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Christ Michael Comments on Current Progress into Stasis
By Christ Michael through Jess
Sep 25, 2007, 09:38

Christ Michael, I ask for you to clarify the situation for me and for other readers. A letter has been sent to you asking most respectfully where we are in terms of the end of September date posted in “Stasis 101.” I am aware of the flexibility necessary in arranging events on such a grand scale. I accept your explanations for unexpected events that prevent the projected plans from taking place as anticipated. The issue in this instance is a set time frame that people have organized their lives around. This has happened many times in the past, unfortunately, and people are not conditioned to accept these alterations from what they assumed to be respected voices. Speak to these issues, if you will today.

Yes, Jess, I will speak to you again today. These are serious questions in a time of uncertainty. The surface, public events bare little resemblance to the underlying machinations that are ongoing even as we speak this evening. The agreements we seek and must have before we can enter stasis have not yet been reached completely.

You ask me to explain this situation further for the readers. Stasis is an event that will occur as the beginning of our formal intervention. We have been guiding you on Earth up to this point, through discussions and teachings, and also with the assistance of numerous allies who are working on the surface in professions that directly impact the decisions that will produce the outcome that must be achieved. Make no mistake: the outcome will be achieved. This is the decree of Heaven and the Creator Source of all. My responsibility and guardianship oversees this taking place. I have created this Universe of Nebadon and Earth is my prize creation. I will not see this fail.

However, I also created the existence on Earth to explore the experience of duality and separation from me. This has been a more extraordinary lesson than anyone could have projected at the time. This is because there were no previous examples to look to and no hints of the outcomes that might be possible. I offered the opportunity for masters and angels to come to Earth and experience this new sense of separation. It was a risk, and I knew it was necessary to have inhabitants with skills and previous experience with shaping a planet in times of distress. This ability was locked inside of each of the people who incarnated. For a while they remembered this as part of their connection to the Universe. But with the coming of the dark, they were made to forget this link and become unthinking servants to others with an awareness of control and manipulation.

This led to the catastrophes of Lemuria and Atlantis, and survivors sank even further into their forgetfulness. Others with some remembrance of their positions as overlords created another world of elite and controlled. This recreation of the worst of Atlantis has continued up to the present day. My bestowal in the agency of Jesus Christ was the beginning of the shift in thinking that would lead to the awareness that is burgeoning out today.

I have been guiding you with my ministers and teachers for the whole of your existence. This has been a form of intervention from the beginning of your history. The intervention you seek now asks for more specific assistance in the face of greater threats than you have ever been aware of. We have listened to your requests and have granted you more.

The Conclave you have heard spoken of was a meeting I called with representatives from all over the Grand Universe and Havona. This was a meeting unlike any you have heard of. The representatives deal with the directions Universes as a whole take in ascending and recreating themselves. They determine how universes are constructed and what reality they will embody as their components are developed. This is work on a greater scale than you are capable of imagining. Think how vast your own Universe of Nebadon is and imagine that to be an insignificant piece of an immense group of similar universes. The attendees at the meeting I called were the overseers of these vast assemblages of planets and stars. Spiritual beings on a high level of light and connection with the energy of the Creator Source.

They all had opinions on what to do with Earth, this small piece of the Grand Universe of Universes. It was a long and contested discussion. The end result was that I was given the right to do what I wished with my creation. The plan is totally mine and the decisions I make are totally for the best interests of my jewel of creation.

I have chosen to allow you still to work out your resolution as best you can—with our assistance—to the cycle of choices that were initiated after the demise of Atlantis. This has been thousands of years of your struggling and experiencing, with stages of awakening and periods of falling back into forgetfulness. We have always been guiding your explorations and always providing suggestions for you to discover as your own awarenesses. Your core connection to me has been constant even as you were oblivious to its presence. This is why you have always looked for something—a solution, a better way, a savior. This search has always taken a form.

Now you are here with an awareness that is ready to experience our full disclosure. This readiness is still threatened by those who wish this awakening not to occur. These are the controlling elite who manipulate your actions and your thinking to make you support them through your acceptance of laws and procedures that are not in your own individual best interest. This is being changed completely, with actions that are progressing carefully and delicately through mine fields that reach to all levels of your global society. The game plan in operation is enormously complicated and operating on several levels of reality at once. Your conscious perception is but one level of the activity that is ongoing. You sense the progress in all these levels, but your conscious awareness is still fixated on the conditioning information still being fed to you by the controlled media sources.

This disjunction of levels of perception is the source of your discomfort and frustration. You have a sense that good is pervading much of your awareness, but you reject that assurance in the face of measured and quantified proof that seems to fall short of your expectations.

The question of time is a tricky one. Time and space are constants that we accept as well, but the measurements you use are not those of the Universe of Orvonton that we are part of. Our measurements coincide with yours on occasions, and are not congruent on others. Our working plan is what we must make our decisions by, just as you are tied to your calendar measurements and your time segments. We have certain plans that we work under, and these projections are the dates that are given out in messages and so-called predictions. These dates are approximations to our time. They can’t be looked at as the determinants for galactic actions that are timed to another system. We say in all cases that a projected date is contingent on all factors being in place. This understanding is a truth that will not be changed. Any prediction that states a definite date is always conditional, even if the channeler or seer doesn’t include that fact.

What to say now of the “Stasis 101” date and the projection for the end of September? This is a proposed date in your time that coincides with the working plan we are operating from. Our working plan has a list of variables that must be in place before we can move on. The irony is that the variables are being achieved by allies on Earth working within the time frame they are familiar with. The date of 9/19 was a deadline by which agreements had to be reached. I would allow no further indecision on those questions. This time came and went and the agreements I sought were not achieved.

At that point I determined that I would offer no more deadlines. The decisions from then on were solely mine to make.

As a result, I have ordered the beginning preparations for the stasis event, and steps are being taken to move the participants into place. Certain of the variables still have to be in place, however, before it is feasible to begin the stasis. We must have complete control of the banking situation. We must have the leverage to obtain the support of the governments around the world. This has not yet all taken place, despite the fact that the end of September is approaching. That was the working plan we told Candace as she wrote the “Stasis 101” message. That is still the working plan we are operating from as the time passes. We are also working with free will choices and the projections of what we anticipate will happen are not absolutely certain.

I hope you understand where we are and what is happening at the moment. This is an immense undertaking that will be the beginnings of an extraordinary shift in consciousness and a progression in your ascension that is unique in all of creation.

This is my word to you today.

Christ Michael Aton, the Creator Son of Nebadon