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Reptilians are Real

FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer
DATE: April 29, 2008

Dear GK:

Yes, reptilians are very real. Al Gore is a reptilian and must carry a vile of human blood in his pocket to sip every few hours to prevent shape-shifting into reptilian form. The first signs of shape-shifting can be easily seen in the eyes and the face. The opening in the eye pupil becomes a vertical slit, as seen in snake eyes, and the eye color becomes greenish. Depending on the degree of "shift", the facial features gradually take on the appearance of a lizard.

The Reptilians are also known as the Serpent People. They have human form with a reptilian head, and need human blood to hold the human eye and facial features. For this reason Reptilians are deeply involved in the Occult and human sacrifice to obtain human blood. The Reptilians have been on our planet for centuries, and have had a very evil agenda. All off-world evil 4D Reptilians were removed from Earth Shan, when the Annunaki recently returned to the Light and returned to their home planet, Nibiru.

There are many Reptilians of 3D today, who still carry on the Satanic plan of world control. Some of the prominent ones are Queen Elizabeth II, Henry Kissinger, Al Gore, George Bush, Sr., Madeline Albrecht, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Dick Cheney, Nancy Pelosi, Candy Crowley and Larry King. George Bush, Jr. is not the son of George Bush, Sr., but of John F. Kennedy and Barbara Bush. He was a souled-being Reptilian until January, 2003, when Bush, Sr. had him killed and cloned to better control him, as his U.S. presidential stooge for the One World Order.

Many present 3D Reptilians have been cloned, as have humans. When this is done the new entity has no soul, thus no God-connection. As a result, they have no morals, no ethics or values and no compassion. They do have a strong survival instinct. This helps to explain the evilness and degradation of our present society. There are both good and evil Reptilians, just as there are good and evil humans.

We have recently posted some videos on Fourwinds that show some beginning shape-shifting in some of the Reptilians mentioned above. Princess Diana said she had seen Queen Elizabeth at one time shape-shift totally into the face of a lizard.

In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer