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Stasis Update Feb2010

(January 31, 2010) ESU THROUGH CANDACE FRIEZE: (Update plus Our Fifth Anniversary)

Esu: Good day beloveds, my, five years goes by so rapidly doesn't it? We did not intend at first with Candace to do this sort of public project [AbundantHope], but the Phoenix Journal project was terribly destroyed, then the Spectrum project also went sour, and others were not doing well. Candace had passed a previous test of getting herself onto the Net, so after a time, we decided since she was eager to share, to take up the journey again.
This had been a bit of a difficult journey, as the resistance had grown, and we made a decision since a great deal of material was now circulating on the Net to not do the "daily news" as we did in those other projects. The goal this time was to build AbundantHope, a team with others on the ground, and the protection of all these ones has become a considerable task.

A major reason we have not selected more regional directors is for this very reason, as the bigger coalitions become, the more risk to our players on Earth. And of course, there are many who will serve after stasis that have never heard of AbundantHope and we will select the remaining directors thus during the stasis period out of the large pool of those that might be interested. We do still have some idea with some who have come through AH for some of these positions, but right now, it is better to wait before announcing them.
This has a been a tough five years for some of us on this side. The dark have really joined forces with like mind, and the battle between those groups who would own the planet is great at this time, and most of this battle is through financial avenues and the destructions of corporations and businesses.

We have lost many who walked the Earth these last years despite the protection offered. Some have just needed to leave and take the opportunity when it arises, not protecting themselves. Some are here in cloned forms and we have lost many cloned forms! When a person has a clone of themselves, they can take greater risk, and have. Similarly many of us only use holograms on the ground.

We have accomplished much. Do not be concerned by what you may perceive as lack of progress. There is great progress, and this program has grown in scope considerably. Before AbundantHope, we would have simply cleansed the planet and walked away for a time. By cleanse, I mean allowed the pole reversal and axis changes, and then provided assistance for a time, to allow life to re-establish itself sooner so the planet could be populated with spiritual god-conscious man in 500 years or so, instead of several thousand that is usual, and which is occurring with many planets now in rest mode in other parts of this war torn region of Nebadon. There are 496 planets in rest mode right now, so great has the darkness been.

This is the Seed Planet, it is Christ Michael's Bestowal world, so the plan is a bit different for this world. It is not desired for the benefits of those elsewhere in this universe and others who are watching, to wait too long on the Bestowal and Seed Planet. Thus we are going to give this plan developed the last few years a try, that of the stasis and returning the more evolved souls to the planet after the full cleansing of pollutants and negativity.
Now it is important to understand that the world, while lovely and clean, will be a harsher place to live for some time afterwards, but you will have our partnership this time, which was offered so many years ago and rejected by most of the people of Earth, mostly through religion, but of course the governments themselves, the "elites" as they call themselves, still refuse to come into any sort of cooperation.

The plan is more thorough than we have declared at this point, but we will not cover that so publicly yet at this time. You who are attending the teaching and planning sessions, those roughly 100, 000 people selected. Actually I can give you the exact number, it is 99, 278 people, the only ones who will be "awake." The count is final. These ones of course are from every culture and location on the planet and some of them will not be returning to their native lands due to whatever Earth changes occur during this time.

Some of you, in that case who will be amongst peoples who are staying with the planet, but not from whence they came, these evacuated ones, who will be placed into a variety of underground areas before being awakened. These ones will be awakened and allowed to come into their new reality and then as places are made possible, return to the surface of the planet.

Now, we have not been fully forthcoming in the numbers that might remain, and the estimate at this time is about one billion. The 'shell shock' will be great. [Tony: That is about 15 percent of Earth’s population, a little more than the 10 percent that was suggested a while ago.] The reduction for the planet's sake really should be more, but it was felt these ones would benefit greatly from staying, and many unconsciously of course, want to stay. We will be about having to get the best of technology moving as rapidly as possible, as this [number] is the most the planet can handle with the best of technology and spirituality, and much spirituality will still be missing, but assisted by our teams and the shock of the situation.

AbundantHope will be somewhat renamed to reflect the partnership with myself and Christ Michael during stasis, but we have not even considered yet what the name will be. We wish to keep AbundantHope part of the name, so obviously it's going to be a larger name.

I do not remember if we have covered this or not, but Christ Michael will himself have a headquarters area on the planet and it will also be in Colorado, but separate from the international Planetary Prince headquarters. However, that will not be in place on the awakening; it will be built by the people when the time is right some years later.
We had a hope of getting the planet into light and life within 80 years. But I doubt this, as does Monjoronson who originally suggested that idea. The building and other activities must so change, in addition to the issue of establishing true sustainability. There will also be shorter periods of stasis, in the coming years, and the public will know and be prepared, to allow for some [of] the continued and necessary rearrangement of the lands. We have stated the land massses must be in reasonable balance as part of the monopolarity, when your planet will stand upright.

Candace: A few days ago I prepared a post for RMN [Rumor Mill News] and mentioned how the behaviour [positioning?] of this planet must become upright, while mentioning tilt changes. We have a tilt, because we are not yet an upright civilisation, in fact we are a failed civilisation, once again. When we are an upright civilisation, we enter monoplarity in which the planet is also upright without a tilt, and thus we will have no seasons.

Esu: As you are aware, most of the land masses are above the current equator, but you will have after stasis, a new equator with the axis shift that will occur fairly soon after the magnetic reversal. You are not going to live in a great deal of comfort over many, many years. But this method does considerably shorten the waiting of 500 or more years to merely re-introduce man to the planet. The whole of the superuniverse will be watching this grand experiment.
Remember, also that NO Creator Son OR Avonal Son performing the Bestowals similar to the Creator Son, have returned to actually involve themselves with the planet of bestowal so directly. I suggest if you have not read our piece of long ago, #25 published on April 25th of 2005, that you do so. Your planet is thus UNIQUE in the creation. Christ Michael will actually walk this planet again with you, when the energies are a bit higher, and he will have an accessible retreat area that all will attend that desire so, at least once in their lifetimes.

As we have said before, we will return with an intact Internet, television and radio communications. The cell phone network will be heavily damaged however, and may not be operating at all. There are better methods than your cell phones anyway, and it would be better to move in the direction of better invovations.

Now, it has been noticed that there seem to be large ships around the Sun and this is so. There are some also considerably closer to you than the Sun, but we are adjusting the Sun at this point. We have the large evacuation ships much closer in, and also many other mother craft have moved closer in. We will of course, be evacuating folks at various times just before and after stasis, and many going in body to other places will be removed then, and also later.

We must remove those who are to survive, quickly from certain areas that will experience tsunami's and the like. The energy of these waves can be harmful to even the form in stasis. Not the soul, the form.

The new planet of which we have spoken has now at this time about 300, 000 Earth folks living on it. This explains some disappearances of people. These ones have laid the way. During the stasis period, people choosing this growth experience will be taken in small groups, rather than having masses of people plopped on the place. When normal planets have some problems and need to move [people], they usually have at least some of their own transportation and awareness, but so is not the case with Earth. We will thus add gradually to the population of that planet. At the end of stasis, its population should be a few million, which is still a huge adjustment, but there is great help there for the process. Absolutely no criminal element will be going there. Nor staying with this planet.

Even people in the inner Earth are going to have to vacate some areas that will be upset. Despite the false imformation put out, they do not live in dimensions that would not be affected. Earth is a physical 2nd Density planet and that does not change, ever, even with the ascension. Rocks will move in many locations. If we were to be evacuating the whole planet in fact, most of these folks would be moving for a time, except for the several civilisations that can manufacture their own air to breathe. Most use surface air coming [in] through various methods.

You are NOT all going into inner Earth "crystal cities" as Sheldon Nidle puts out. Those staying with the Earth will be in a condition of stasis, except those that are on the big planning committee, the numbers above. All staying however, since the soul does not sleep will be receiving more education during the process which will assist their awakening to the new world, less shock, let us say.

Sheldon suggests in the nature of his writing that all folks will go into inner Earth. Well beloveds, they can't handle over 7 billion of you there. Sheldon has become subject to some misinformation. He has so long been involved in his original story, he has resisted all attempts to "upgrade" to the new one. His sources also have this problem, so that doesn't assist Sheldon in his change that is needed.

So, beloveds, that is mostly enough, this is after all our anniversary, but you have been wishing an update. The anniversary is glorious beloveds and we are celebrating it in these realms, for a great plan has been birthed. Be not impatient because great plans take time to form. This was NOT our original plan, ever. But we did hope that the dark would come into some sort of cooperation in those early days with the vision we presented at the time, and they did not.

We would have liked that vision to manifest. However, it is doubtful that most embroiled in religion would have adequately accepted it, as many were going to have to migrate anyway to other places, and there was much fear. Few would have accepted my own appearance on your television sets. Many on our social teams did not feel the planetary peoples would adjust, and the robotics are a huge problem in this arena. They are mind-controlled of course to the extreme, and would not have adapted.

The [robotoid] ones who did get Thought Adjusters will awaken at some point on the mansion worlds as they have room to accept them. There are some borderline ones that other planets may accept, but these planets are lower vibrations and there is the risk of enslavement. We have still not finalised the plans for some of them. Some will survive the desolution that occurs naturally during the magnetic changes of the pole reversal. There is enough "spirit" in them. The better forms of animals also survive the desolution, so not to worry about them.
Candace: Some of this desolution occurs during the pole reversal, but I myself am still a bit lost on this topic. If some of you new readers missed the piece Leonette and Thoth did, you can read it here.

Esu: So dear ones, pause and celebrate for a time, for it is worthy to do so. The five years of "waiting" has been so much more productive than some of you impatient ones are aware of. Drop your impatience over your problems and go with the flow more. It is not for us to rush a project of this magnitude just to relieve you of your discomforts. Some of you know what I am speaking about here!

Be in great joy, for even the Father in Heaven in Paradise is overjoyed by the prospect of what has been developed for this world. This has been personally for myself, the most productive years in my very long existence, even beyond those of fleeing the clutches of the dark in Lyra so long ago now, because we have done more than flee, we have created a new option to explore. Namaste, Esu.