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Second Coming

Changes in the Second Coming Protocol
By Candace Frieze & Christ Michael

#50 January 5, 2006

Hi everyone, we have had a small change in the Protocol for the Second Coming event. Christ Michael recently spent 5 days on Mars, trying to work through some issues and coming to a resolution. The military have been stalling a good deal, there are more bad guys than good guys basically. Also there were meetings in Africa in December to discuss changes.

There is also work going in Africa in working with AIDS and other issues. The Earthquake region in Pakistan has been getting help, as well as Indonesia and India where the Tsunami of last year occured.  The star people are active also in Russia and China. Precious metals are being sold to turn into cash for the humanitarian programs. The changes are well underway in other parts of the world.

It is still necessary to keep the Americans doing the work, but reinforcements were necessary. So help has arrived from the American military installation on Mars, to provide extra Americans to get the job done.  This can not be seen as an invasion, the Second Coming is not an invasion, and it is a sacred event.

You have been told previously that their would be NESARA, then small contact activities, and then the Second Coming event. The order is somewhat changed now.

The regime is going to be changed, which still starts the NESARA process. Then in about a week, there will be a partial Second Coming event, in the USA and Canada. During this phase, there will be a rolling blackout, to darken the skies (especially over cities) and there will be quite a show. This is basically a massive contact event, but without landings. Show and tell. Beginning in early December, extension cleansing of dark energies from the planet began. Much of this activity had been planned to occur during the Second Coming Event. This will familiarize people with the concept of our visitors, so the much needed work can be started, Mother Earth is becoming less patient.

And then, we will have the smaller contact activities. There will be the planned activity in Salt Lake City, and then onto Denver later. The other countries in the world are fairly familiar with the idea of the star ships, and experience fly overs pretty regularly. There will be small landings where necessary in other areas. So now, I will put in Christ Michael's given today, and also posted at the forum, concerning all this:. 

Christ Michael: Goodmorning this very bodacious day my friends! Yesterday I returned from 5 days upon Mars. The issue with getting this done, has continued to be lack of cooperation within the military, the endless squabbles between the two factions, those who would do it, and those with a bit more power who would not.

On Mars, there is a huge American base underground, staffed with Military who can get this done. So they have been returned. They are agreeable, and have very firm orders to carry this out. The numbers of those that will cooperate now greatly outnumber those that will not.

There are also some star folks, military, based on Mars, that are here to lend assistance and backup. There has been a very good plan developed. We put out a brief message, to prepare you should the Bush administration do their pretend nuclear thing over Iraq, which was really Iran, to cause a great deal of fear in the American people. (note from Candace, this message was put on the forum, and I have now erased it, as it is not applicable anymore.)

There are exactly zero nuclear weaspons on the Earth plane, but the tell a vision would tell another story. Perhaps this week you noticed the increase in garbage being again presented with Iran. Russia is quite in control of that situation, despite the lack of news on this issue.

Now, the issue of getting Rumsfeld and all the other chronies removed should come to a rapid head. I will not detail all of the plan. I will put out an interesting detail for those BBB&G's that come to read these works. You who do so know that Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney are clones. Now we have had the real Cheney and the real Mr. Bush segregated for some time now. The real Mr. Bush could not handle the job any more, and desired to not be a tool of his father also. So he was removed to safety.

Mr. Cheney did not make that choice, but he had to be removed because we did not want him to continue his rather personal control of the White House. The current Mr. Cheney carries little threat, totally a programmed idiot. The real Mr. Bush has turned states evidence, and this will be most useful.

You have read that Mr. Abramhoff has also pleaded and will be state's evidence, and this is indeed so. I believe things will now be "cooking" right along. Patrick Fitzgerald has done his job well, and continues to interview many who are jumping ship.

When the events happen, we will as planned previously handle the news from the Capricorn, and the people of Earth, particularly the United States, will learn of the star people's presence, and then we move onto a shorter and quicker version of the Second Coming Event.

Much of the inner workings of the Second Coming event have already been completed, much of the cleansing was done in early December, and more continues continuely.

You may expect some earthquake activity this month, Mother Earth, my beloved Urantia must make a move upwards. The negative energy in the Middle East, and in the lack of understanding of Iraq in America must be released. There is the probability of another major quake in the Middle East area, from the depleted oil, causing settling of the ground.

This can't be prevented, but since the star people's presence will be open, they will be able to help in assistence to these people publicly. This will be beneficial to the understanding. We have been providing assistence in Pakistan. Hopefully the world will be of greater help is assisting the peoples of natural disasters.

So, within about a week after the removal of this regime in the United States, we shall have a roving outage of electricity, so that the skies can be clearly seen. This will occur in the USA and parts of Canada. There will be some show and tell activities, but without official landings. The sky will be very pretty, much nicer than a fireworks show.

The roving outages are because of the different time zones, and the number of participants in the event. The rest of the world has been experiencing many flyovers, that are not covered in your news, and the peoples have become accustomed to them. Various Masters have their own arranged Second Comings, which will all begin to happen after the US landings to come.

We shall resume with the planned landing activities around the world after that event, such as in America, in Salt Lake City, and in Denver, Colorado. Sananda will be present for these two events. We plan a brief landing in Salt Lake City, but without disembarking. The Colorado landing will be about a week later, and if the Salt Lake City situation goes well enough, the Denver landing will include trips to and from the Capricorn, as Candace has discussed before.

The Capricorn landing activities in Denver, if people are ready for rides, those taking the ride will meet Sananda and possibly myself aboard the Capricorn, personally, rather than in "spirit." More will be planned depending on the acceptance of these two activities.

Now I must get about a most busy day. Namaste, I AM Christ Michael, Creator Son of Nebadon.