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Sananda and NESARA December 2007

Sananda Comments On Changes And Reality ~ Jess

Sananda, I ask for clarity on what is to come. I expect difficulties, but won't we have help dealing with the problems that will be beyond what we can deal with quickly. We read the stories of fantastic abilities and how the higher forces have the means to provide solutions. Am I not correct in assuming our understanding will be broadened exponentially once we a face to face with a revelation of the celestial realities? Is there no legal provision that involves the government? Is this a fairytale of the NESARA law that has been used as a rallying point for the last ten years? Has everything we have been led to believe an illusion that is now removed as we plunge into more chaos than we seem to have had? I am aware of the major problems that will occur, but I ask if our perspective and our intellectual context won't have changed? I ask for assurance and strength and comprehension.

Jess, let's speak freely and convincingly. That was a word I wanted to use specifically in this instance. The multitudes of half truths and misinterpretations that have characterized much of the discussion of the changes to come in the last few years have been a partially good tool and a partially harmful disservice. They have brought the larger number of people to the level of awareness that they can begin to look at the realities with fresh eyes that are their own. There are still tainted preconceptions and expectations that color their awareness, even as you are also blinded to some realities that you will face. You have been floating in a dream world of privileged assumptions and realities that you have created for yourself to accommodate the circumstances of your life. This is not bad. This is an example of the type of co-creation that will be expected of everyone.

The circumstances Candace describes are clear and evident realities. They will happen to some extent and in some fashion. The potential of their occurring is too certain to negate. However, the degree and extent of their happening is contingent upon your-the general public's-reaction to the information once it comes. This is not a negative, although your preconditioning makes it seem one. It will be a method for you all to learn to rise above your initial paralyzing fear and begin to act as a unit for the betterment of mankind.

There will be many here to help you. Yes, that is true. But there has to be the conviction that mankind will be working with them jointly. Collaboration is the key, not dependence. They have amazing skills and knowledge, to your way of thinking, and they will offer it to you with the simple question "How do we do this?" The parameters have to change as you move into a higher dimension of light. Old preconceptions and assumptions have to be transformed. However, this onslaught of the light will be subtle and in increments that are acceptable to your transforming physical being. The body you have is the manifestation of the spiritual blueprint, and the complexity of its make up demands an equally detailed and organic make over. This takes time. It's like laying bricks to build an edifice. The foundation has to be solid before the walls go up. The walls have to be strong before the decorative uniqueness is completed.

Let's speak of what you read and hear. We have spoken of this on earlier occasions, but it is worth repeating that everyone hears at the level of their expectations. The clarity of the messages is couched in the phrases that have determined their thinking. Everyone, including you, hears me, for example, in the patterns you have constructed in your life up to that moment. Your message each time reflects your new level of thinking. Your understanding each time is fuller and more complete within the context of how I am speaking to you.

I speak to you in terms you wish to hear. Rather, you hear me in terms you wish to hear. Everyone is like this. That is why it is paramount that you clean your thoughts before listening for me. Otherwise, I will be even more garbled and colored by your preconceptions and expectations. You have developed the ability to be clear and nonjudgmental, for the most part. You allow the words to come through you and then pass them on or disseminate them without much inference or interpretational overlay. This is useful in allowing us to speak to the many through you. Your words are one of the many vehicles we can take to convey our ideas and wishes to others who as yet cannot hear us.

I don't want to paint a dire picture for you. You will have much to look forward to in terms of joy and release from current situational constraints. You will be able to explore this new direction and find others who can help you formalize this approach more fully. You will have the funds to enable you to create what you are envisioning. You will have the means to achieve these visions. You will have the friends and helpers to work with you in doing this. You ask if this is also formed from your thoughts and expectations. This will come because you have already set the ideas in motion. The energy created by your initial planning is already beginning to have fruit in terms of the results you are seeing and the realizations you are having each day.

We can also speak about the "law." There was an agreement that Congress passed that called for retribution and a redistribution of money that was illegally taken from the farmers. This was the beginning of the story that has become NESARA. The stipulations that everyone lists as part of the "law" are only the guidelines formulated by St. Germain and others to help set this change in motion. The change in the banking system the resolution called for meant a reassessment of the Constitutional assumptions that the country was following. To implement these simple changes would have had a major impact on the current governmental structure. The Congress and the Supreme Court were necessarily reluctant to set this in motion. It would mean a major reassessment of all levels and a change in basic governmental operations. This was quietly shelved and ignored by all but a few who knew about it. These few have continued to work for the initial changes, but the concept has been taken over to become a much grander spiritual and intellectual renewal.

The NESARA formulation has become the outline for implementing the changes necessary for Mother Earth to begin her ascension. Man is part of Earth and has created the manifestations that are part of what must be changed-a redistribution in a much broader way. This ties in also with the changes that are occurring in the galaxy and in the entire Universe of Nebadon. It is all of a piece that would have been revealed in sequential fashion, but for the delays in implementing the changes in this country and on Earth. Now it is time to collapse all of these layers into one extraordinary event. The chaos you face will be in part because of the need to bring Earth online even more quickly. The task now is more daunting and more pressing than it was.

This is where the rose colored glasses have to come off, in a sense, and people have to be clear-sighted sooner than they would have. There is less time to prepare and more work that has to be done. The parameters do keep changing, as you point out. The seriousness of the situation is here and the comfortable transition you and everyone had been led to and encouraged to believe is a harsher reality than we had hoped you would meet.

Reality goes in waves, and, as you remember, twenty years ago we had almost given up on your ability to accomplish what you have so brilliantly. The awareness you have achieved now gives you the ability to be balanced and compassionate in the face of unavoidable events that would have been postponed in other circumstances or dealt with differently. You have created your present reality, but you have also created the ability to withstand what happens and begin to understand it for the lessons it can teach you.

I hope this clarifies and gives you a perspective on the uncertain developments that are manifesting. Your assessment and discernment are what cause you to be balanced and find that inner core of peace and joy. This allows you to connect with others of like mind and begin to create the realities you envision for yourselves.

Sananda Esu