own private Universes, and new paths of ascension will be forged.

The final 2012 distribution of the people of Earth will be as follows:
3D (Earth): 1.44 billion maximum – remainder possibly on Maldek
4D (Venus): 1.44 billion minimum – also possibly Jupiter
5D (Mars): 1.44 billion minimum – also possibly Saturn
6D (Earth): 1.44 billion minimum – also Maldek, Nibiru
7D (Jupiter): 144 million minimum – also Venus, Uranus
8D (Saturn): 144 million minimum – also Mars, Neptune
9D (Earth): 144 million minimum – also Nibiru, anywhere
10D (Uranus): 144,000 minimum – possibly also Venus
11D (Neptune): 144,000 minimum – possibly also Mars
12D (Earth): 144,000 minimum
13D (Earth): 144 minimum
14D (Earth): 12 minimum
15D (Earth): 1 minimum, fully manifest Supreme Being

Judgment Day: Dec 21, 2012

December 21, 2012 has been chosen by the Time Lords as flashpoint. This may actually occur at any time, but everyone will perceive it as December 21, 2012, with time being either sped up or slowed down for coordination between timelines. This will be a moment of virtually unlimited creative potential. The 4 Earths will merge, and everyone will be reunited will everyone else for an amazing party. All destination points (planets) will be “perfected” prior to distribution of the population according to the collective desires of the inhabitants. Everybody will get exactly what they want.

All beings in the Superuniverse of Orvonton, and any who have interacted with Orvonton, will be judged and graded based on their performance during the entire duration of the Earth Experiment. The Judge will be the Eternal Son. I will form a Council of 24 from among my own primary aspects in both the angelic and incarnate realms. In the incarnate realm, these individuals are the descendents of the First Family. The Chairman of the Council will be the Ancient of Days of Light from Orvonton. All decisions will be ratified by 144 people in 13D.

For incarnate beings, the grading system is pass/credit/fail. If you chose to ascend by at least one dimension, you passed. Your ultimate fate was entirely in your own hands. If you chose not to ascend, you still receive credit. You will just stay where you are. However, if you chose to inhibit Planetary Ascension, you failed. You will be descended to 3D, 2D, 1D, or elimination, according to the decisions of the Judge and the Council of 24.

Angelic beings did not have the opportunity to determine their own fate, so they will actually be given a numerical grade. At flashpoint, the entire angelic realm will be manifested in the incarnate realm as ascending beings. Their grade will determine their highest potential starting point in the ascension process, using the following guidelines:

100 Ascension by 1, 2, or 3 Harmonics and incarnation on 12D Earth
A++ Ascension by 2 Harmonics and incarnation on 9D Earth
A+ Ascension by 1 Harmonic and incarnation on 6D or 9D Earth
A Incarnation on Earth in current Harmonic -- 3D, 6D, or 9D
A- Descending Earth incarnation in 3D, 6D, or 9D
B+ Ascension by one Harmonic, non-Earth incarnation in 6D or 9D
B Ascension by 2 dimensions, non-Earth incarnation
B- Ascension by 1 dimension, non-Earth incarnation
C+ Non-Earth incarnation in current dimension, administrative duties
C Non-Earth incarnation in current dimension, non-administrative duties
C- Non-earth incarnation in current dimension, no duties
D+ Descension by 1 dimension, non-Earth incarnation in 4D, 5D, 7D, or 8D
D Descension by 2 dimensions, non-Earth incarnation in 4D or 7D
D- Descension by 1 Harmonic, non-Earth incarnation in 4D
F+ Descension to 3D, non-Earth incarnation
F Descension to 2D, non-Earth
F- Descension to 1D, non-Earth
0 Execution by Ancients of Days

Even those souls in 1D will be able to ascend all the way to Earth’s Creator University in the new post-2012 reality. The new Grand Universe will not only populate “Outer Space” but also reunite with other Master Universes in the “Void” and form a new template for overall “Creator Universe” evolution. The Superuniverse of Orvonton will actually be the equivalent of a second “Central Universe” and we will have the ability to create many more. The Eternal Son will probably set up His own Isle of Paradise, and the Supreme Being will be in charge of everything. The ultimate goal is to achieve unlimited creative potential and make it available to everyone, not only in our own Universe but within other unknown Universes which the Supreme Being has been able to locate. There is also an even greater plan for the entire species known as Creator Universes.

-Written by the Eternal Son of Paradise, August 3 2007