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The Oneness Celebration and the Return of the Calendar of Quetzalcoatl


Carl Johan Calleman

Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent, was in ancient Mexico seen as the deity that created the calendar and the civilization. To many, equating the importance of the calendar with that of civilization may seem to overestimate the importance of the former. This is because time has become a blind spot in the worldview of modern man. In reality, the calendar is just as important as the civilization as such, since the calendar is what provides the worldview of a civilization. The reason most people do not realize this is simply that modern civilization has the calendar that it deserves. In today’s materialist civilization calendars are almost without exception based on astronomical cycles, cycles of material bodies, such as the orbits of the Earth around the Sun or of the Moon around the Earth. Few people even consider the possibility that a spiritual calendar unrelated to such physical movements might exist.

What, or who, is then Quetzalcoatl? Why would the ancient peoples of Mexico worship, and long for, a “Plumed Serpent” who would bring the light? The reason is that this Serpent was a symbol of the duality that always accompanies the generation of new Yin/Yang-polarities in the cosmic plan. Since the introduction of Yin/Yang dualities at longitude 12 East (which separates the Western and the Eastern Hemispheres) always brought some light, Quetzalcoatl was also seen as the bringer of this. Since the Americas is located in the Western Hemisphere and Quetzalcoatl was associated with the World Tree trunk at longitude 12 East, he was in ancient times by Native Americans perceived as an energy appearing in the East, from where he was also one day to return. Part of the purpose of the Oneness Celebration is to recreate the energy of Quetzalcoatl along this line.

Also in many other traditions the Serpent was seen as a symbol of duality. The Biblical theme of the Serpent and the Tree of Life, or the Norse of the Dragon-Serpent Nidhögg coiling around the World Tree Yggdrasil, are really describing the same reality as the old Mexican of the Cosmic Serpent and the World Tree. The planet Venus, which passed through its alternating phases of morning star and evening star, light and darkness, was also associated with duality and hence with Quetzalcoatl. The 13-baktun Long Count of the Maya was sometimes referred to as the “Birth of Venus”, which was a natural name for the introduction of the cosmic duality that created the first higher civilizations of humanity at the beginning of this Count about 5000 years ago.

If Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent, returns during the Oneness Celebration and the Venus Transit of June 8, 2004, what would be the nature of the civilization that this deity would bring? This Venus Transit will create the opening for the spiritual awakening of mankind – one in which the importance of materialist values will recede. But what about the calendar that Quetzalcoatl will bring at this time? In my books The Mayan Calendar (2001) and the forthcoming The Mayan Calendar and The Transformation of Consciousness (2004) I argue that the combination of the True Tzolkin Count of the Maya with the tun calendar is indeed the Calendar of Quetzalcoatl. “What is the great value of this calendar?” someone may then ask. Rather than comparing technical details with other calendars, the point to realize here is that there are vastly different spiritual consequences of different calendars. The Calendar of Quetzalcoatl has some significant positive things to offer mankind:

A/ The insight that we human beings live in a reality created by Divine Intelligence evolving according to a pre-set Cosmic Time Plan. Above all, this is a calendar that proves that God exists and that we have a higher purpose. The calendar as such gives life a higher and deeper meaning. Doubt and belief give way to hope and inspiration provided by the knowledge of the true destiny of humanity.

This promise has important consequences. If we are here for a reason and if there is a deadline within which the destiny of humanity should be fulfilled, then we have to assume responsibility on a new level; responsibility for ascertaining that we attain our common spiritual destiny. Such responsibility includes protecting the Earth and its life forms. Being co-creators of the divine plan or, gods in becoming, will no longer be just “nice thoughts”, but our very reality. If we want to be part of fulfilling the Divine Plan then our spiritual destiny will need to be taken into account in all planning of the future. At present this is the only realist approach to life and we will need to chose the course of our lives based on whether they are consistent with the Divine Plan or not.

B/ A unified view of looking at the world, one where science and spirituality merges into a Theory of Everything of a very simple basic structure. This will create a deeper understanding of the universe in all of its aspects. All phenomena become understandable from the evolution of consciousness according to a pre-set plan.

To give an idea of what this Theory of Everything will mean I would like to quote Stephen Hawking’s ending words from A Brief History o Time:

“If we were to discover such a complete theory, its general principles should be so simple as to be understandable by everyone, not just a few scientists. Then we shall all, philosophers, scientists, and just ordinary people, be able to take part in the discussion of the question of why it is that we and the universe exist. If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason – for then we would know the mind of God.”

The Calendar of Quetzalcoatl is exactly this Theory of Everything, which describes the evolution of consciousness. That this Theory of Everything eventually did not turn out to have its origin in the science of physics should not come as a surprise to anyone. Physics is the science of matter. It seeks to reduce all phenomena of mind and spirit to the movements of matter. Since we are now entering an Underworld that makes the unification of the left and right brain halves possible the science that is now developing is instead holistic and based primarily on the evolution of consciousness. Only now may the human mind on an intellectual level become whole and able to understand the mechanisms of divine creation.

Part of the value that this theory will have is as a common basis for discussions about the purpose of life as envisioned by Hawking. Yet, it also has a more down-to-earth and practical value in the sense that in certain ways it will in the turbulent years to come prepare us for the future. The description in the True Mayan Calendar of the changing seasons of time will be very useful for guiding our course of action. What I am talking about here is the prophetic value of the Calendar of Quetzalcoatl. While this may not always tell us exactly what will happen, it does tell us about the likelihood of events that may manifest during certain spiritual seasons. This will be especially valuable in periods of turbulence, when the calendar will at least make the course of events understandable. It will be easier to find the way and avoid obstacles for those that have a map of time.

C/ The insight that the ongoing divine creation on Earth leads us in a certain direction. This is towards the Enlightened state of consciousness of the human individual and a unified Global Mind of the collective; the Golden Age.

This is immensely important. The fact that the True Mayan Calendar proves that creation is developing in the direction of a positive and highly desirable goal provides hope for all. This hope is not based on a “nice thought” that we may chose to believe in, but on proof as to how the course of evolution is designed. The future Enlightenment of humanity is not something we need to create with our thoughts, but something that is logically inherent in the Cosmic Plan. This insight will immediately have a very positive effect on the many that look upon life as meaningless. Guidance on this path will probably be the greatest contribution of the Calendar of Quetzalcoatl; life gains a higher and deeper meaning and has a purpose.

What this also means is that the only realist approach to your own path is to focus on Enlightenment – starting now. Those sitting around, with arms crossed, waiting to see what will happen in 2012, may easily come to find that they waited too long. The path towards Enlightenment will no longer be a rather arbitrary life goal. It is now instead becoming a necessary preparation for everyone’s future.

D/ A calendar of peace. Since this calendar provides a schedule for the Enlightenment of humanity – a state of mind without inner conflicts from which no external conflicts are projected – the calendar of Quetzalcoatl is in a very real sense a calendar of peace. The proof that creation indeed is evolving in the direction of a harmonious state of the Global Mind – The Golden Age – is by itself a great factor promoting peace also in the present.

If a calendar falls short of delivering the above promises then it is not the Calendar of Quetzalcoatl. Of course, many will recognize some of the above promises as household beliefs of several spiritual and religious traditions. Yet, in such traditions they are mostly presented as “nice thoughts”, more or less wishful thinking for which there is little substantial evidence. The return of the calendar of Quetzalcoatl – the combination of the True Tzolkin count with the tun-calendar – however provides reliable proof for everyone who seriously seeks an answer to the question what life is all about. To “believe” in the teachings of prophets, gurus, priests or scriptures will become irrelevant. The truth of the Calendar of Quetzalcoatl is independent of beliefs. If the Calendar of Quetzalcoatl is absorbed on a deep level at the Oneness Celebration it will have very profound consequences for the future of our civilization even if only a minority of mankind is directly affected. In the subsequent time, it will continue to spread widely because it will become obvious to many others that the Calendar of Quetzalcoatl is a new Truth.

In ancient days the people of Mexico recognized that certain calendar periods were ruled by the Lord of Darkness and Matter, Tezcatlipoca. In such periods his priesthood would then have the upper hand and create calendars that were based on the movements of matter rather than the spiritual energies of the Divine Plan. Also today, the calendars of this priesthood dominate. The most widespread is obviously the Gregorian calendar, which is based on the solar year and the Muslim and Jewish calendars that are based on the cycles of the moon. Some calendars that are sometimes seen as Mayan also suffer from the same delusion. The 52-year calendar for instance that was so prevalent among the later Maya and the Aztecs is ultimately based on the physical year. In the recent Dreamspell calendar, the energy of the leap day (February 29 every four years) is excluded as a concession to the physical year. (It should be noted that the leap day is defined by the Gregorian calendar and that the idea to exclude it is not authentically Mayan). This particular day is then regarded as a day devoid of spiritual energy. This is because also the Dreamspell calendar is subordinated to the physical year rather than to the true spiritual energies of time. Similarly, the Thirteen Moon Calendar is a calendar subordinated to the physical year.

Tezcatlipoca also played a role in deluding the priesthood of Izapa in Southern Mexico into believing that the end of creation would fall on December 21, 2012. This priesthood wanted the Long Count to begin on the day, corresponding to August 11, when the sun was in zenith in their own particular location, which would make this appear as the center of the world. This is the reason for the error. Much later, in Palenque, a correction would be attempted so that the end of the Long Count would fall on the actual completion date of divine creation, October 28, 2011. Yet, at least until now, the Izapan priesthood has had the upper hand.

The materially based calendars of Tezcatlipoca have in common that they block people’s path to the prophetic Calendar of Quetzalcoatl and encourage them to settle for something much less. Distorted calendars that do not accurately reflect the divine process of creation fail to point out a clear direction for the path of humanity towards Enlightenment. Only the True Calendar of Quetzalcoatl charts the time plan towards Enlightenment.

For further information about the spiritual meaning of the Venus Transit and the energy shift that it is associated with see the web page

Carl Johan Calleman is the author of Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our Time: The Mayan Calendar (Garev, 2001) and the forthcoming The Mayan calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (Bear and Co, 2004). He lectures and gives courses internationally on the Mayan calendar. His web page is

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