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December 2008


NEW READERS! Read Here First
Evelyn's Conversations with Larry
Dec 18, 2008, 19:06

Candace: Hi everyone, Evelyn has been corresponding with a person called Larry. I am posting her answers to Larry  here in the New Readers section, because they are an excellent summary and now I don't have to work on my barely started summary!  Larry sent me some questions via Evelyn, and Christ Michael has agreed to answer these questions at the end of this piece.  To Evelyn now:

Hi Candace, this are my emails which I sent to Larry on answering his questions. It's quite a big collectionand from time to time I repeated myself.  I made a document out of my correspondence, just in case I might need it again for informing others.


The Stasis Event – our Road to Home

Briding the gap

By a

mighty act of mercy by our creator

Includes a Channelling with Christ Michael

On the issue of Waiting

By Evelyn Kümmerle

The words I love you   CdB from the Album

The road to Freedom

Dear folks,…. “Larry” is just a name selected for a model person asking questions. Many people are contacting me in order to learn more about what is going on beyond the many cosy channelled messages of rapture and confusion and free style swaying upon clouds. It’s easy for people to love Adamas messages, as Adama is very careful and tries to address his words positively for the best outcome, he is really a high priest with every cell of his being. Mostly people tend to interpret their own taste and views   into the message read and often they just conclude that – some beautiful morning – they would awake on a new earth – being able to manifest an apple out of their empty pocket and that a “big meditation” cleared their overcrowded garbage cans. Well, careful readers will be aware that also Adama has addressed that the road could be some kind of uneasy.

People are individuals – for some a soft message like by Adama is sufficient to understand – and some need it in a more clarified way of stronger speech to get the message. This difference perceived has created some kind of gap which is separating two layers of lightworkers,  which should better be unified – well, how can we create unity on a new earth when lightworkers themselves start to point with their fingers out to their colleagues – arguing about who is right and who is wrong. And this of course makes the dark side feel very comfortable, as lightworkers arguing with lightworkers is exactly, what serves the dark, as these servants  will not sufficiently focus any more on the higher order.


The thought to suddenly awake on a new earth is not so far away, but it will not be the kind of earth most people believe. It will still be a material world, with two suns, a much higher vibration a highly reduced population and many things changed due to clearing processes that took place beyond the awareness of the masses. But this will not yet be an earth in the days of light and life and there will be left much work to do for the committed ones who agree to stay here with a new contract to redo the planet, so that it can finally enter the new Golden Age. .

Remember the many times speaking “the Lords prayer”, the words “and resolve us from the evil”. The good news is. This is exactly what is going to happen. The prayers have been accepted and confirmed and the earth will be cleared and resolved from the evil.

So, to clarify on this, I have set up a variety of emails I sent to people asking me questions and I called this document “Letters to Larry”.




Due to the fact that Jupiter will ignite into a sun (most probably by end of January 09 when
J. is behind the sun) - our solar system will become a "dual solar system" more balanced (even Adama mentionned the two suns in a channelling from Dec. 2005)  while heading for ascension our planet will receive a lot magnetic storms coming over from that event, as well as increased radiation and a much higher vibration.

As far as I know the PRAVDA of Moscow has so far been the only mainstream media mentioning that planetary scientists had found out that inside Jupiter were taking place thermonuclear reactions (see the red spots which get more and increase) - the articles from August 08 - which would most probably make Jupiter ignite into a sun which could most probably eliminate all life on our planet - especially when Jupiter is near to earth when it happens. This event is - 
by the way - NO pole flip.

Anyway, Jupiter will cause much havoc on the surface - earthquakes, heavy storms and Tsunamis - and perhaps even the LA rim breaking down into the sea. All governments KNOW about and are secretly preparing rescuing some VIP's to underground bases, while they do not care about the rest of our heavily overcrowded planet.

Many people will not be able to handle the high vibration and higher radioactivity after Jupiter ignited. This could lead to a heavy reduction of the population - maybe even 50% - also  due to cataclysms. However, due to the lucky fact that CHRIST returned in a physical body with a hands-on mentality and with incredible greatness of mercy for beloved planet and humanity he decided to put the planet into a state named "STASIS", this is a bit like in the fairytale of the "sleeping beauty" . 

 Meanwhile 3 "stasis-fleets" are positioned around the planet and they will send down a special frequency interacting with man and the higher primates. (actually higher mammals-C) This frequency will "lay Man asleep" and take him "out of time" while vegetation goes on.  About 100.000 Servants aware dedicated to CM  - mainly the groundcrew of the galactic federation incarnate - will be lifted to ships or be taken to retreats in the inner earth  - for training and preparation and healing - with others will be worked on soul level while stasis takes place.

A lot will leave to be either reborn on the new earth or on another 3D planet  as they are not yet educated enough to make it on the New Earth. Stasis might last up to 2 years, while a big cleaning takes place on our planet - assisted by the Galactic Federation who will settle big projects like taking the atomic waste out of the seas and also evacuating regions in danger of cataclysm.

The DARK ONES still here will be "shipped out", so that we will have a real chance to make it when starting over after stasis. This period we are in is called the "TRANSITION  TIME". It's the time leading to the days of light and life, to the real golden age. As after Stasis the planet and humanity is "cleared" the Lemurians will most probably show up and be ready to assist with building new communities and sustainable structures of civilization.

Interesting works on this topic can be found in the book Daniel Raphael
transmitted by MONJORONSON, who may be regarded as "brother of Christ Michael" assisting him by coaching humanity into the days of light and life. (I translated this into German and I feel I like Daniel very much.)  

So, I have to go on here telling you MOST DEFINITELY that I believe - due to specific information from high sources - that the world is heading for a big scenario which seems to be right upon us. This scenario is likely to take place in a time window nearly upon us. It's the opening of a period called the "TRANSITION TIME", where a big cleaning will take place, and - I'm sorry having to tell you that again- also a huge decimation of the human species. This planet cannot go on carrying 7 billion of people. (Pls. do not take this as a prediction, but rather as a potential which might unfold on the basis of certain events) This scenario will take place at one hand by the earth changes our mother Gaia has to make to clean herself -

The Pacific Rim is in great danger of earthquakes and tsunamis - and it's likely that LA is in BIG DANGER to go into the sea. The Galactic Federation is prepared to do some evacuations for all people who have the heart to come - on the Pacific Rim. Then Jupiter is likely to ignite into the second sun of our solar system. Can you imagine what this will cause to our earth, when the solar storms arrive here that are due to be set free by the process.  The Galactic Federation is well aware about all of this and they are prepared to support us.

I cannot tell you all I know about this in this little email, but I can recommend to all of you to carefully read the messages posted on  This is an organisation of the Second Coming which serves directly under Christ Michael, The Christ and Creator Son who is the head of our universe. He was here 2000 years ago in a double incarnation with our beloved Sananda Esu Immanuel Kumara who was serving him as a navigator in the same body.

Then he promised to return and indeed he is here again, together with Esu and a big staff. (Esu is the son of Sanat Kumara) He returned in 1954 - and he is the originator of the Phoenix-Journals (they are on Internet). From time to time he gives us an update on what kind of incredible scenarios are going on behind the scenes.

Also a good reference is the Book of URANTIA. Urantia is the name of our planet in the universal register. His location is right now the pleiadean starship named "Phoenix" .   One can see it at night as a bright "star" with rotating lights in rainbow colours.

The founder of Abundanthope is an American Woman named Candace Frieze, and she is building up the planetary organization for the Transition period and the following period of "Light and Life" which is also considered as "Ascension". She is in direct contact with Esu and Christ Michael and has even been visited by Esu  physically. I'm in email contact with her - I'm the German translator for AbundantHope and I'm pleased to tell you that Candace is also posting  messages of Adama I'm sending her.

A big message to learn here for all of us - the people - is that this planet cannot be healed and saved by meditation alone. It must be a combination of action/planetary service/team work and spiritual wisdom. At present it is very likely that the planet will be - out of the big mercy of Christ Michael - be put in a status called "STASIS"for quite some time. This is a status which is similar to the one in the tale of the "Sleeping Beauty".

You can find all details on this on the homepage of Candace I mentioned above. After the STASIS is done, it's likely that the Galactic Federation will be openly present on earth, and it's also likely that there will be an emergence of the Lemurians. But only afterwards.

During the Stasis many people will be taken on ships or in retreats for training - and it might be possible that some of this training is taking place also in the inner earth which will not be concerned by the stasis. I say it "might", I'm not sure about. But this cannot be considered as an official "emergence" from us to this location.

Last year I very much wanted to contact Christ Michael directly, but I did not have the heart, as I thought who am I to contact our creator god? So, he contacted me. Since then many things were revealed to me - and Adama, Christ Michael and Esu are my most important cosmic contacts during these days. He asked me to work for him in the same manner I work for Adama, and I feel very gifted by this contact.

If you still want to have another link for information on the transition time and the times of Light and Life you may refer to the teachings of Monjoronson via Daniel Raphael. He is a "son of paradise", from the order of the Avonals, and he is here on a "magisterial mission". See

I have just finished translating a book by Monjoronson/Daniel Raphael on Sustainability and planetary management. Our beloved cosmic teachers and friends are not some kind of "free style swayers". They are also brilliant Managers to guide us and to assist us. But non of them told us ever that we just had to wait until they would come and take us "out" here. (Candace: This under Monjoronson/Daniel Rafphael, on AH. It is a doc file to download, and is a large book.)


Hi Larry, as was revealed later on, the message with Dec. 07 was intentional misinformationto fake the dark side, as they wanted the dark ones to believe in that. . They said that we - down here - the groundcrew - are not very good pokerfaces - and in addition the illuminates try whatever is possible to harm AH and it's members..

Regarding the big earthquake it was ALWAYS stated that it could NOT be foreseenfor 100%. They would just know about 2 or 3 days before that it really comes and that there is no more "point of return". Mother earth is a living entity - one has to observe and to measure,to check the pressure at places at risk.  For this pls. read the messages SOLTEC gave to the public.

The risk AH takes with making "predictions" has caused much blaming and disbelief. Well, AH is just the instrument of CM and even CM is learning more. This is the first experience of this sort.  All of us were taught to believe that "God is perfect". Yes he is compared with us, but even for him there are things to explore furthermore. The people here do not perceive this. They are sitting in the "non swimmers" area of which the churches have told them it was the "swimmers area" and they say, well, this can't be god, as God is perfect. And if this was god he would keep his predictions.

But why should God take actions just because he announced something - if he just learned that there could be a better scenario - with more benefits for more souls? And why should he not try some "tricks" to work for the light? In this universe it’s CM who is making the rules in commitment to universal law and order.

There have been various attacks on members of AH, including Candace. The illuminates know how "dangerous" AH is for them. We have a regional director for eastern Europe, Giuseppe, he's living in Napels, Italy. Not too long ago they tried to blow his home up while he and his wife were sleeping - a "gas explosion". You can believe that this was no accident. Giuseppe and his wife were lucky, their life was saved, but they lost everything else. A guy living in the ground floor died. There has even been loss to starfleet personal incarnate. (Lots of starfleet incarnates have been killed. Also, it was necessary to really give some notice well in advance, and I agreed to play a role and 
"forget" that stasis would not be done as we were putting out, but later. Candace)

You know, CM is  the very first Creator Son who has ever come back to a planet with a mess like this, taken a body again and worked actively to take the planet back to the light, with his "hands on". By his mission as Jesus - as his 7th incarnation in his own creation - he gained full authority and sovereign status in his universe of Nebadon. He built up a special connection to Urantia - which is as I told you - a seed planet with a wider range of risk - a joker - as is just one among 10 planets.

Normally creator sons do not do suchlike things (to return with "hands on") . No other creator son among all the Michaels has ever done something like this. CM is a quite unconventional Creator Son allowing exceptional results. We are very blessed to be his creation. If you want to know where the truth is in this density, just look what is told to be ridiculous, what is ignored by the mainstream media, and who is attacked. Sometimes the truth might seem quite uncomfortable after having lived a life with "eyes widely shut".


Dear Larry, I know all your doubts about this story and material, as I have gone through it myself. You have a piece of CM inside your heart, the fragment of the father, of God, in the sacred room of your heart. (this was it what Adama addressed in his message "how you whish your parents to be".)

You can contact him any time, just do not limit yourself by expectations how this had to look. Go by the vibration of your heart, as the heart is - as Adama tells - the intelligence of the soul. I'm sure that you are also able to talk to Adama directly. Just try to ask him your question and then write down what comes to your mind. The process is easy. It's just the mind that tries to make it complicated. Don't give up trying!

The hope for a return to the "garden of Eden" in the Inner and Hollow Earth is for sure a strong yearning of all who are diligently trying to make things better.A lot are fed up with the chaos around. And I agree that a lot can be done by the law of attraction (the "secret"). However, when you have a look on the population as a whole - of which is a high percentage self-reproducing robotoides and clones with NO grown connection to earth and not even a possibility to carry a soul - how will you reach your goals with such a high percentage of sabotage - including the "illuminates" who put all their force in sending our mother earth and it's people to hell.

You will know that they even tried to attack TELOS and to find an entry inside the mountain. Not far away from Mt. Shasta they have an area where they meet and practise satanic rituals with human victims being killed (See Cathy O'Brian, Mark Phillips "Tranceformation of America" - I know just a few people who are strong enough to stand it reading this book)

  2000 years ago Christ promised us to return. Every time when somebody speaks the "Lords prayer" this is a request for help. Now the Christ is here again to make a big cleaning out of his great mercy and his love for this planet Urantia, his beloved seed planet. To support this he ordered a lot of "staff" to incarnate as his assistants in this big project to take earth back to the light. You will know by your own experience that there are many different perceptions of things happening.

 There are those who are blaming AbundantHope and of course even CM and Esu for the permanent delays. This is a natural behaviour, as our view is very limited down here. From the higher view of the Christ and the star fleet the delays result from a never ending love for souls still "sleeping" - as with every passing day there is a chance to end the sleep for so many more. On the other hand we see the suffering, and I can guarantee you that CM's mailbox is permanently "full". Also me - I am not free from being fed up with the delays and I have addressed this to him.

This is a channelling on "Waiting", dated
beginning of July 08

E: CM, may I talk to you?

CM: Yes, dear, it's me, CM, talking to you now. How can I serve you?

E: CM, how long will this waiting and the delays still continue? What's hindering the Stasis/Jupiter to take place? If you whish to you can go on waiting in all eternity. I know your mailbox is full with challenging  messages. Also from me. While I honour and love you and am willing to serve you, yet I ask you: How long until you give command to start?

CM: Do you remember yesterday, your  statement while talking to the elder woman you met and with whom you  discussed about finding the right timing to let your old dog go home? You told her: I WILL KNOW AND RECOGNIZE THE MOMENT, I'M SURE ABOUT AND THEN I WILL TAKE ACTION.

Dear, it doesn't matter whether it's your dog or the stasis. The answer is the same. I WILL KNOW. This may seem to you as one of the hardest tests for you, to give evidence of your commitment, to go on in trust and service, telling yourself - oh, CM will know and then I will understand, too. He will recognize, he will put a smile on his face and advise his staff - now, please go on and initiate the program.

All of you seem to underestimate myself, AS WELL AS YOU UNDERESTIMATE YOURSELVES. You can always do more than you think you could, as all of you have sleeping potential undiscovered and unexplored inside. To recite what Adama told you: Waiting can be love.

It's easy for you to say: Well, someday waiting must be over, you can't wait in all eternity. No, I can't and I won't, but if it was you, yourself, who had the potential to wake up to be rescued just by our waiting one day longer - what would you like me to decide?

E: CM, I'm a hardcore. What would YOU decide if it was you in a terrible suffering, just one day longer, a day which would seem to last a whole year?

CM: Eve, dearest, it IS me in fact who is suffering the like you mentionned, as I AM all the people suffering and every soul incarnate carries inside the "fragment of the father". . They are NOT separated from me, although they might feel like that due to their lack of education. So you may consider that I am very well aware about the consequences of my decisions to go on or not to go and wait.

We here see the bigger frame, a lot of facts that you in density below are not aware of. I'm proud that so many of you are compassionate with each other - and also with us :-) . I earnestly tell you that afterwards, when the bulk is said and done, you will understand why I did what I did or did not what you blamed me for and you will most probably admit that it was the best solution. Besides, as the situation looks like, your waiting is nearly over.

E: CM, you are telling us this for quite some time already.

CM:  yes, I do,  guarantees always excluded.  (Smiles) My decisions are independent from your complaints. Things are changing with every single decision that any of you meets.  I cannot reveal all details, as there are too many sabotage programs circulating. I can tell you that there is a fixed time line and I ask you to be content with this information.

Stay prepared to be my anchors and corner stones of Nebadon. Concentrate on going forward. Educate yourself. Save the energy of complaining for actions to take. Always remember that you are in "best hands". We count on you. You are blessed. Send me as many "mails" as you like. You are my beloved "Ground Crew" and I AM Michael of Nebadon, the Creator Son, the Christ .

Raging storm, CdB with Kristyna Myles



Compared with a pole reversal a stasis is a real project of mercy. Those who cannot stand the high vibrations will be taken out off the game to restart somewhere else with better conditions for growth. Those who can and who are committed will build up the New Golden Age.

The high vibrations on a cleaned planet will enable the Lemurians to reunite with the left ones to teach and support them, and visiting of the Inner Earth will get possible.  So much advanced technology and projects have suffered sabotage by the illuminates. Imagine the chances for humanity when these dark ones will have been taken out. This is what we all have been praying for.

I can tell you that a big number of souls have already been selected by Esu himself to receive intense training aboard of the ships or in the inner earth retreats. These souls have "signed" a contract to serve for a longer period to build up the New Earth. A lot of training is already taking place beyond awareness, at night - e.g. training on "beaming" etc., as the persons' body's must be able to stand the beam rays.

Thanks for listening.


Well, Larry, there is no guarantee to know.

The best way would be to ask your inner resonance and your heart - to exchange the word "prediction" against the expression "likely potentials"  and to personally talk to CM. And sometimes it's little "hidden" hints in the messages.

The common denominator of all is that something big is coming. It's in the messages of  Kryon and Tobias, as well as in other masters' messages, and also in the messages of Adama.  And that we have to stay prepared as lighthouses of the creator. Anyway it will be easier if one knows the reasons behind the action, the possible potentials.

 The other possibility is to make "a blind date" out of it. For people not knowing or rejecting AH the risk of a "blind date" is very high. Even if one does not firmly believe in what AH posts it will surely be good to read it anyway, so that one has at least heard of the potentials. Remember that among our scientists are still those who claim that starships would not exist because we do not SEE them.

And this in an age where evidence has been given that the electrons exist, although you cannot see them with the naked eye.  Or think about the micro cosmos. It would be similar to claim that CM could not be the Creator, because he is making predictions" that do not fulfill,  partly intentionally, and because church teaches that god has always to be perfect and would never work with tricks.


“taking the start position”

Dear Larry, thank you for your question.  Yes, I'm still involved with Christ Michael and the approaching Stasis, more than ever, and I went through an extraordinary experience of downloading my monad in November. Candace informed me about this event after
I had told her about my experience on her sending me an email "out of the blue" asking me just how I was. 

 This act was just the beginning of something much bigger, as I then received an email by Adama via another person that was known to me already and whom he had "hired" for the Lemurian Mission for my support and to build up a new website as a platform for the peoples of the Inner Earth. He recruited two more people for support in Germany, 1 translator and 1 IT-Specialist.

I had some feeling of an "ending period" and asked him 3 days later what all of this was about. He told me that I had a new contract to work directly for Christ Michael and Esu for rebuilding the New Earth and that with this new contract to fulfill my time would be too short for a full further support of the Lemurian Website.

Only then I remembered that Christ Michael had "visited" me about 1 year ago asking me whether I could do for him directly the same work that I'm doing for Adama, like being a messenger for him. I agreed but I had no idea about the greatness of the new job. Adama told me that he just did some "preparation work" for me in order to move closer to the new contract.

Regarding Stasis you may be sure that everything is "on schedule" for you regarding your soul needs and training. You will be taken where the best suited place for you is, your guides arrange that for you when you belong to the bulk of the 100.000 who will be taken to the trainings within their body - either to the ships or to the retreats of the Planet. The rest will be worked with on soul level, in the etheric body while the physical body is asleep.

Persons in danger due to cataclysmic events will be evacuated. The open contact with the Lemurians after the Stasis Period on a cleaned earth is very likely, as evil men will be removed during the stasis period. The decision period whether to join with the light will end on 31st December 08. CM tells that he won't postpone the ignition of Jupiter furthermore, it's likely to take place when Jupiter is behind the sun the next time - end of January.

He is still shifting around the consideration of how to make the arrangements, it might well be that he'll arrange a big event like flyovers or so still before Stasis. The period of Stasis might last 2 years and "home with your family" you will maybe find a possibility to experience the Inner Earth and underground Cities. Maybe Adama will help you in arranging something like that. Every member of the starfleet will be able to understand your deep longing for being "home to Telos" –

I beg you to be in trust and faith that also your Telosian co-workers will seek to arrange that you can be "home". This is a time of big mercy, as Adama told me it's the Ending of all things and the Beginning of all things. Rejoice to participate in this mighty schedule of correction time. Your boarding pass  is love. 

After all you will have your full memory about your experience. I would strongly recommend that you read the material that Candace placed on her site - Channeled by TUELLA (Thelma Terrel) in the early 80s. A lot of it is still valid for stasis period - and you will there meet again all the cosmic VIP's, Esu, Soltec, Lord Monka etc. and even HATONN who - by that time - had not yet revealed that he is Christ Michael. I considered it funny that he explained his identity as to be the record keeper of the Galaxy "and the records are kept on the planet, bearing his name".   (also funny that MIKOS seems to be the Greek version of Michael).

Another person well known  contributing to the book is nobody else than Commander Anton of the Telos Silver Fleet.

Larry, this is a mighty schedule and I'm absolutely in awe about how perfectly everything is arranged. Let your expectations go and you will experience wonders beyond any measure.

Recently I woke up in the morning and found myself talking in English to Sanat Kumara, who had contacted me. He advised us to prepare body and mind for the coming events. I was a bit astonished to find the "solar Logos" talking to me and he told me that this takes place for reasons of training and close relationship and order.


Well, Larry, we have been waiting for years and now the waiting seems to be over. Isn't that a reason to celebrate!!!

Further questions:

It's not yet sure how long it will last exactly, this depends on how much is to fix on the planet. This is Christ Michaels latest statement and will clarify a lot more to you. "WE ARE PREPARING YOUR WAY" Being put under stasis will - on waking up again - not cause any feeling of passed time. The planet had been set in Stasis for 2 weeks time already in the 90's when the planet entered the photon belt. Nobody realized it.

The only thing we can realize is that the seasons seem to be shifted somehow, but one cannot really tell whether it's the climate change or not. Next time it will be a bit different. There will be a second sun in the sky, and a lot will be different, most people will right away think they are nuts.  Yes, CM's team will have to explain, but there will be announcements on TV - as mainstream will be taken over - and the starfleet assures us that media and communication will work (Internet etc) People will right away not have the impression of having lost 2 years. The calendar will go on as normal, as a planet in stasis is "somehow out of time".  (Candace: not exactly accurate, it still goes around the sun, the axis changes it's tilt, it's just the people and higher animals. If stasis lasted exactly two years, then the season would be the same, but if it lasts diferrently, people could sleep in winter and wake up in summer! The weather continues.)

There is a small team of regional directors leading AbundantHope and of course Candace herself as a founder and president who will most probably “leave” a few days ahead. These people are members of the inner "Second Coming Team". Regarding the 100.000 it might well be that they are first put into Stasis like anybody else and then - when the time for training arrives - will be taken out of stasis for boarding or retreat.

In some single cases it might also be different - depending on location and personal circumstances. It would not be suitable for people with kids to suddenly disappear. I guess, whoever has a working inner communication will have a feeling about what he is heading for.

Putting people under stasis does not depend on a normal sleep period. You could be anywhere - standing on the street talking to people, queueing on in the supermarket - and you would not realize that it happens. Well, some people aware of the process might also feel it coming. My daughter dreamt about the beginning stasis, she felt getting tired and sat down realizing that the stasis would begin.  Thank your for listening, Eve


I know I’m repeating myself several times but some issues can hardly be mentioned often enough. Unfortunately there are a lot with high potential but turning just to "rapture" messages of love and bliss and telling just meditate and you'll be on an ascended earth from now to then. 

Many do reject the clear words naming the matters. People do LOVE Adama, as he always seeks to find a way to turn the eye to positive things - to the fields of gold. However, he also tells that the road leading to the fields of gold is still an uncomfortable one to go. And while people are reading that Adama is talking about uncomfortable" they just close their ears  and do not listen any more. People with a connection to AbundantHope have the ability to cope with the "speaking straight" manner. This is a material world which will need material changes.

A lot disinformation is looking like light but is paralyzing the lightworkers telling - just raise your thoughts - and you do not need to have your garbage cans cleaned any more. 
If you do not own it so far I would strongly recommend to get yourself the URANTIA-BOOK A Bible straight from the stars and much more useful and adequate if you want to learn about the structure of the universes.

Besides, of course Adama KNOWS about all of this..

Well, Larry, we chose to be here, this is our challenge. Sometime in the future we will sit at a cosmic bar with a glass of diamond water, maybe with Adama & friends, remembering and discussing these times, asking

"why was it just so difficult to see what really was going on?"

 And maybe Adama will smile and answer: It was difficult because you chose to make it difficult !

Reamonn through the eyes of a child


Why did we make it so hard

Our life is so complicated

Until we see it through the eyes of a child!

By heart


Candace: By the way, I have had my own difficulties with waiting and  I highly recommend waiting in peace and trust on the larger process. During this long wait I have seem much change and preparation in the ground crew, such as Evelyn!!!!!!  All of you have benefitted the wait and properly preparing yourself with knowledge and reading in the meantime and you all will be much better leaders for it. Part of the preparation times and waiting, are around the preparations of the ground crews!

OK, here is Larry's letter to me, and Christ Michael's answer!

Dear Candance,  (Hi Larry, I am not a great dancer! Can't dance so well, I just groove with the music as the body and soul wishes.  My name is Candace.   Can Day See, meaning I can see the light of day! Well, some of the time, not always! Some days life gets my goat! Not to worry, lots of people add that "n" and I don't have a clue why! -Camdace)
Hello, my name is Larry Frank, and I am the founder of the
"Telos Connection" ( of which
Evelyn is apart of that connection by her translation of
Dianne Robbin's ( new book on
Telos into German. 
Anyway Evelyn has emailed me an initiation experience
that she had in November in which she was "tugboated"
by Adama to Christ Michael and His mission, of which,
the part of being able to be train in Telos/Inner Earth during
Stasis was most interesting to me for that to me and others IS 
the "abundant hope". (Larry, the abundant hope is not the opportunity to train, but the opportunity to serve after the training!)

 Anyway from reading all the links on
the Stasis event that Evelyn had emailed to me I would like
to ask you if you could ask Christ Michael the following question, of which, I feel His answer to it would be of
interest to everyone:
I would like to ask you if the Stasis/Jupiter event will be a 
a possibility or probablity in January,2009 and, if so, is there any special spirtual preparation work that we, the 100,000 should be doing at this time in case the Stasis/Jupiter event does occur in January,2009 which is the month of the year that you have stated would be the best month to have it on
because of the January alignment between Earth and Jupiter?

Christ Michael's answer:

My dearest Larry, Yes, I am planning the stasis to begin just prior to the optimal time to initiate Jupiter. The planet is opposite the earth with the sun between in late January, and there is about a 2 week window on either side of that time. 

 As Evelyn has stated, I will know the Right Time, and it is now so very close. We could start stasis technically on January 1, the day after the final date of decision of all souls incarnate upon the surface of this world. However, I will likely wait a short time longer in hope of having some broad brief coverage on television shortly before starting stasis. If not, we go ahead anyway. I will not delay Jupiter another year, for that planet is also "chomping at the bit" for it's own ascension. It is  becoming difficult to maintain a status quo for it. 

I could start the stasis afterwards also and we consider that, as a way to definitely get the ability to explain rapidly to the people of this world what is going on. As long as the sun intervenes this is possible, and it was considered and used as an encouragement to the dark to move forward in assistance. This was not successful and mostly because there are so many clones and robots who have no connection to anything except greed operating in power. 

We made the decision late in 2007, to give a definitive final date for all souls to determine whence they would go by the end of this year, 2008. We chose to more or less stick to bible prophesy, of a strong 42 month period of rapid change, and in effect, this is in place now, with this past year being the first 12 months. The stasis period will not "count" in these 42 months. The counting returns after stasis, and there is the goal to get a huge amount of work done in the final 2 1/2 years of that 42 months. 

This is the period where the teamwork comes into operation on the surface of the planet. It is the time of great repair by man, of his organization to serve, guided by those 100,000 taken for training. We considered many more Larry, there are about 1 million on the planet who could train during stasis, but that is too many afterwards, too many bosses so to speak.

As I write this to you tonight, I am not knowledgable personally if you are amongst those. If you do not find yourself aboard ship prior to the ending of stasis, you will be one of those who will pick up and run after you know who to contact as your "team" leader. These 100,000 will be sorted into teams under the regional directors, of whom many more will be chosen. Otherwise, being aware simply jump in and get busy! 

I could wait one more year and support Jupiter, but earth is so very very polluted and utterly miserable and I wish to accommodate her. Her suffering has been long. She personally experiences all the war and attacks on her body, just as badly as you would with a severe cancer. And her cancer has lasted for about 200,000 years.

She has experienced a temporary healing of that cancer, only to have it come back some 5 times now, as the planet has experienced that many pole reversals in those years and many other temporary and sporadic regional cleansings. It is time also for her final healing, which you on her surface shall accomplish in healing her "mental" and emotional" bodies. We will heal the body physical for her. 

As to the other part of your question, there is no special preparation. Many sadly fall for purchasing courses promising ascension with completion of the material, but there is no course you can take to prepare. The preparation is yours alone and if you have chosen to be a Stay Behind, you have been prepared during sleep, whether you are part of the 100,000, or the rest of the supportive crew who will stay behind.

Soul growth is based on your own individual efforts. There is NO magic. Live your best life, as Oprah often says on TV, but take into consideration, that the best life being advocated on TV at this time, is about living the best material life and one can't take the material items to heaven. Do exactly as always advised, and lay up your heavenly gifts that you yourself create in your willful service to our common Father, First Source.  Always work as much as you can muster, from the place of heart and compassion. Be in Peace dear one and serve well!   Namaste, I AM Christ MIchael of Nebadon.

PS You know, even the Creator Sons must live up that statement, all of creation strives to best serve the Father's will.

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