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What are the consequences?

JULY 1, 1991 REC. #2


Greetings, precious Druthea. I Am Sananda, returned in service to God of Light to answer some inquires of me of a personal nature for one called “Laurie”. I will answer in general format that those of you with similar concerns may be given understanding as well.

Precious Laurie, you ask questions from within which cause you great unrest and feelings of “guilt”. Such is the nature of human perception when one does not understand the effects one witnesses with his senses and not his KNOWING.

First, chela, let me begin by saying that it is not necessary that you send your inquiry anywhere except to God WITHIN you. When, for example, you petition to Myself, Sananda, I HEAR YOU WITHIN, precious, it is simply you do not yet HEAR ME. You must learn to seek your answers WITHIN, child, that your power be acknowledged and recognized and therefore accessed WITHIN you. I will ask herein that our editors please send a clearing tape to Laurie that she learn to simply clear and quiet self and LISTEN.

Does this mean we expect you ones to not inquire or ask for clarification? Of course not. Often your questions belong to many ones and so we are most eager to offer clarification and further understanding to you.

Now, it is most important, chelas, that you read “PHOENIX OPERATOR/OWNER MANUAL” for in-depth clarification on the Laws of God and Creation. Therein we speak of murder, suicide and abortion clearly as defiance of God’s Laws. Suicide is self-murder. So then, you must understand that it is not the decision of any human to end his/her life before its natural cycle is finished. WHY? Because God/Aton has graced you with LIFE upon Physical dimension to GROW in your spiritual perfection back to ONENESS. When you purposefully END that life you reap a sort of “set-back” caused by the confusion of premature death at the hands of self.

Although you never go backwards in your spiritual evolution, you certainly can become stagnant, or lost in confusion for a time. Suicide is an interruption with YOUR WILL against the WILL of GOD of your lifestream evolution. What happens to one who ends his life will vary with each individual circumstance. One thing is certain though, you will not GO to a better place of fulfillment until you’ve completed your lessons. You will need to return and FINISH lessons which you may have thought you escaped and you may find that the second journey may be less pleasant than the first in human experience.


Just as it says, chelas, because you die physically does not mean you are now perfection and have no more lessons to reach God perfection. The difference is that “on the other side” you will be made, often painfully, aware of your errors made against God and Nature through self-misbehavior.

ONLY LIFE IS ETERNAL and physical death is just that, death of a body. THE SOUL IS IMMORTAL and continues on at whatever its level of KNOWINGNESS WITHIN GOD/MIND. Only through LIFE and LIVING in balance within The Laws of God and Creation will you conquer your fear of DEATH. For then you will KNOW that physical death is only a step, a change of experience...NOT the end of LIFE eternal!

Murder, Abortion, Suicide are all attempts by Man’s will to end life given of our Creator against HIS WILL. The one thing I wish you ALL to remember clearly is this: You are responsible to SELF and TO GOD WITHIN for your actions and behaviors which defy Nature and the laws thereof. INHERENTLY WITHIN YOU, YOU ARE GIVEN ALL THE LAWS AND MORAL RULES OF CONDUCT AND BEHAVIOR. So within you must come into understanding of WHY you are distressed and feeling unworthy in your being.

WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR CAUSE YOU CAN CHANGE your behavior that the cause not be repeated by the lesson or error being understood in KNOWLEDGE within you. Forgive yourself for that which is done and cannot be is a gift IF you recognize the error and can release the punishment of self or of another. Or the error can be turned by you into a tool of punishment of self or another, leaving the lesson unlearned and the error planted indelibly within you to be repeated and repeated until you choose to KNOW by asking GOD within for guidance and Truth.


We have said repeatedly that if ones do not wish to hear the truth that Abortion is murder of life and against God’s laws, that suicide is murder of life and against God’s laws, or that you are in BIG trouble upon your plane because of the defiance and ignorance of THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION, then let it go. THEY will not change until THEY so choose to do so. You pestering them and pleading with them will only cause YOU more anguish and they will pull away from you completely. LET IT GO, chelas. Give and do what you can to offer assistance and understanding and if the information you give is rejected, leave them alone. Each must live with the consequences of his behavior and his ignorance. If he chooses to remain in ignorance then that is HIS choice, not yours.

These ones, especially friends and family members will remember YOU when this illusion comes bearing down upon them and they are terrified and know not what to do. At that time you may extend your hand, if that is what GOD WITHIN requires of you; until then release them to themselves and pray that they are given something from elsewhere to confirm what you have shared that they may act before the clock runs out for them in this illusion.


Well, chelas, this is a time of remembering your Divine Spiritual Heritage of ONENESS with ALL and of graduation. Many of the children entering during this time-frame especially of My people, come with child body and SPIRITUALLY MATURE SOUL. It is best not to DOMINATE the child. The child needs LOVING, FIRM DISCIPLINE for its own protection. Yes, patience is most important with children. That does not mean that the child walk all over you and others in inconsiderate behavior. Explain the “WHYS” as best you can. Do not LIE, ever, to the child. If you do not know something, tell the child you do not know. The more spiritually aware children will question and be curious about EVERYTHING and therein is where your patience will be most important.

My suggestion is that when you feel your patience running out, stop and clear your space of ALL dark fragments and then ask GOD within to help guide you with how best to respond to the child in any and all circumstances. You who have chosen the challenge of parenthood during this time-frame indeed have your work cut out for you. KNOW that you are worthy. You cannot RUIN a child by a few harsh words occasionally. Learn to apologize to the child when YOU feel your temper was lost. He will learn that even his parents, in their humanness, are not always perfect and an apology is important at times and soothing to the soul of both giver and receiver of an apology.

The Light of the child’s KNOWINGNESS will shine above the physical impact he endures. As a parent, though, you have the opportunity to guide him and give him the security of your ABSOLUTE LOVE that he finds himself worthy in his own BEINGNESS. He, therefore, will not be emotionally crippled from childhood neglect or abuse, which would simply become another obstacle which would challenge his growth.

You parents who concern the most are most thoughtful and aware of the tremendous responsibility you hold for raising a child for GOD. Many of you ones have had emotional and/or physical “abuse” yourselves in your growing up years which you have worked to overcome and you “fear” that you will somehow “repeat” the errors in behavior of YOUR parents. I will suggest that if you are thinking about it carefully, YOU KNOW YOU WILL NOT KNOWINGLY TREAT YOUR CHILD IN ANY EMOTIONALLY INHUMANE WAY.

If you were treated in ways which caused you pain, YOU KNOW THAT WHICH CAUSED YOU PAIN. So if you recognize behavior in yourself which is unbalanced and belongs to your past, THEN CHANGE IT. ASK GOD WITHIN TO SHOW YOU YOUR ERROR THAT YOU UNDERSTAND AND NOT REPEAT THE OFFENSE.

Yes, a strong willed child is a challenge. Know that YOU can handle that which God gave you as His charge or you would not have His child. Make sure you take time for self, by yourself, even if it is only when the child naps, to commune with God. This will bring you the peace within which you are asking for, for HE will show you the “right” way to respond and to be. You only need learn to LISTEN. So be it.

Druthea, let us take a rest. You have written twice this day. I am well pleased. Thank you, Laurie, for your inquiries which have been within the hearts of many. May you find the PEACE WITHIN which you so deserve. I love you greatly. Walk gently with one another, my brethren. I AM Sananda. Salu.