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A Commentary By Sheldan Nidle

Ancient Beginnings
The story of 'the Roswell incident' really begins with the galactic wars that ravaged this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy for millions of years. About 900,000 years ago, the remaining contingents of Reptilian and Dinosauran hybrids went underground when the Galactic Federation of Light established a second Earth colony on the lost continent of Lemuria (a now-sunken land in the mid-Pacific Ocean that was destroyed by Atlantis some 25,000 years ago). Although Reptilian and Dinosauran hybrids made sporadic disruptions in the new colonists' lives, their primary goal was to quietly observe the settlers' strengths and weaknesses. The hybrids expected that, at the right moment, their main forces would return and the information they had gathered would assure the dark side its ultimate victory.

The long-anticipated time never came. Instead, the Reptilian and Dinosauran hybrids were compelled, eventually, to bargain with the off-world 'rebel' forces. The Anunnaki had held crucial government positions in the Atlantean Empire, just before its fiery destruction some 13 millennia ago. Subsequently, these 'underground' Reptilians and Dinosaurans became observers and important allies of the many Anunnaki regimes that secretly ruled our world until about five years ago.

The Facts behind the Crash and Other Similar Incidents
In the 1920s, the informal arrangement between the dark-siders and the Anunnaki was shaken when the Galactic Federation of Light diplomatic teams began to initiate formal contacts with some of your major national governments. This was at a time when the American, British, Canadian, French and German governments were developing and testing some truly remarkable secret technology. This advanced weaponry used high voltage electrical fields and 'zero-point' or photon energy to create protective force fields, produce particle beam weapons and demonstrate exotic types of propulsion.

Quickly, Earth rose in status from an off-limits, 'quarantine' planet to one that, by the early 1930s, was under intense surveillance. Strong confirmation of the need for such scrutiny came during the last year (1945) of the Second World War, when an experimental atomic weapon was exploded in New Mexico, followed by two more bombs, detonated over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These heinous events prompted various star-nations, representing both the Light and the dark, to send spacecraft to directly observe these activities.

The Initial WWII Incidents and the Crash at Roswell During the 1940s, as well, events occurred that compelled Earth's major governments to deal with the dark 'off-worlders'. Washington State was the site of the first significant US crashes. At the time (1942), the US Navy was able to repudiate the accidents as 'war-related' incidents. Sadly, the cover-up continues to this day.

The major incidents, however, took place in New Mexico between midsummer 1947 and midsummer 1949. Most famous of these is the crash of three Zeta Reticuli observation ships near the city of Roswell, New Mexico, in early July of 1948. The crash occurred during the Zetas' mission to ascertain fledgling US atomic warfare capability, and as a result of their flight path.

During the last year of the War (1945), the US Navy and the US Army Air Force began to experiment with more advanced types of radar. This led, in the mid-1950s, to the successful development of the first highly secret, 'over-the-horizon' radar devices.

Two stations of this type were located in northern areas of New Mexico and Arizona. At the exact moment when their main tracking beams overlapped, they inadvertently created a strong electromagnetic field capable of briefly disrupting the photon beam fields that propel the typical Zeta Reticuli observation ship.

One of the flight paths that these Zeta Reticuli ships chose to observe our planet began at the North Pole, extended down Hudson Bay to the Rockies, and then traced this cordillera into northern Mexico. From there, they followed the lands of northern Mexico into the Caribbean and, finally, back into outer space.

Between the midsummers of 1947 and '49, the two secret experimental radar stations carried out specific tests that, for extended periods, combined tracking beams. During the same time period, numerous Zeta Reticuli ships were ordered by their star-nation to increase surveillance 'runs' over North America. The rest is history.

In early July 1948, three observation crafts encountered the beams of these secret radar facilities, severely disrupting their propulsion fields. The emergency that resulted somewhat resembled a severe 'stall' in a conventional aircraft during high wind turbulence. The spacecrafts' pilots, unable to regain proper control, rapidly lost altitude and crashed.

The Aftermath - Secret Agreements, Et Cetera
Two major crises ensued. First came the nature of the American response. Initially taken aback by the events, the US government sent investigative teams to search New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and northern Mexico and interrogated survivors of this and other recent crashes. Second, the combined governments of the Zeta Reticuli binary star-nation were deeply confused and angered by what they perceived as an unprovoked attack on their unarmed spacecraft.

In 1949, these occurrences almost caused the military forces of Zeta Reticuli to annihilate Earth's population. Swift intervention by various diplomatic teams from the Anunnaki and their Reptilian and Dinosauran allies was able to prevent the escalation of the incidents into an attack upon Earth. They helped to devise a means whereby negotiations between Earth's major governments and the Zeta Reticuli star-nation became possible. Cooler heads prevailed and, finally, in the early 1950s, an 'arrangement' was worked out. For nearly five decades, this 'understanding' brought about a massive increase in 'alien abductions', as well as other vile acts.

The Galactic Federation of Light took a different approach. It attempted to contact Earth's major surface governments (including the US, Canada, the UK, France and Italy), to establish a formal and open exchange between them and the Galactic Federation's diplomatic and technological liaison teams. Because of the cover-up strategy adopted by Earth's major nation-states, their policy of direct governmental contact initially failed. Accordingly, beginning in the early 1950s, the Galactic Federation of Light introduced a program designed to contact various private groups and individuals on Earth. It has continued to this day.

The Spiritual Hierarchy's 'Star-seed' solution
Under the auspices of your local Spiritual Hierarchy, the Galactic Federation of Light has generously aided a project to incarnate vast numbers of 'star-seeds' or Souls that emanate from other worlds to yours. Their primary function is to bring more Light into the Earth plane and, eventually, to become teachers of a newly restored humanity. These 'star-seeds' are a crucial aspect of the local Spiritual Hierarchy's program to transform humanity into full consciousness. From a slow beginning in the late 1930a, the infusion of star-seeds into the Earth plane has rapidly accelerated over the course of the last fifty years. Conclusion Clearly, the 'Roswell incident' marks a turning point in Earth's history. It is the decisive moment at which the Light and the dark forces of this galaxy again made direct contact with our world. It ended the deep quarantine that has long kept most star-nations in this galaxy from contacting the people of Mother Earth. Because of it, we are now very close to a massive first contact with the forces of the Galactic Federation of Light. At that time, we will see the beginning of our global society's next great adventure - the open meeting and acknowledgement of its many spiritual and space families.

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