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Stasis Delayed
At a White Feather Gathering meeting at my place last Tuesday, Creator Source (who originally asked us to use this name) spoke to us for about an hour through a channel (not to be named). He confirmed a lot of things we already know.
He also indicated there will be some big things happening from December 21 to 30 this year. Also, this year many people who are not channelling truth will lose their ability to channel.
In a separate message yesterday, he said "stasis will not be occurring at the moment, it will be held off until the time gets closer to the December period".
In the meantime, we are to continue the preparation for all that will be occurring. "The energies will be further pushed forward, to levels of greater strength, to allow the expanse of your Higher Selves/collective consciousness, and to allow for your dimensions/realms, and the outer universes to be brought to a speedy alignment/ascension, as best as we can accomplish at this time".
I believe the message is genuine, unfortunately the delay is not good news. Hopefully, AH may confirm this if they can get their act together with their computer problems.
We were also given a specific colour from Creator Source, representing the new Golden Age. This was identified through some autumn colour swatches I have. It is a gold-mustard. I have found an A4 paperboard sample in a Toowoomba stationery shop that matches the exact colour. He suggested we should display that colour somewhere in our homes. Interestingly, the bench tops in my kitchen are almost the same colour! 

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