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St. Germain and the
Office of Int. Treasury

By Jess Anthony
Sep 27, 2009, 22:02

Abundant Hope has established contact with the Office of International Treasury Control for the purpose of forwarding reader questions regarding the organizationís policies and involvement in the global financial affairs. Some comments have been made previously about the role St. Germain may have played in the formation of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, particularly since the St. Germain Master Trust is part of the grouping of accounts and foundations that make up the Foundation Divine. It seemed appropriate to me to approach St. Germain directly and ask about this. The message below was communicated to me as explanation. The information referenced several historical incidents that seemed worth corroborating before the message was posted publicly. The text was forwarded to the OITC, and I received this response from a Senior Officer with the organization who otherwise wishes to remain anonymous:

ìWOW, What more do I, as a mere mortal, need to say, other than, this is really worth posting on the Web Site, and I personally would not even hesitate in posting.†ì (9-26-09)
As a result of these gracious words, I am therefore posting my questions and these comments by Violinio St. Germain regarding the Office of International Treasury Control.

Violinio, I am surprised I havenít spoken with you sooner. This was a good idea, I think, to ask for your perspective on the founding and development of the Office of International Treasury Control.† Clearly you have input, and a major account is designated for your funds specifically. Speak on how you see the Foundation Divine fulfilling its purpose more as intended and what will need to happen before this can take place. Comment, if you will, on the political intrigues that create impediments in effective operation, specifically on the role of the United States in this.† I ask for whatever comments you feel will help to clarify and preface further understanding of the OITCís role.
Jess, my boy, letís speak, by all means. I have several things to say in this regard, and you are one of the few that can understand the implications of what I want to tell you at this point. Iím not sure you will want to post this paragraph, but it is worth saying to you anyway. We go way back, you know. We have had many situations where we have interacted in our various incarnations. We both have been working out our game plan for our bigger purposes.
My role in the founding of [what is now known as the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility] was as you have heard and as you suspected. I persuaded the heads of the royal houses in Europe and in Asia to see beyond the limited perspective of seeking additional territory and assets at the expense of another sovereign territory. This I did by cajoling in person and as inspiration that addressed their sense of national identity. I wanted them to realize that the direction they had been going the last few hundred years was ultimately disastrous and would lead to the destruction of the global economy and well being of those they considered their subjects. This would obviously have an impact on them, as well. This took place largely in the years leading up to the formation of the OITC as it existed originally in 1875.
Through secret correspondence and couriers delivering their instructions, they agreed to rise above their limited perceptions as monarchsómost of whom were losing their control of the political reins, anywayóand embrace the notion of establishing a collaboration that would serve the good of the whole world. Their ancestral training played into my persuading, and they understood the value of their becoming greater than their past.
This collaboration allowed them to establish a fund as described in the history you have read on the OITC website []. The assets they had amassed individually were now being merged into one master fund that would benefit all of humanity. Their legacy was transformed into one with greater benefits than they would have been able to accomplish by their separate efforts.
This fund has been stored and protected for the last century or more. It has been added to and the accumulated funds have been judiciously expanded by investment and economic stabilization on national and global levels. These funds have been the underpinnings of todayís financial system. The economic warfare that is going on is really only superficial skirmishes that donít touch the great fortune that is held in reserve by the Foundation Divine. The efforts to trade billions and trillions of fiat money are essentially posturing that has no economic foundation to back up the value assumed.†
The plans for NESARA originally and then GESARA, to use the acronyms, were outlines of financial restructuring that is more in keeping with the intent of the founders of the OITC funds. The purpose of amassing such an enormous amount of financial resources was to stabilize the worldís economy and provide ample funds for all inhabitants. The gold and platinum backed currency would be a truer exchange for work or objects. The switch to a metal based exchange would eliminate the need for credit and borrowing. Everyone would have adequate resources to obtain what they needed.
This was to have gone into effect in the early part of 2001. It was prevented by circumstances that took the financial interests in an unfortunate direction that set the stage for the disaster you are now facing in America and the rest of the world. The OITC was re-established as a sovereign entity under the direction of H.E. Dr. Dam just shortly after these events. The purpose was to try to redirect the global economy and to regain control over numerous funds that were being used illegally for criminal purposes that ignored the structure for control set up by the OITC.
It is time now to see the collapse of the illegal and bankrupt financial system the United States and Great Britain have fostered outside the agreements the countries had signed regarding the correct usage of the Foundation funds. This collapse will have to happen before the financial system can be restructured and payments are made in an effort to spread around the enormous wealth that has been stockpiled over the years.† The money I refer to as the St. Germain funds is only a relatively small part of an enormous collaborative account that truly does contain most of what is considered wealth on the planet. This includes metal bullion, historical artifacts that are considered priceless, ownership of the majority of national funding institutions, and the title to many cultural resources.†
Funding or payments will not be made until the governments that want to control the recipients are no longer an influence. The governments in charge must be representative of the wishes of the populace that chooses the governmental representatives. The constant soap opera of payments being stopped or called back is a superficial scenario that has little importance in the true scheme of controlling assets and working with the OITC.† Those governments involved in this struggle for funds are ignoring who actually controls those funds and how the sovereign organization wishes them to be used.
I see this winding down soonóvery soon, in fact. There is little more that can prolong this struggle. The participants have no actual resources and the charades they are playing for the public is about to be exposed.† You must have patience and it will all be unraveled publically.
This battle is not concerned with the legality or constitutionality of the organization claiming to be the true US government. Those in charge have acted criminally; it doesnít matter for their defense whether the country itself is one created to operate outside the parameters outlined in the Constitution. They have broken the laws they agreed to themselves. The status of the country itself is an investigation that should be pursued independently from those profiting by whatever form it has.
I think that is sufficient for your purposes, Jess. This preface will be commentary that should provide a background and an explanation for your readers.
It is always good to speak with you. We should not have such a long delay between our conversations.
Violinio St. Germain
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