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Stewart Swerdlow
on the Illuminati and the structure of this reality.

In his 2.5 hour video, "The Illuminati" (Code ILL), Stewart Swerdlow (Montauk Project) presents new info. on the reptilian influence on human history and the copper based blue blood royal families. An extensive and intense view of Earth politics, the Illuminati and the reptilian factor is shared including the prehistory of this solar system and our artifical moon! Also covered are the conspiratorial nature of the chem trails and why Aryans were chosen for secret projects in Nazi Germany and at Montauk (Long Island, USA). This is a complete view of Earth’s history and how the alien agenda fits in.

Below are some charts and diagrams
from Stewarts book "As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap" (Code SOW)
and from the video "The Illuminati". (Code ILL).