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Steve Fossett

On September 3rd, 2007, Steve Fossett disappeared whilst on a pleasure flight. No trace was found of him or his plane for over a year. How could such a competent pilot disappear without trace?

In October 2008, a wreck turned up in the mountains of eastern California. There is great scepticism about this crash site amongst competent pilots. The nature of the crash doesn't make sense and the evidence will come forth to illustrate that it is not Steve's plane and that this is a hoax crash site.

Would it interest you that the wreck turned up some time after we released Steve's first e-book in which he said he wanted to expose the military's plans to control the world?

Steve has explained to Carolyn Evers that he now understands that he built his high public profile so he would be able to connect with humanity and explain what will come upon us at the end of 2012 and how to prepare. And he has begun to provide some amazing information in what, so far, is three in a series of e-books that he is planning.

Quotes from Steve's First e-book

"This is Steve Fossett himself. I thank you for allowing me to commune with the people of Earth through you. If you would allow me, I would like to access some time with you to explain what has happened to me, where I reside presently, why I cannot come back in physical form and what I see as the future of this planet."

"First of all, I thank you and I want to let people know that I am not dead in the conventional sense, that is. I am still embodied in flesh but it appears to be different. It is lighter and larger than what you might perceive of me when I was living upon the Earth."

"My aircraft with me inside flew into what appeared to be a great light. I know this sounds like some science fiction story, but I had seen these lights in the past and I wanted to investigate. The lights didnít seem to be permanently attached to the Earth, but rather seemed to float down from higher up." †"The fuselage was compressed as if a giant hammer had hit it in the middle right behind where I was sitting. I am surprised that my physical body wasnít destroyed in the immersion into this dimension. I suppose that my quick rescue was the reason that my physical body survived. I also owe these inhabitants my survival in flesh because of their healing processes."

"When I was on Earth, I was not aware of what lay before humanity. There is a great spiritual advancement underway at the present time. There has been an awareness of this to some extent as many are aware of the codes and keys of the Mayan Calendar."

"They do realize that it is the military complex that is of this ilk, and not for the most part the individual citizen. That is Earthís only hope that the citizen will somehow see through the schemes and underground subversiveness to control the entire world. However, there is new energy coming to this planet that will change the status quo, but it will be a painful transition for many."

Quotes from Steve's Second e-book

"We see a complete unspiralling of the financial markets until new plans will come forth and there will be integrity coming back into dealings with one another. People will demand a transparency in government and corporate leadership that has not been in the political or civilian arena for a very long time. Leaders will come forth and those leaders will have answers because they are spiritually attuned."

"When this e-book reaches you, Barack Obama will have been elected President. However, as it is being written, the election in the United States has not taken place.† My friends, this man is spiritually attuned. What I mean by this is that he has come from the upper spiritual levels of souls and will bring with him a unity of purpose; a sense of cooperation and you will see again where common sense will be back in the White House."

"What is happening now is that the high will be made low and the low will reap the rewards of the meek. This is no bible ideology, but rather the spiritual laws that were set up when the blueprint for the Cosmos was imagined, put into spiritual form, and then brought down to Earth as a part of Universal Law. This is indeed Universal Law as we see it from the strings in the Cosmos as those strings stretch from Prime Creator to every part of their creation as found in the Cosmos."

"This is what has happened at this moment. The lever was triggered, the energy was sent forth from Father God and justice has been dispensed. This happened in late summer of 2008 when the Sub-prime Mortgage came into play and was noticed by many as a swell of corruption."

Quotes from Steve's Third e-book

"I am starting to see myself as a universal traveller, one who has travelled from my home in the center of the Cosmos that is really the home of Source, All-There-Is, Prime Creator to all the stations in between. What I mean by this is that I had assignments that were given to me by this Prime Creator and I followed those assignments to the best of my ability until they took me to this planet that I called home for many years.

"What I now know is that the plans that Prime Creator put forth are indeed very detailed and incorporated all of the cosmos in those plans.

"A case in point is something that Carolyn Evers has been disseminating regarding the Eye of Isis and it is presently in place and sending the energies of new creation into the Earth sphere. This was sent by energy that came from the explosion of two constellations that scientists have called Supernova 1987a.

"That was the beginning of an event that will show up as a graduation time to a new life as Adam Kadmon.

"The information is important to you because there is no known event in human history that you can draw upon to understand your future.

"It is important to understand that all of life, in this galaxy especially, is based upon cycles and the placement of planets, stars and constellations and their relationship to Cosmic Center and Galactic Center.

"The one who oversees the Elohim and all those other souls who helped organize the plans for this world is that soul that you know of as Jesus Christ.

"Because this has been a journey with the dark, you have not been able to express all of your soulís abilities. This is why moving to the next higher dimension where there is a checkpoint keeping the dark on the lower rung of this planet is so important to you.

"There are levels of energy which surround your planet. These levels were caused by a stepping down in vibration when the souls fell in understanding during the last stages of Atlantis and particularly when the islands separated and broke up before they fell beneath the waves.†

"Fortunately this has changed as those who tried to control creation have been reunited with the Source of All and are undergoing healing as we speak.

"The dark understood that if they controlled these strings, they would in effect control all creation, as they could feed their directives through these strings to all souls."