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Christ Michael through Eve - April 2, 2012 - Easter Message for Newcomers

E: CM, I feel you wanted to address some words on the occasion of the coming Easter holiday?
CM: Good morning, Eve, indeed this is so. You are into the Easter week already, and with many events, people start again to memorise what happened about 2000 years ago. In your neighbouring village there is a choir event named, "Jesus will come again".

Now, many of you KNOW now THAT I AM BACK , and not only since yesterday. My return and presence took place in a hidden way for most who still follow the church teachings, warning about the so called "false prophets". And truly, many disciples of my former son Lucifer have fulfilled this prophecy, as the false prophets have adopted a range you are naming "New Age" and distracted so numerous people from the path I paved for you. When I refer to the glorious times ahead, I name it the "Age of Light and Life".

It is a great need to clear up an understanding which has been implemented by church into your minds, and let me again mention this, as I think it cannot be said clearly enough. While it is true that this civilisation on Urantia is the only one which has literally nailed their creator upon the cross on the occasion of the 7th self bestowal, it is NOT TRUE THAT I HAVE DIED UPON THIS CROSS, although it looked much like this.

Neither have I died upon your cross, nor have I died for your sins. You are fully responsible for what you do or don't do. By experiencing the torture upon the cross arranged by the dark forces I have not given you any bonus for committing more sins. It is always love forgiving sins, not death.

If you have been following the teachings we provide via AH, you will be informed that I had a double incarnation together with the one you call Sananda Esu Immanuel Kumara, and my name back then was Immanuel.

The crucifixion marked the end of my 7th and last self-bestowal and I left this earthly body and returned into the celestial realms, and by this act I was gaining sovereignity over my universe of Nebadon. My earthly body was left for use by Sananda Esu, who went to India afterwards.

Those among you who have read the Urantia book already might now ask, why this is not told in it. Dear ones, please remember that the book of Urantia, the fifth revelation, was given at a time which now lies back several decades. The first publishing took place in 1955, and the process of implementing the sripts on this plane needed many years. These were still times when the celestial makers did not consider it adequate to reveal certain things, due to reasons of security and also because they wanted to make sure that the publishing would take place. Furthermore, as Eve has stated many times so far when asked by readers or in the UB study group she attends: this is an evolutionary planet, and so also the revelations are to be considered evolutionary. The times now are different from the times when the UB was manifested, so there has to be updating and adaptions. Unfortunately several unauthorized sources have jumped upon this train and started to distort the UB teaching in very inadequate ways, while other ones are relying upon the UB in fundamentalistic ways and are adding new dogma to the pool. The Phoenix Journals can be regarded as some attempt to deliver further background beyond the UB.

So, after all, the crucifixion turned out to be a message pro-LIFE and not pro-death. So if you mourn on the Friday of crucifixion you should NOT mourn for me, instead you might pray for all of your fellows who have, even in the present days, still metaphorically failed to take me off the cross. The symbol of the figure of Jesus hanging upon the cross has turned out to have become a symbol for the dark dominating their creator, for hopelessness. This is how it was used by your churches, to keep people in despair.

Would it be used for the "good message" as always claimed, the cross had to stand empty and the figure of Jesus standing tall aside, with blessing hands widely reaching out to all the world, with open arms to welcome you home in the kingdom of Christ.

If you feel like pondering in this Easter week, you may ask yourselves "What have I done to take Christ down from the cross?", "What have I failed to do to take Christ down from the cross?" , "Why is it not adequate for a teaching of love to adore a symbol of murder with a dead person?", "Why would I need the energy of death surrounding me by this symbol, when it does overwrite the message of eternal life?", and "Why don't you take the 'Risen Lord' as a symbol instead?"

Walk your planes with open eyes, my dear ones and go "tell it to the mountains". So many people use this symbol of brainwash, they hang it on their living room walls, inside their cars, inside the churches. Of course, always keeping you in the energy of mourning, of execution, of desconsolation. Why don't you leave little paper notes there, reading "TAKE ME OFF, I'M ALIVE, I'M BACK!"

Go ahead and tell everybody that Christ is alive and has returned. I'm back, knocking at your hearts' doors. Will you finally open me, or will you mix me up with all these false prophets who have knocked there before?

I heartfelt invite you to make the joy about my return a part of your daily life, and by that the energy of resurrection from the dark will become a great light and take a mighty share upon this planet !

Now, help me to make this Easter holiday 2012 SPECIAL! Big Cheese Hugs, Christ Michael of Nebadon.

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