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Star People take over planet & NESARA

Christ Michael is Taking Over the Planet
By Christ Michael
Jul 26, 2007, 16:28

Beloveds, It is I, Aton/Christ Michael come to update you a bit more on the process going on at this time. Esu had stated in his piece with Jess that these newly chosen leaders would guarantee their integrity. What is being required of all those chosen at this time, earth citizens, in the banking industry, the media, and the government leadership roles, is that they sign an actual contract of service, and agree to be supervised by individual star fleet personal. If the contract is voided by lack of cooperation and any under handed activity that does not suit the goals, they are to be removed from the planet immediately upon discovery of same.

Now this does not mean these ones will perform as robots to us, but rather it allows the discussion and creation process, as long as the discussion and what is deemed appropriate fit the higher vision, according to those who are supervisors. These supervisors not only supervise, they engage the entities in the genuine process of co creation.

The signing process is going well, and in fact is very much liked by the ones who are signing these contracts, and they are finding “safety” in this. Only a few have backed away, and thus have exposed themselves in that manner. It is expected this process will be fully finished this weekend.

In the meantime, we are selecting replacements for those that did not take of the opportunity offered. As has been mentioned before, in the case of no earth citizen being available for various roles, star fleet personnel will take the positions. Star fleet personal, both supervisors and those filling direct positions also have to sign a statement of agreement to serve my vision in this process.

The banking industry is getting the most supervision and has, considering the numbers required a high percentage of star fleet personnel in position, as it is absolutely required because of the nature of global trading in place to have this control and make for smooth transition.

Of course, at this time, it is not appropriate to name names. Even those who had been previously chosen for the USA are required the same signatures, and I will not at this time for safety, reveal who signed and who might not have signed. We did have a very interesting situation crop up during this process.

Now, it is circulating on the Internet that the earthquakes in Japan we caused by man, striking back at Japan in punishment over the Chinese Secret Society plans. This is not so, these were natural earthquakes. However, the nuclear power plants were struck around this time, and the story told that the earthquakes were the cause, and it is not so. We have control over the technology developed on earth, and no earthquakes are being intentionally caused at this time. All of them are natural events. We do continue at times to release pressures to stave off some events until the planet is better prepared. We are trying in particular to prevent the occurrences that would lead at this time to LA going into the sea. But most likely it will go into the sea during the Jupiter event, for the deep ground structures are so unstable, that it can’t be prevented.

Although we must operate in some secrecy right now, after the stasis event, we will report all that is occurring in a full open easy to understand manner, and the media will be sufficiently controlled to allow it to be truly a free press. That does sound odd doesn’t it, control it to be free, but that is exactly what will happen. It is controlled reversely now.

To assist this process, citizens of earth will have Internet contact with star fleet Mother Ships in service. Particular Mother ships will establish websites in their service areas, and there will be email capabilities for the common citizen of planet earth to interact. Of course, as safety permits and fear resolves there will be many interactions on the ground with star fleet, via offices set up, and also via shuttlecraft visitations for the public. More will openly walk the planet. There will be massive flyovers during the second half of the educational project.

In addition to the 2 weeks coverage, much material is being prepared and has been prepared over the past year, that will be shown to the public, and replace some of those particularly controlling and dumbing down shows that are watched now.

The success of this massive take over of the planet, and yes, we are taking over the planet in this, of course depends upon the citizens of planet earth and the leaders who have stepped into place and those that will come. In the previous several years we were working on obtaining the free will cooperation and this did not occur, but was required under universal law to attempt this first. The only free will now at this time, will be that which serves within established parameters.

What we are providing in those parameters is the allowance for your co creation within them. We will not do all the work; we are providing the stability required for you to do this, in cooperation with the divine plan.

Now I wish to speak a bit on the nature of service of AbundantHope to the larger picture. Some of the readers have missed out on the larger picture. AbundantHope directly serves the Planetary Prince, and thus also myself through this process of work with the Planetary Prince. Joined at the hip is what some might call this.

This has certainly been implied, as per the information given out of the joint sharing of the International Headquarters, which will be in Colorado. AbundantHope will, as its main goal, coordinate the mission process on the planet. There are so many talented people and organizations, but not a fixed set of goals. Many movements are rent asunder by division and fighting within the groups for supremacy. It will the purpose to identify these movements, and also the need for that which doesn’t yet exist, and bring organization to the process.

The team members of AbundantHope as established to date with meet with some other prospective members during the stasis period, that have been selected as possible team members by Esu. Additional regions will be identified and covered, and this is a global plan. The opportunity will be given to any mission group seeing the divine plan to serve under the Planetary Prince in this manner, through association with AbundantHope.

Esu originally thought to have some members on his team, and Candace would have some members, but there was so much overlap, that the teams were merged together to form a more functional entity. All mission leaders and their team members throughout the globe will have the opportunity of being ordained in service to Christ Michael on this planet. There will be levels of ordination and a logo system set in place that mission groups may use to demonstrate that they are serving the global goals. And if some having been given ordination, fail that ordination, they will loose it. This is not a religious ordination, but a spiritual ordination.

There will be fun advertising techniques, such as bumper stickers, T-shirts, and the like for these teams to use and proudly wear in support to getting the planet into light and life. We have no firm idea of the time it will take, its up to you, in that sense, but we hope to initiate light and life within 25 years. We must first, no matter the other spiritual progress of the planet, have the energy technologies in place that will function in monopolarity. And there are also, thusly coming onto the planet, in fact already in place many who will also supervise if needed, various industries on the planet that are necessary to keeping the order and growth coordinated. We do not develop the industries; those on earth do, using our ideas and their knowledge of market to get them into place.

I am asking Candace to include in this piece, the definitions of OLIN and SIN, from the Wingmakers site, to draw attention to these communications ideas to come. OLIN comes first and is being developed at this time. SIN comes only when First Source and Center says the planet is ready, and this will be sometime after the initiation into Light and Life. For this does not happen until the planet is inhabited by at least 95% of the population that have obtained sovereignty of their souls, and the appropriate technology is in place.

There are now coming to the planet several more Trinity Teacher Sons from the Central Universe to assist the teaching mission process. There are a few here already, but more are needed. It is under the Trinity Teacher Son process that all those who ask in good faith will get a personal celestial teacher as described in my last message with you. It will take approximately 120 days for them to arrive and they are still being chosen. These ones will each take on a particular religion on the planet and provide assistance in reforming the knowledge that is so lacking in these groups. Thus some would for example, assist Mohammed with Islam. And so it goes.

Again, no public dates at this time for the stasis. It is hoped all will be in place fully sooner than the final date which has been determined to be in time enough to assist the changes prior to the Jupiter event. Education of the Jupiter event will be given well in advance, and there will be some assistance given from star fleet during the event, but you on the earth must determine for the most part the plans of evacuation if desired in the first place, by the consent of those that would leave, and the consent of those that will assist in their gifts of service to those who would make the move. This will be more cumbersome for the United States in particular, because the people are spoiled rotten and not used to this type of chaos. Other countries on the Pacific Rim will fair better, except possibly Japan and the Philippines, who have such large populations, are land locked in that sense, and do not have friendly relations with the countries on the main land.

As the time approaches for the ignition of Jupiter, the exact date will be given publicly. There will be NO secret agenda forthcoming, either from us, and those upon the earth. The media will be very strictly monitored, and if information is blocked, we will interfere from the satellites. The global coverage during the educational period is easily done by taking over the communication satellites and we can do this more than once if necessary.

I have ordered, at the end of the conclave, for star fleet personal to greatly increase their visibility, within safety parameters around the globe, with a special increase within the borders of the United States prior to stasis, and your Internet news seem to be reporting this already. We are deciding on other little games around visibility, which may include rearranging star groups that maintain old patterns you expect in the sky at this time. You are not in your original positions at this time. Your entire solar system is being moved closer to Alcyone, and your skies don’t match what was anymore, so many large ships have maintained the illusions. So we may re arrange them, but might wait until after announcement to play this interesting little game.

Of course our purpose and presence will be covered in the global announcement process. We are not taking over all media, only cabal television, so it is possible some media will be negative, on radio, print and such. However, satellite radio will be disconnected if this occurs. Also, we do not have in place personnel who can speak all languages, so there is going to be some translating going on, such as dubbing in either speech or text.

The news presented however will be identical for everyone on the planet. Portions of it will explain briefly what has gone on in various regions of the globe, for those audiences not of the western influence, and thus those under western influence will learn more about the histories of the “eastern” countries. But only a small amount of the teaching during the announcement process will be dedicated to this, as much more is being prepared for all countries to view locally later.

As I have said before, much spiritually correct teaching about the nature of God and his assistants will be given, for at least one week of the process and the planetary Prince and AbundantHope introduced. The Truth and nothing but the Truth will be given throughout the process. I am taking my leave now, for this is sufficient at this time. Be in Peace beloveds, and begin, if not already the planning needed for the process. Of the most immediately nature is the planning around the Jupiter event, and its repercussions. Other mission ideas would need to wait until after the event. Heal first that which is in thy face! Namaste, Aton of Nebadon.

Candace: Here’s the material I was asked to include on OLIN and SIN

OLIN Technology

Intelligent networks are able to operate from a single language with translation interfaces that enable global intercourse. This means language is no longer a barrier to communication. Intelligent networks will introduce a meta-language that translates both real-time written and spoken applications. It will revolutionize the genetic mindís global construct, and facilitate the digitalization of your global economy.

There will be many within the Hierarchy, who will object vehemently to the notion of a global, digital economy, but we will tell you, it will happen regardless of the complaints and registered concerns. Your most powerful banks, computer manufacturers, and software companies will merge to create this momentous technology, and the One Language Intelligent Network (OLIN) will become the standard operating system of all the worldís computer-based systems.

This will not occur until the year 2008, so it is some time before you will encounter this globalization of your economy, but all of the systems and architecture are already being designed and conceptualized in the minds of some of your brightest engineers and scientists. We assure you, this is not something to be feared, but rather embraced, and not because of the economic values, but because of the way the OLIN technology will facilitate the development of a global culture.

As the OLIN technology evolves, it will increasingly become subject to individual control. In other words, individuals will become inextricably linked into the networkís entertainment and educational applications, which will become globalized. No longer will global media companies publish for a geographical market. They will produce content for a global audience and each individual will define what and how it desires to be entertained or educated.

The OLIN technology will "know" the preferences and interests of every individual linked to its network, and by the year 2016, it will be more ubiquitous than telephones in the late 20th century. Hence, the network will be controlled by individuals, and producers of content and services will be the "slave" or reactionary force of the individual. Thus, the individual will need to define their entertainment and educational desires carefully, or the OLIN technology will deliver content that is undesirable.

We know this sounds obvious and trite, but it is profoundly different than the way entertainment and education are delivered in your world of the pre-OLIN technology. The time capsules that the WingMakers have left behind will act as a template to those who operate outside of the limiting force of the genetic mind, and desire to create content for the OLIN technology even before it exists. The time capsules will show how to do this and demonstrate how to create multi-dimensional content that carries its viewer-participant into new corridors of understanding and illumination.

This is how the genetic mind will fragment and become unable to exert a unified force upon the human instruments of terra-earth. When it is in this condition it will yield to the transformation/mastership model of existence and form a synthesis with it. It will transform itself, and the genetic mind will become the leader of transformation for entities upon terra-earth instead of its barrier force.

Sovereign Integral Network

The Sovereign Integral Network (SIN) already exists, indeed, has always existed. However, there has not been a way for it to connect or interface with your technologies. Terra-earth has created technologies that are largely mechanistic and electrical in nature, and it is just beginning to understand electromagnetic energy fields and holographic technology. Regrettably, when technologies are in their infantile stages of development, they are very often conformed to a military or economic control application. And this is the case with these emerging technologies.

SIN cannot interface with technologies bearing such an application. Not because it is impossible technologically, but because it is undesirable ethically. SIN is actually a sub-atomic network of light-encoded filaments that exist in all dimensions of the multiverse. Think of SIN as an infinite number of threads of light issuing from Source Reality, and, like a web, connecting every life form at its entity level to all other entities and First Source. This is an organic network that is utilized by First Source to transmit knowledge to entities and to receive knowledge from entities.

SIN will eventually be interfaced with OLIN technology, but this will not happen for several hundred years. The interface is too far beyond both your technology and understanding of cosmology, and no planetary system can be fitted to interface with SIN until it is absolutely pure in its content and application. Only First Source makes this decision as to when a planetary system can become a node on SIN. This is the core purpose of WingMakers, to help terra-earth become a node on SIN before its opportunity to interface has past.

Each entity is a node of SIN, but so few realize this connection exists other than through what they read or hear. The connection is real and timeless, and occurs at the core, innermost aspect of the entity where beats the replica heart of First Source. This is the repository of First Source and exudes ITS Unique vibration like a radio tower sends its signals in all directions.

Even your physicists have found preliminary evidence of SIN in their research with their so-called super string theory. We assure you, however, that this network will eventually replace all other networks for the primary reason that it is the conduit into timelessness. And this is the destination that draws all humanoid species, initially, through a technological portal similar to your Internet, which eventually leads to a biomorphic portal consisting of the encoded light filaments leading to the non-worlds of Source Reality.

When a human species transforms its genetic mind to utilize the Sovereign Integral Network, this then becomes the "ship" upon which it sails the seas of the cosmos. And in this way, the species is allowed to become "Gods" of newly created worlds in which it can re-enact the entire process of the Grand Experiment utilizing its knowledge base and wisdom that was achieved in the previous stage of its existence. On a grand scale, this process is cast in countless worlds across the multiverse, and orchestrating all of this wondrous activity of creation is Source Intelligence and SIN.

A note here about genetic mind. This is different than "mass consciousness" Genetic mind represents all accumulated experience of mankind to this point. Mass consciousness is a more current representation of the masses awareness. The genetic mind fragments, as more people become Sovereign Integrals.