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Sananda: pinnacle of change

July 16th 2006

through Lauren, 26th July 2006

Today we wish to discuss with you the events pending in your dimension. We have arrived at the pinnacle and are about to cascade down the mountain side into the valley of destruction and despair. We, the hierarchy, are about to intervene on behalf of all Lightworkers everywhere. This has been decreed by the high councils and it is in their jurisdiction to see this through. Within moments of your time, life will become a confusing place to be on Earth.

The wool has been pulled over your eyes for so long that the truth will seem unrecognizable and foreign. This shockwave that will permeate your earth will be the beginning of the entrance of a new domain. It is in the coming of these changes that many anticipate a predictable outcome. What we wish to say to you is expect nothing and be open to everything. In this way you will not be dismayed at any changes that have been made to better suit you. We always have the highest good of all in mind and we take great care to see this through

In the next moments of your reality, you will see and be exposed to things that will be disheartening. In best cases, the truth of your present regime and world leaders will come in the form of shock. For many of you, this will be only the beginning of the truth as there will be so much to unveil. Know that as events unravel, it is in the best interest of all to pace the information in a timely fashion. We are doing our best to ensure the laws of your current government system are followed. This will assist in keeping some semblance of normalcy for those who are unprepared.

We have been granted permission to intervene and this means in any way that we deem necessary. We still are urging your leaders to step down in peace and allow for this transition to be a relatively smooth one. We are giving each of them a final turn at choosing the Light. It is by far in their best interest to do so, however we find they still resist. Freewill enables them to choose a path even if it leads to their demise. We honor this choice in all and allow for the workings of karma and spiritual law to shape the experiences of those who choose not the Light. Be wary of those who claim to be of the Light yet are determined to see the outworking of your present governing body to its end. These souls shall be exposed in the Light of illuminating all.

What lies before you now will determine your path to the source of all that is. It will be a formidable course that each of you will embark upon yet it will be filled with joy and love. It will be the time that you have all prepared for and will be the moment in the history of your planet when all come together under one God. We are so eager to join with you in the new galactic society you are preparing to create and you will be amazed at the most wondrous tasks that each of you will be asked to perform. No more will life seem mundane and out of sync with your inner desires. Now you will face each day with a smile and be blessed with the work of your inner callings. Each of you is so integral to the whole, we cannot overemphasize that. Each of you holds an aspect of creator that came here to be actualized, It is in this way that you will be creating the new Earth. Each of you holds an energetic imprint that is valuable to the functioning of the whole. Your specific DNA was encoded for this particular time on Earth and will be utilized to its fullest potential. Now more than ever is the time to realize this and to move forward in with great ease.

You all will be the beneficiaries of abundance and there will be enough to go around for the entire world. This was no accident. It was many, many long years of secrecy and hard work to ensure this opportunity would one day arise. Now it is here, my bothers and sisters, and now you all stand on the edge of true freedom. Freedom by any other name is not freedom. This term has been used widely, especially in your country, and we shall see to it that this word has new meaning for all. Freedom by the standards of an enLightened society is one where each individual has the ability to express who they are in truth without retribution. Freedom for one means freedom for all, otherwise there is no true freedom. Take no substitutes.

In the coming days you are to be thrown from your current understanding of reality. People of this country will rebuke the truth. It will be a hard pill to swallow but it will be in the facing of this harsh truth that most will be relieved of much suffering. In the end there will be a new foundation on which you will all build upon. In the meantime there will be those who lose there footing temporarily. See to these people that they too have the support that was once given you. Be the pillars of Light that you all came in earnest to be. Represent the new world, that of unconditional compassion. In these times you will have the most profound opportunities to relate to your fellow man. Do not sit idly by and allow for others to suffer alone. Reach out and feel the connection as the web of peace and unity becomes you. This time of great need will also be the most spiritually fulfilling time in the history of Earth. The outpouring of love will unify and bind brothers and sisters of all races, creed and gender. It will be a time that you heart explodes with joy and it will be a time that you use this power of love to rise up and become your true potential.

Mankind is gregarious by nature and you will find this to be very true soon. Together you will lift each other higher and together you will fall, but in this togetherness you will have it all. I am but one master who is here to see this through, but know that we all work in unity. This is how it will be in the coming times. Depending on one another is something you are not akin to, however in the moments ahead you will come to depend greatly on thy neighbor. Take this as truth for it will be a valuable resource in times of upheaval. Your dependence upon one another will once again become known. It is in this way that you will truly understand the beneficial aspects of creator that each of you hold and how the puzzle fits so snugly together. You will also come to realize how harmony lacks without the contribution of each individual. For this reason, you will all become valuable to one another once again. As you fortify your relationships you change the energetic imprint of your society to one of advancement with a foundation of mutual love and respect. This is only one of the many benefits of the changes to come.

Stay with me a bit more as I try to surmise how each of you will be affected by the great shift. Each of you holds a specific and noble power that will be unlocked in the ensuing days. It will become obvious to you what your draw is and how to tend to it. You will be brought into alignment with many aspects of yourselves and will utilize each aspect for the betterment of mankind and Mother Earth. This is why you have contracted to be here; this is why you have braved through the storm, and been weathered beyond your limits. For this reason alone you will be uplifted to a place of peace throughout the drama of change and it will be a celebration of joy for those in the know. We are looking forward to bestowing upon each of you your rewards for endurance and faith in the Light. It will be in these end times that we will see to it that you are compensated for all of your strife. We have many ways of assisting you and we are prepared to change your lives for the better so that you may better serve each other and your world. The more you have, the more you can give and that is the law of spirit.

See to it that each of you has all your needs met before you venture out to assist another. Selfless service does not mean lack. Quite the contrary, actually. It is natural to be selfless when you are filled with love. Where there is Light and love there is no lack. so be true to yourselves here. Many of you hold the belief that to be fruitful servers of the divine means to go without. This old paradigm concept will not serve you in the new world. You must understand the laws of energy to utilize their benefits. The law states that what you think you are, therefore you mustn't think of yourself in lack. Thinking of lack will attract it, so stay in the thoughts of pure abundance knowing that the supply is endless and the more you give the more you receive. Never fear for your survival again, those days are behind you now. Only in believing this will you truly be free.
Friends, we stand before you now awaiting the moments that we have together sought after for so long that it hardly seems plausible that it has arrived. To this, I would add that those who have been diligent supporters of the Light are headed for a most fantastic journey. It is in these words that we express to you our deepest love and gratitude for all you have endured on this long road to peace. It is because of the workers of Light that we have made it to the finish line, and it is because of the countless selfless acts of so many that we stand before you now ready to take the next steps on your evolutionary (path).

Take some time to be grateful for yourselves and celebrate the amount of sacrifice you have offered to the unseen changes. Take note of the amount of courage you have displayed by refusing, even when in doubt, to be swayed completely from your path of service. We are in awe of the nobility and stamina of the human race and we applaud you all in your divine service to your fellow man and Earth. Thank you, from all of us here to all of you there, for your complete and total dedication to the Light. You are the reason that we celebrate for without you none of this would have been possible. Let us begin the parade and hold our flags high for the first time since this country was founded shall you be proud to be an American.

I AM Sananda Immanuel, great times are at the fore. Let the Celebrations begin!