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Stasis-Christ Michael
What's really about to happen!

Stasis 101

By Christ Michael, thru Candace and Henning
September 5, 2007

Dearly beloveds, I know this wait has been long for you, but understand that the stasis event prepares your way, it is my gift to the planet, and it must be done right, and has been. All the various players that signed to work with us are in place. We had quite a surprise with the administration we had thought would serve within the United States, one important one chose to not sign a contract. And so another did.

I will not release yet publicly my final date, except to say it is within this month, but we shall be ahead of that date. During the past week, we have moved Starfleet volunteer personnel into the Federal Reserve Banking system. Your Ben Bernake did not sign to serve, but agreed to serve minus the signature and supervision and then folded on us, to announce the ending of the Federal Reserve last Friday. He was supposed to have given an address to the nation from Wyoming that night, and instead made a hurried meeting lasting a short time that morning and left and did nothing he had agreed to do. He shall meet his appropriate fate for that, in Monjoronson’s courts.

Every thing is in place now and we are very close to starting the stasis event. I have given a description of that process to Henning, the Regional Director of main Europe for AbundantHope and Candace will place an appropriate portion of that piece herein. (I have placed it at the end after Christ Michael has finished.-Candace)

Now I suggest putting away a bit of cash to last a few days, because the banks will be closed when the planet comes out of stasis, or shortly thereafter. Thus your plastic will not work. Have enough for your gasoline, food, etc. Announcement will begin as soon as possible after the planet is fully awake. This will take 24 hours, the awakening, but there should be little on the news, depending on the area awakened.

I remind you, that many will leave the planet during stasis, from two main causes. We are removing many dark who have been in the way, and that number is quite large and includes many famous and important known people, so it can’t be hidden. Then the other group will be those who may be infirm for various reasons, and the exposure of the photo energy, after the ozone layer is removed will be toxic to them. The stasis itself will claim some who are ill.

As we have taught already, you will only perceive that stasis has occurred after you awaken from it. You must find your courage and be supportive to those who are in fear, and many will be in fear simply because they sense something has happened, and when the news begins to cover any events before we are on the cable news system, it may not be pretty. There are quite a few news personnel who will also be in a retreat during stasis, to continue the planning on their part, for it is great.

They will return to their various areas as soon as where they are from, is awakened, to get a handle on what is going on. We do not have star fleet people directly on the mainstream media, but we do have many who did agree to be supervised, enough to cover. The actual announcement, with the announcement team in place will start within 12 hours of the full awakening of the planet. And that part of the announcement comes from the Capricorn and Phoenix, we have two teams in place, because at first the process will run nearly around the clock, so the many times zones can pick up on it. Those who speak languages other than English are in place, and will begin translation of the material as presented, so that other countries have benefit. We have arranged for a few to repeat portions of the announcement during hours where languages other than English are common, and can be heard during waking hours in some of these countries. An example would be areas of China and Russia that are more or less opposite the United States. There is no perfect method to handle all the languages, countries, time zones etc, in a fully live event, so everyone will do their best.

You will see nothing but us on cable channels for quite some time. No commercials, no other shows. There will be no radio satellite signal because we do not want the various radio shows that operate on satellite signal to broadcast negative material. We have a number of committed people in major print media, so we hopefully won’t have much difficulty around that, as there are star fleet support personnel behind the scenes to assist the newspapers in reporting truth. There are many small radio stations difficult to control, and where we are involved in radio to a greater degree is in countries with people that don’t tend to have television readily available, and so we will control the radio in these places.

Now I will give you again a list of some of the projects we will accomplish during the stasis. In addition to what we will accomplish there will be several major other changes that will make life a little difficult on the planet and at this moment I won’t discuss those, it must remain secure.

1. Of course as previously stated we remove the ozone layer that is preventing the full benefit of the extra energy from the photon belt. There are certain systems on earth that will not function safely, because of electrical mechanical effects, and these we will cover during the early period of announcement, but I won’t detail that, as above.
2. We will cleanse the atmosphere as possible, but we are not able to fully remove all pollutants. As above, there will be changes related to controlling the return of pollution to the atmosphere, and this will be covered also during announcement.
3. Many oil and gas wells, will close naturally, and we will close many selected others. There are two reasons for this. Electromagnet changes will cause some quaking and settling as the planet goes in and out of stasis. We will close others at risk for extensive quakes. As we have taught already, some of the major quake activity is related to depleting the oil on which the plates of earth float. We also, as a third reason will close some in certain countries where it is not so depleted yet to conserve necessary reserves and also reduce the continual fighting for undeveloped resources. I will let you use your imaginations where some of that might occur.
4. We will cleanse the plastic from the oceans. Enough damage to your sea life, that goes uncovered on the news.
5. We will not convert the landfills to anything or disrupt them. Candace has had letters on this, thinking that everything polluting will be gone. Many of you, including Candace live on a landfill. You will be given technology for converting, meaning the concepts to develop for converting your landfills that are not lived on at this time, to fertilizer. There are a variety of methods available to do this, and you on earth must develop much of that which you need, including better processing of your waste, and you will figure out ways rather rapidly to use less oil and gas, thus reducing your plastic waste. This technology has, like so many others been given previously, and refused.
6. We will remove a goodly number of the recalcitrant dark, so they do not stand in your way, as above.
7. We will remove the little devices from all the cell phone towers that can be used to send fake “audio” messages to people, as being a message from “god.” This is very important, because almost a year ago, the dark planned a nasty revenge, in which the many programmed ones, done through the underground of a variety of churches on the planet, were to receive nefarious messages to do nefarious things, in great variety. The plan last fall, was for many to begin a shooting spree in many public places, particularly in the United States.

That would have brought instant manifestation by us, and enough said on that for the time being. Almost every well known church on the planet uses some of its buildings to participate in mind control programs, and people are recruited into this, mostly willingly, in their desire to serve God. Some know “god” will speak to them; others do not, but will go into a variety of actions anyway, from either the cell towers, or on advice of “trusted” ministers. Such goes on in Iraq regularly at this time that stimulates this created civil strife.
8. Another cleansing of the darker astral realms. We do this frequently anyway, but this one will cover perhaps a slightly higher layer in this.
9. Star incarnates that have chosen to stay with the planet until the end of their natural life, will be given some additional health benefits, to enable them to better withstand the effects of the photon belt.
10. Certain star incarnates who have agreed to serve an extensive time in service to myself and the Planetary Prince, will receive fuller healing to lengthen their lives.
11. There are certain star incarnates who at a higher level would prefer to leave now, they have completed their contracts and then some with the many delays of the Second Coming process that really started with the Phoenix Journal era. These will be allowed their wish during the period of stasis. Most of these will leave their bodies behind and return by incarnation from whence they came. Some will return to their light bodies that have been in storage from whence they came. All of this will be explained during the announcement period.
12. The overall vibration of the planet will be increased, by both the removals, and also by not returning the planet to its same vibratory rate that it was when it went into stasis.
13. There remains additional “stuff” that will be done, not to be covered here. Add cleansing to many of the waters also to this list.

Now regards the many prosperity programs and the humanitarian funds. We have made certain deliveries to high-ranking people within the prosperity programs, and there are instructions with these deliveries.

No actual monies will be accessed until after the banks reopen several days after stasis is over. There can be no monies released until the central banks are closed around the world, and the new treasury banks in the many countries are open. Existing banks under the central bank systems throughout the world will either be closed, or merged into the various National Treasury’s. Some of this merging will occur later, in some of the smaller countries. We have to get moving.

Germain’s Humanitarian Funds will be released according to his own schedule. It is time for you readers to set aside your own funds in preparation for Jupiter. I can’t give a date on when any funds will filter down to individuals on the lists. It will take a bit of time. And the times of the rebate as part of NESARA that was discussed before, will occur, but not within the estimated year, but a bit later. Certain funds will be released to individuals who can use them properly to get the planet through the Jupiter event that will come about 2 months after stasis is over. Remember that Jupiter and Earth will continue to travel during stasis, so the prime date to initiate it, will be in very early December, rather than late December. Stasis will last between three and four weeks.

You will not be evacuated before Jupiter; you will solve the problems before hand, and make preparations. This may sound cruel, but it is not. This is a training planet, and what is to come, is a far better scenario than a pole reversal. You will be challenged, and after the fact, you will be proud of your response and growth obtained from that challenge.

AbundantHope, as we have said is directly our agency to accomplish the work needed by the large ground crew. We will provide some assistance, and knowledge as requested, but other than what we will do during stasis, as our gift, you must yourselves come forth and gift yourselves and others in the times to come.

This planet will not be at rest for some time to come. Although the greatest event to come, from our viewpoint at this time is the Jupiter event, there will continue to be many tests. You must remodel the energy systems; that takes the next priority. You will not be allowed to re-pollute this planet, and I suggest those of you in the know right now, go buy yourselves some bicycles. Auto traffic will be greatly reduced by the closing of the oil wells that will occur, and no further development of the oil industry will happen.

Development dollars and mental creativity will go to getting a variety of new energies onto the planet. Closing of many wells in yet undeveloped areas will make developing other methods a priority. For once, every person on this planet will be faced with “real” spirituality, and not the material basis of life right now. You will learn or remember that chasing the dollar your whole life is a shallow and distressing way to live. In fact, if you were a more mature society, you could be off the money by Jupiter, but we don’t see that happening. But imagine what you could accomplish without the restrictions of money, if only you will look at the idea. Jupiter will teach that idea. You will come together, money or not.

The known members of AbundantHope and ones that will join during and after stasis, are the ground crew. This is mine and Esu’s chosen organization to represent us. We are “joined at the hip.” It will be time for the new age community to stop its squabbling and discover the unity concept still so missing upon this plane. It will be shortly time for all the religious organizations to stop their squabbling. It will shortly be time for all the peace and anti war organizations, the green organizations, and all the other “lighted” organizations to come together into oneness and discover the power of Two or More In My Name. Namaste, Christ Michael.

OK, here is Henning’s work with Christ Michael, posted earlier today just to the AH team. I have removed that which is not to be public at this time.

Stasis 101, by Henning

it was my personal interest that I asked CM to answer some questions about the upcoming stasis and things we will have to focus on immediately after the end of the event. Again, you won’t get a transcript of my conversation (held in German, as you know), instead, here is a summary of my questions and the answers.

How is it accomplished?
CM: “Basically, the stasis is created by lowering – or better: halting – the vibration on the sub-atomic level. This applies to a specific range of creatures on Mother Earth. Every creature exists on a specific vibration level and signature. The energy field for the stasis influences only a specific frequency spectrum of living creatures. That’s why cells, micro-organisms, plants, animals and humans sleep – whereas entities existing below or above this spectrum continue to vibrate or live. In essence, it is the part of creation existing in 3-4D (roughly) which is sent to sleep. Imagine “The Sleeping Beauty” – this picture describes best what happens.

I tried to explain the whole thing in an easy-to-understand way, as you surely can imagine, things are a little bit more complex.

The energy field for initiating stasis is created by a group of starships sending out a specific energy pattern. Earth’s surface area which is enclosed by this is relatively small (less than 1 of 360 degrees), and only one half of Earth is covered simultaneously, starting in the Far East as I already told you. That’s why it basically takes 24 hours until the Earth is fully in stasis.

The energy field is then cut off, and it is possible for star people and humans to come down to the surface to do the several tasks you already know of. After having accomplished the tasks, the creatures are awakened by another special energy field from the ships. This again takes 24 hours to complete.

Notice that the stasis is active on Mother Earth’s surface only. It is not in the Inner Earth and of course not in your retreat area in the Himalayas.”

What about the WW news during the initiation of stasis?
CM: “We will make sure that the information flow from the areas where the stasis begins first (Far East) will be controlled to some extent. This is relatively easy as the ‘sleeping’ creatures cannot pass any information to other parts of the world. So the ‘controlling’ of information basically deals with masking the real reason for the lack of information to understandable reasons, i.e. defects in the communication infrastructure.”

How does life change after waking up?
CM: “First, understand that we will start the teaching activities shortly after the earth coming out of stasis. Our current plan is to start with that when the stasis is ended entirely.

These first hours after awakening from stasis are the most critical ones as people will realize the things happened with fear and shock. It is most important for you as the ground crew that you are rock-solid and in best control of your emotions during these first hours and days.

Remember that we will seal a significant amount of oil dwells during stasis, so that resources in this area will be restricted a good deal.

Which are the top priorities we as AH team must work on after stasis?
CM: “The top priority is preparation work for the ignition of Jupiter. It will be your main task to work as liaison people between us and the new leaders on earth. We as a team have to ensure that people are prepared best for the ignition event.

Plenty of GF people and craft will be available to your disposal, but you and all your helpers have to do the planning and negotiation with the GF folks. You will have several options to react i.e. on reduced “earth transport capacities” caused by restricted gas as you can organize GF craft and people for serving the Earth transportation needs until sustainable solutions are in place.

Depending on the available capacities, relocation to public shelters is an option in several countries. In other areas it might be necessary to protect people’s homes. Massive evacuation by the GF is not appropriate!

As you know, the ignition itself will cause a massive energy burst on several levels. Take into consideration that electric grids, data networks and wireless devices will not work at least for a couple of days. When the ignition begins, people must be in safe places and enough food and water stored for 2 weeks minimum.

Furthermore, the houses where the people live must be protected sufficiently against the massive light and energy bursts. This can be accomplished by sealing off doors and windows. GF folks are able to offer other forms of protection, too. But it’s your job to get this known and plan accordingly.
To summarize things, here is a list of the top-priority actions:

1. Assist people in moving away from the coasts
2. Take care for protection of people’s homes.

We try our best to prepare for all this, and you all will be amazed to the amount of planning and preparation we already did – and you are currently not aware of. But it is a ‘big hairy job’. Indeed I AM sure that we altogether will make it.
Namaste, Aton/Christ Michael

Atélo (Henning)

Regional Director for Europe

Candace: I have received a good deal of mail around the USA western coast, with people asking questions such as when should they sell their house. I think it is already past that time. We will better define the expected areas of devastation from the Jupiter event, and any earthquakes that may or may not occur before that time. Once we give those suggested parameters, no one is going to buy your house, in all likelihood. It is for you and your own conscience to place a home or business for sale or not, in the meantime. The event WILL take place in December.

We will cover the coming Jupiter event during the later part of the announcement period. For the best results to the people of earth, Jupiter will be ignited during that safety period when it is behind the sun, because the sun offers a buffer effect. As reported recently, Jupiter has been specially “encapsulated in an appropriate energy field” right now, to very hopefully prevent it’s own self-ignition prior to the best time.

People, it is for YOU yourselves to determine your course. If you live in the LA area, the time to move is NOW, because that event, or something less than that event, could happen anytime now. LA will go into the ocean as we have covered, from north metro area, west to the San Andreas fault, and south to the Baja, about straight across from where the Colorado River exits into the Gulf of Mexico. It could happen all at once, or in parts, but it will happen, and if it doesn’t prior to the Jupiter event, it most likely will at that time.

The estimated Tsunami from that occurrence could be as high as 1000 feet, and the resultant tsunami will hit much of the west coast of the USA and Mexico, and could likely travel across the entirely of the Pacific. Why risk it? You all know California is just waiting to happen. In addition to the San Andreas fault system, there is another fault coming west to east off the coast northern California, and there is a plate north of that fault. Visit USGS and educate yourself.

The Jupiter event may well cause a number of volcanoes to go off, which could include Rainier. If Rainer doesn’t do it then, it will do it at some point. Indian legends talk of Mother/Father volcanoes, or something along that line. St. Helen’s was predicted in Indian Lore, and so is Rainier. The folks in New Orleans for some reason thought it was a safe place, even though so much was below sea level, and they want to move back? Gimme a break. Now those dikes and levies were blown by explosives, but still, this was merely waiting to happen anyway.

Although the hurricane season got off to a late start this year, there have been two back to back 5’s. What more evidence of the earth changes going does the world need? Granted the controllers are trying to make emissions the cause of global warming, but they account for only a small percent of it. Global warming and the warming of the entire solar system is due to the photon belt energy. And our scientists are simply not going to fix that one. However, do not negate the pollution for it is at extreme levels now, and will soon be very life threatening if our way of life continues. I don’t know about other areas of the planet, but here in my city, there is lots of top death on the trees, indicative of pollution.

Have you noticed the greater number of people on oxygen? That is directly related to the pollutants entering the body from cigarettes, BAD air, fumes of all sorts, and the lowered oxygen levels of the atmosphere. I think people at even moderate altitudes are showing higher hemoglobin in their blood to increase oxygen supply to the body tissues.

Every organ of our body is created at birth and during childhood in excess of what we need, and thus allows for damage and aging. But once an organ has crossed that fine line the body craps out. I have seen this over and over in my health career. Livers do grandly, until the last moment. So do the kidneys, lungs, and heart. But go just a tad too far, and all bets are off, and the planet is no exception to that rule. We are not that far away “from all bets are off” regards the pollution alone, let alone our other massive problems.
for Jupiter, help your doubting Thomas friends and family realize what a gift to this planet, and our civilization this whole thing, called the Second Coming process is.

The planet has been lost before; NOT THIS TIME, however. There are now enough awakened ones, if we provide more awakening, to stand in place and get the salvation of the planet, and all her life forms done. NO MORE MAJOR POLE SHIFTS and POLE REVERSALS. The only pole shift will be minor ones, such as will occur during Jupiter, and the only changing of the polarity will be into the Hallowed Stage of Light and Life, MONOPOLARITY. As long we get our tutti’s in gear, and quickly with this intervention, we will have finally won the long battle to return this planet to the lighted realms. SO BE IT. Take care, Candace