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It's Show Time

It s Showdown Time

By Esu, Christ Michael, and General Radetsky
With Candace

July 26, 2009

Esu: Hello beloveds, sorry for the long wait, we have been most busy. This will be a 3 part message from Me , Christ Michael and General Radestky.

Now, you all have probably heard of strange things going on the solar system, a large ìimpactî spot on Jupiter, a white spot on Venus, and other possibilities. This is all on the holograms, and NOTHING for you to be concerned about but it has purpose to us. We are preparing all of you for the possible/probable showing of the real Jupiter, and the populace will be most confused with the stories that may be presented by the media.

Jupiter has been seen peaking out in the edge of the corona here and there all summer and you have a rash of photos on the internet with some thinking its that mysterious Planet X/Nibiru finally showing up. It is not. (Candace: And I may have one of them! I saw a little round spot about 2:00 one day, on camera, not my eyes, that persisted, where camera junk does not persist. I took two pics a day apart, and then it was gone the day after that.)

Now, several weeks ago, I asked for all of you that read here to send your opinions forward on whether or not we should go ahead in a strong manner, the ìlet it ripî scenario. And that is basically the chosen script in this play. We have been preparing earth for Jupiter s coming out party with the CME s. Plus we are also conditioning change in the plates as we have stated to reduce the stresses.

Jupiter is now carefully out in the corona all of the time and we will still tug and play a bit and watch the results, so I can t give you a final date of the unveiling yet. But to ye dark ones, we suggest you be getting some sort of your ìshit togetherî on this.

This will cause some religious upheaval, political upheaval, and upheaval of the planet herself. It will provide a reasonable measure of ìlet it rip.î We have in part been waiting the timing also for when Jupiter is visible at bedtime, and it is now rising generally for many a little before 10 pm. It would be thus good to have it coming up at around 9:30 so that it is seen by 10 pm more easily.

There exists in most religions the idea of a bright light coming in the east, and this can have various causes. In the current scenario, it will be Jupiter. A comment, this is an ìascendedî sun of sorts and is brilliantly white, being helium dominated like the main sun is now. We do expect that the unveiling will bring about tilt and rotation issues that will become much more noticeable than it was in late February and March. Calmness will be the rule, beloveds, with those around you. Now the other reason for a great white light in the east is mass evacuation and of course that is not now the game plan.

The bringing out of Jupiter will be most uncomfortable on the planet, and will very much increase the issues with the magnetosphere. There will continue to be CME s, as this is the only way to get your scientists attention. They do not understand the cause of these since the sun is so inactive still. You have now, the same sunspot, 1024 that was last viewable about a month ago, and we have kept it active for viewing again to fulfill the prophesy in the crop circles that some saw. We haven t decided whether to enhance it further or not at this point. It s a day to day basis thing.

(Candace: some interpreted something to imply a sunspot will travel completely around the sun and show up again in about 33 days. One person I won t name in this report reported that 1024, was the returning sunspot on Crop Circle Connector as there had been another before that had spit x ray flares for awhile some weeks before. I myself didn t think that was the same spot at all, as I checked Stereo Behind and 1024 was completely new, showing up in it s baby stages about June 28th or 29th. It appeared suddenly rather than slowly rotating into view.)

There is another CME that has been formed, and we await its arrival on your shores. These can t be totally predicted to you on the arrival date, because space conditions vary constantly. We have been waiting in our planning because of this current coronal hole/small ejection scenario that is now ending. This has seemed longer than the normal coronal hole resolution and so it has, there were little sputterings that also arrived in the same time frame. We initiated a small CME that sputtered out essentially as it arrived. This next one will be obvious. Space conditions are better.

Now I expect all of you, once Jupiter is brought out for show and tell, that you of course explain what has been going on, but please NOT before. How and when it shows depends on everything that it depends on, multiple variables as always. We will tow it further out of the corona to test the results, and some of you are going to see hints on your cameras in a few days or so, and you might have fun looking for a small bulge that can come and go. Once we are ready, and we will not give notice, it will be towed out rapidly and seem suddenly there. And starship Jupiter will be ìlaid to restî from its duties.

We will not give the purpose just yet of that strange white spot of Star Ship Venus. But there is a reason.

Now, some of your scientists are a bit worried about other things being sensed and actually looked at. There is a brown dwarf. It orbits your sun in a large oval, not circular orbit. It balances the energies of this solar system. It s not really a brown dwarf, but that is what your scientists call it. It is NOT planet X either. But currently at this time, it is closer in its orbit to the sun and is about to max out on that closeness. It does exert minor forces, but nothing of major consequence will happen, so put aside any and all stories your elite put out on the thing. It does not have a tail that will role over your planet. We expect the Zeta stuff to increase, we shall see what they play. But you relax, as this thing that counterbalances in your solar system is no big deal to you at this time.

All right, I pass the torch on to Christ Michael, Namaste, Esu.

Christ Michael: Yes, indeed dear readers, we have been most busy. We continue to interfere in the money games, the swine flu games, and the rest of it. We continue to prevent a full scale attack on Iran and we continue to not allow the release of the stolen funds. They can t be released! They are effectively gone as we have posted before, and the special precious metals that will back the new system are kept safe guarded. Candace can give you a link if interested.

(Candace: This organization is directly tied to Nebadon, and has been around since the mid 1800 s as part of the game plan. It is owned and under the control of a single person, and boy, that guy, Benjamin Fulford, nearly threatened him recently. This organization has the real and genuinely higher vibration precious metals stored in many places that WILL fund the planet after stasis.)

Christ Michael: It continues that when the magnetic field goes down we go into stasis and it goes down when it does and it continues to weaken, and we stabilize it as needed for the time being as the plans continue in their final development. As we have reported, those ascending forward in any way are more than we expected, but not as good as we hoped. But so it goes, and there are many that will face the consequences of obliteration of their being by those of the superuniverse, who are the ultimate determining courts of this action, as these ones may not further infest the creation.

Yes, you do have in fact 3 Obama s, and not a one of them is the original. Voter s elected a soulless duplicate and there are two look a likes. The soulless duplicate was created before we closed the cloning labs and clones are kept living longer than before, but you see this one aging pretty fast. The gray haired version is the duplicate. The others are synthetics, which means men close to looking like Obama were given selected genes from the duplicate to cause certain changes genetically and also underwent mind control and other conditioning and plastic surgeries.

The American people of course know none of this still, but at some point the story will be told. The original is no more. Michelle was also changed out and the children are the same but mind controlled to not notice the difference.

Regards the arrests in New Jersey, these were some who had some input into 911, but Sorcha and the others are planting stories to focus the attention away to Israel and off of the real culprits, although there was certainly influence from Israel through those having dual citizenship. We continue to be abhorred but not surprised at the Christian Zionist support for Israel, and these ones that can t think any to well about the nature of God. But so be it, and for those ensouled ones participating in the hoax, they have their reward coming, as the rulers of the creation are just.

Now a message to the dark ones It is time to vacate dark brothers. It is also time to begin telling the truth. We shall see how you ones play with this Jupiter Story we are setting in place. We have our plans and some of you suspect what they are in this final showdown before stasis begins. We wish you to vacate. We have some stand-ins, not clones, waiting to begin the spilling of the truth. You can leave. We will let you leave in fact. You can go to some of your hidey holes you have made. Freely and easily. You have sealed your fate regardless. Some have gotten quite nervous, like the resigning Sarah Palin. This is not a lighted soul and she is freaked out. Time for the rest of you to exit ìgraciouslyî in the same manner. HINT, HINT, HINT. Enough of this lecture, I leave more on that topic to General Radetsky.

Now, when we are in stasis, as we have suggested before, every living thing on the planet goes into the pausing of energies. This protects them from the incoming radiation. The whole of the reversal will take a few weeks, on our time frame, and of course, no one will be aware of that. The planet is going to be rotated very slowly in the opposite direction. Even the slow down is going to be slow, to decrease the destruction and there will be more and more anomalies of all sorts from this, primarily in movement of the sun through the sky, many storms of strange nature and the like.

The weather and quakes will continue to increase and this will be noticed by all, as the MSM can t hide the weather. People will have notice dear ones, this is how it s done. The changes. When the sun rises or sets a half hour off or more, this will be noticed by many and the word spread. There will be many sudden storms. Candace s area received one of these on the 21st, and it was partly because of the CME that made it so very strong. And this one was minor compared to what will happen.

(Candace: And I discovered several days after this evening storm, which took place at bedtime, how severe it had been, on GLP! Somebody from Denver posted a thread and pics. I had not apparently watched any local news afterwards. I didn t have an destruction, just a lovely but very intense storm with incredible (and fun) constant lightening from all directions, some thunder, and 2 inches of rain. There were a lot of fallen trees, damaged windows and the like in the western part of the city.)

Christ Michael: Now time wise, it depends. We want the crops mature, so they can be harvested. But this is not a priority. It goes as it goes. You can expect that hole on Jupiter to enlarge. The media is covering it. There will be other strange wonders in the heavens like auroras further south, which have been occurring, but they may be seen all the way to the equator and you folks in the southern portions may see some emanating also from the Southern pole. There will be more and more showings of our craft, but many will not realize they are craft. If you are around anybody noticing, make sure they know these are craft. Go out and familiarize yourself with your current night sky, so you yourself know what belongs there or not. Venus will be behaving strangely in the mornings also, which will only get noticed by early birds at this point.

You might wish to pay some attention to the big dipper, because we are considering some changes in it too. We may turn the lights off and on, on the ships. No stars in the sky should get the attention of some! Most are ships dear ones. We have considered turning them off for a couple days at a time, and turning them back on again. Hopefully your news channels will have very busy lines. We have some other games to play too, but I will refrain form describing them, but some of you should notice. This concludes my portion and Candace will take a bit of a break, she always needs this, and then General Radetsky will take up. Be in peace, and enjoy the upcoming shows. I AM THAT I AM, the Big Cheese of Nebadon.

General Radetsky: Hello dear ones, long time since I have posted! It s been an exciting several months. We have worked up quite a plan for these ending weeks before stasis. First, you notice above that Christ Michael has asked the dark ones to vacate. Most already know of this and are considering how they will bow out. We have replacements and no clues at all on who they may be to protect some of them on the planet. Ooops. Some on the planet, yes, but many NOT on the planet to step in dear ones as and if they are needed.

The dark ones are none to crazy about being here when the perceived earth changes and other shows manifest. They know not what to do before the public. And now, before I forget, a warning to our dark brothers who did NOT step down when asked in 2005. DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO DO ANYTHING IMPLYING INVASION BY US. WE ARE NOT INVADERS AND WE ARE SAVING YOUR LITTLE ARSES AT THIS POINT, FOR A TIME ANYWAY. DEPENDING ON YOUR ACTIONS, THIS COULD AFFECT YOUR PLACEMENT OR YOUR UNCREATION. BE MINDFUL OF THAT. The end is not yet here in that regard, all can move forward still, until the time of stasis. When stasis commences, it is all over brothers, so make those choices now.

We will be giving some coverage of some of the awful things done these past few years, including 911. There await ones to tell at least simply the story, because before stasis, the people have a right to consciously know. The individual reactions of ensouled ones that have been lied too will be recorded so their placement may be more accurate. This is because of the mind control, that some have not been able to rise above. There have been energies used that lower brain waves, but these have been all removed and hopefully some are going to wake up. We need the sleeping star seeds to wake up!

Now, if you ones even attempt to make this Christed EVENT into an invasion, the minute any word or intelligence surfaces that such a plan is imminent, OFF GO the satellites buddies. And we can take out any number of other methods of media also. There are ones well placed to carry this out, it shall not even hit the print. It does you ones NO GOOD to serve your DEAD Lucifer. He was uncreated. Do not listen to your pope either as he is still serving ìLucifer.î It is time to listen to the living God.



We intend to have some announcements and media coverage of the upcoming earth changes that will be continuously manifesting. We will be in charge of certain media coverage of same, and we will not be tolerating any inappropriate media coverage. Those in high places in the media have also been informed of the coming circumstances, If yea ones in higher media places do not play ball, you will be counted in the group never to again see life. So make your choices well. You will have to of course like all in sin and error be required to experience a proper rehabilitation. It s your choice brothers, it s your choice.

You see, your General is an arch angel incarnate. I am a very old and seasoned being and I am fully in contact with my higher self. I have skills which you can only dream of, even beyond those arch angels of Nebadon, because I am from an older universe and have been there and done that, and there is nothing you can pull on me. I have seen it all.

We mean business. The time is finally at hand. We gave you many chances the last few years to do better and you failed. You seemed to think you could out maneuver us, and that is never possible. We have only delayed the inevitable for soul growth of all concerned, including the Mother Gaia. She is now fully ready to participate in this final showdown herself. She wishes you gone and she desires her own ascension which requires her, like all who ascend, to throw off the fleas, so to speak.

In that regard she is no different of any soul who makes the great journey upwards. She is fully conscious, she is a being who is going to preserve her form for the use of those coming here to grow after the cleanse. Her form is the planet. So be it, I think this is adequate. We are not revealing all the possibilities or time frames at this moment, but I suggest you all pay some real attention, the time is short. I AM Arch Angel Immanuel Jhonka, playing the role of General Radetsky.

Candace: For those newer ones to AbundantHope, the General has done some other works with me, the first being in January, or possibly early February 2006. I had the forum closed for cleaning for a few weeks, and we reopened with a piece by him. He has posted under both names. The General was based on Mars at the time, and returned to further assist the process on the ground. Yes, Mars, newbies, we have had a base there with the Russians and good Aliens for more than 50 years.

I have had some long and enjoyable discussions with Kevin (his personal name). Turns out he visited my home town to ski with his family during my teenage years. I hope I ran into him on the slopes, but I doubt it. He is a few years older than me at this time. OK, this needs posting, so I won t chatter on. Take care, Candace