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Excerpt from
"Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Centre Disaster
Why the official story of 9/11 is a monumental lie"
By David Icke

Reptilians Inc.

Physicist Giuliana Conforto tells me that inter space planes do not have a natural energy source like a dimension. Any entities operating there would need to create an energy source for themselves and they have fear. When we feel fear it generates a vibration, an energy field. Every time we think and feel, no matter what our state of being may be, we are sending out "broadcast" waves that vibrate to the frequency of the particular thought or emotion. We feel these frequencies coming from people in what we call "vibes". The low vibration of fear and its associated emotions like anger, aggression, stress and guilt produce frequencies that pour into the inter space plane and this has become the energy source of these reptilian and other entities. The more humanity feels fear in all its forms the more energy power the reptilians have to sustain them and use back against us. The entire Illuminati system has been designed to generate the energy of fear and turn the human population into an inter space energy source. Appropriately, in the movie, The Matrix, the character called Morpheus holds up a battery and says: "The Matrix is a computer generated dream world built to keep us under control in order to change the human being into this." The recent major children's movie called Monsters Inc. had the same theme. The "monster" world did not have an energy source and so they walked through "doors" (interdimensional gateways) into children's bedrooms in the human world. There they would frighten children and when the kids screamed with fear the monsters would capture that energy and take it back through the door to power their world. This is one major aspect of September 11th and its aftermath that is not acknowledged because it is so far from conditioned reality. But imagine the fear generated as a result of 9/11. Imagine how much has been generated by two world wars, the "war on terrorism", and a political, financial, business, military, and media system that is specifically designed to maintain humanity in a constant state of fear, worry, stress, and anger. Take another look at the micro chipping programme from this perspective. Once people are micro chipped they can be externally triggered through the chip to produce fear on demand, Get a micro chip and be a battery, you know it makes sense. In the light of all this, take another look at that coded speech by George W. Bush after 9 / 11: "The hijackers were instruments of evil who died in vain. Behind them is a cult of evil that seeks to harm the innocent and thrives on human suffering. Theirs is the worst kind of cruelty, the cruelty that is fed, not weakened, by tears. Theirs is the worst kind of violence, pure malice while daring to claim the authority of God. We cannot fully understand the designs and power of evil; it is enough to know that evil, like a goodness, exists. And in the terrorists evil has found a willing servant." The cruelty that is "fed, not weakened, by tears". Exactly.

Reptilian brain
The more we understand the reptilian mind the more we can understand both the behaviour of the Illuminati across the centuries and the global society they are creating. They have distinct character traits and they are seeking to make humans the same.

These reptilian characteristics and their connection to the human brain are fundamental to the perpetuation of the illusions of the five sense world that I call the Matrix. The most ancient part of the human brain is known by scientists as the R complex or "reptilian brain" (Figure 30). It is the most obvious remnant of our reptilian genetic history, along with those people around the world still being born with tails (see Children Of The Matrix). This reptilian brain is vital to understanding the ways in which the Illuminati manipulate human thinking and perception. Most people have no idea of the reptilian heritage of the human body and its influence on our behaviour. Scientists say that the reptilian brain represents a core of the nervous system, and look at the character traits of the reptilian brain as agreed by scientists. I quote here from an Internet article by Skip Largent: "At least five human behaviours originate in the reptilian brain ... Without defining them, I shall simply say that in human activities they find expression in: obsessive compulsive behaviour; personal day to day rituals and superstitious acts; slavish conformance to old ways of doing things; ceremonial re enactments; obeisance to precedent, as in legal, religious, cultural, and other matters ... and all manner of deceptions. " 5 Add other traits of the reptili an brain such as "'territoriality" (this is mine, keep out); an obsession with hierarchical structures of rule and control; aggression; and the idea that might is right, winner takes all, and you have the very characteristics displayed by the Illuminati and their agents for thousands of years. You simply could not describe them better than to list the traits of the reptilian brain. Racism comes from the reptilian brain, also, and the aggressive, violent sex that the Illuminati bloodlines indulge in big time ask Father Bush, Cheney, President Gerald Ford, and other Illuminati names I expose in my books. Van it really be a coincidence that the Illuminati manifest the classic traits of the reptilian brain while, at the same time, the evidence mounts that they are reptilian bloodlines? Cosmologist Carl Sagan, who knew far more than he was telling, wrote a book called The Dragons of Eden I to highlight the reptilian influences on humanity. He said: "... It does no good whatsoever to ignore the reptilian component of human nature, particularly our ritualistic and hierarchical behaviour. On the contrary, the model may help us understand what human beings are really about." Other areas of the human brain balance the extremes of the reptilian characteristics in most people, but they can still be seen, for example, in those who live their lives as a daily ritual, such as going to the same supermarket at the same time every week and having the same meals on the same days. The Illuminati have sought to turn society into a clock watching, ever repeating daily cycle, because that locks the people who succumb to this into their reptilian level of perception and further activates the reptilian brain. They have also created a society in which most people are focused on physical or financial survival, and the survival mentality is a reptilian instinct. The whole Illuminati agenda is based on the terror of not surviving and they equate control with survival. Their survival where they currently reside in the inter space plane is also dependent on humans continuing to be their energy source. Their horrific agenda is based on survival in their reptilian minds. Those with the most dominant reptilian genetics, the Illuminati, obviously express more of the characteristics associated with the reptilian brain and this is why, as detailed at length in my other books, the Illuminati are utterly obsessed with ritual.

They also know better than anyone how to manipulate the reptilian brain or Rcomplex of humans and it is through that part of the brain that humanity is most controlled and directed. The human brain is in two parts, or hemispheres, the right brain and the left brain, connected by a mass of nerve fibres. The left side is rational, logical, and "intellectual". It works closely with the physical senses and can be summed up by can I touch it, see it, hear it, smell it or taste it? It communicates through spoken and written words. The right brain is where we manifest imagination, intuition, instincts, dream states, the subconscious. It is the artist, musician, creative inspiration. It communicates through images and symbols, not words. This right side is closely related to the reptilian part of the brain. Reptilians communicate through imagery and symbols just like the Illuminati secret society network. They have an entire secret language based on symbols. This brings us to the most effective form of human conditioning by the Illuminati movies and television. As Skip Largent writes: "All movies and television are a projection of the reptilian brain. How so? Movies and television (video games etc.) are all undeniably dreamlike, not only in their presentation brain wave patterns as when they are dreaming. And guess where dreaming originates in your head? In the reptilian brain (although other parts of our brain are involved) ... The "language" of the reptilian brain is visual imagery. All communications transferred by reptiles are done so by visual symbolic representations, each having specific meaning. 11 7 This is precisely what the Illuminati do through their symbolism. The movie and television industries are not only owned by the Illuminati they created them. They understand how visual images can be used to condition the population. In normal circumstances, the reptilian dominated right brain receives images through the eyes or the imagination, and the left brain decodes those images into thoughts and conclusions. The Illuminati have intervened in this process, however, to control human perception. Their aim is to disconnect the functions of these two distinct parts of the brain so we can be manipulated through the right brain while only being conscious of the left. They plant images into the right brain (the dream state, the non conscious) using symbolism, subliminal imagery and pictures, while often telling the left brain how it should interpret those images. This is done through "education", "science" and the media. Television news is a classic. The right brain is shown pictures and the reporter's voiceover tells the left brain what they mean.

During the Kosovo conflict we were shown pictures of refugees fleeing across the border and the voiceover said they were actually fleeing Serbian atrocities. This "explanation" (this sense of reality) increased public support for NATO bombing of the Serbs. What later emerged is that many of the refugees were fleeing the effects of NATO bombing. Same images, but a very different reality. What is happening all the time is that the left brain is being told by external sources how to decode right brain images. What we urgently need to do is regain control of our left brains and decide for ourselves what we are seeing.

You will find that words like imagination, imagine, dream and suchlike are used constantly in advertising. They know that if they can use those trigger words that encourage the right brain, non conscious, daydream state, they can access your mind with imagery and then tell your left brain how to decode that into conscious language "I want that car"; "I think the police should be given more powers to stop crime"; "I need Viagra to be a real man again"; "'We need a world government to solve our problems,". Television and movies are producing a fantasy world of make believe to open up the unconscious right brain and allow the Illuminati secret access through that to the conscious mind' * Children are most at risk from this and they are being bombarded by fantasy images to this end. In early childhood the mental state is controlled almost exclusively by the reptilian brain and the purveyors of children's "entertainment", like Disney, exploit this knowledge. I was also interested to find an article in the Los Angeles Times while writing this chapter that highlighted another trait of the reptilian brain greed and excess. The article was headed "Living Ever Larger; How Wretched Excess Became a Way of Life in Southern California". French anthropologist G. Clotaire Rapaille is quoted as saying: 11 * ", the desire for excess comes from the I reptilian brain,' the earliest, most primitive structures in our mental evolution. The reptilian wants to grab as much food as possible, to be as big and powerful as possible, because it's focused on survival. When it comes to a choice between the intellect and the reptilian, the reptilian always wins.

"Satisfying that inner lizard has its downsides. Our insatiable appetites have left Americans 9 pounds heavier, on average, than we were two decades ago, and more vulnerable than ever to heart disease and diabetes. We're racking up mountains of debt (the late fees we pay on credit cards have more than tripled since 1996, to $7.3 ~illion a year) and burning up fossil fuels like crazy. We demand things that, deep down, we don't really want or even use ..." The "American culture" that is being exported across the world by the day is the culture of the reptilian brain and that's exactly what it was designed to be from the start when the Illuminati based in Britain and other European centres confiscated the lands of the Native Americans and set up their "New Atlantis", as the initiate Francis Bacon called it. I am convinced the "Old Atlantis" went the same way before it collapsed amid cataclysmic events. Readers of my other books will know the emphasis I place on the Illuminati's obsession with blood rituals and human sacrifice. Stories like that of Bram Stoker's shape shifting, blood drinking Dracula, are not just fantasies. They are based on what is actually going on in the world every day (see The Biggest Secret and Children Of The Matrix). I was interested to come across an article in a 1999 Bram Stoker Society Newsletter about the reptilian nature of the Dracula character: "... even writers of the century that has seen Dracula's redemption are not blind to the old creature's inhuman, threatening nature. Valdine Clemens writes of 'Dracula: The Reptilian Brain at the Fin de Siecle,' contrasting the novel's extensive use of modern technological devices (typewriter, phonograph, telephone, hypodermic injection, blood transfusion) with Dracula's reliance on a literally 'reptilian' way of thinking. Vampires and reptiles share not only the traits of not caring for their young, lack of sexual bonds, and lack of the mammalian capacity for play, but the primitive I reptile brain's' reliance on instinct and habit. Amanda Fernbach, in 'Dracula's Decadent. Fetish,' explicates another of ... Dracula's ... threats: '[Dracula] offers a decadent deconstruction of gender, presenting images of feminized men and masculinized women under the sign of vampirism.' In 'Corruption Becomes Itself Corrupt' Marion Muirhead shows Dracula as a vehicle of entropy, a Victorian era answer to the late twentieth century phenomenon of the serial killer." 9 Again, all the traits you find in the Illuminati are there. As the article says: vampires and reptiles share not only the traits of not caring for their young, lack of sexual bonds, and lack of the mammalian capacity for play, but the primitive I reptile brain's' reliance on instinct and habit". This lack of caring for their young is how the Illuminati families can put their children through horrendous rituals to bring them into line. Look at the British royal family, the reptilian Windsors, and consider how they have brought up their children in such an emotionless way. So many families of the aristocracy are the same. There are many more evolved reptilians that have moved beyond these base reptilian instincts, but they are not the ones behind the Illuminati.