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Concerning Quashed Indictments

Reply to Bellringer-
Concerning Quashed Indictments.
By Cara McKennon

From: February 05, 2006

The clones will die fairly soon so there is no need to prosecute them. They are living on borrowed time. Morjoronson told us yesterday that the real ones will be taken back to their home planets to be prosecuted before Universal courts.

The greatest offenders of this would go elsewhere to be tried.

Bush is from Dracos so they would go there for trial.

The real Bush and Cheney are the ones who will face trial elsewhere, not the clones.

The clones are programmed to do what they have done. By legal definition, they are not responsible for their actions because they are programmed, just like a robot.

From the information I have found everyone who was of any importance was cloned long ago, which first began on a wide scale back in 1979. Jimmy Carter and David Rockefeller, even Kissinger were cloned that long ago.

Even though these guys were their own, they still had an ego, so they could not be trusted. Only a real clone could be programmed to do what they wanted...without remorse or a conscience.

Quashing the indictments for the clones allows us to get on with our lives and not have to deal with many years of court fights trying to prove these guys are guilty. Many of the real ones are dead. They already paid the ultimate price for their participation in this plan.

The Ascended Masters want us to be able to forgive them, just as Esu Immanuel did 2,000 years ago. Had he not been able to do that, Lucifer would have won.

Revenge is not the answer. Forgiveness is for the forgiver, not the forgiven.

In one of the past experiments that was done, it failed because the people wanted revenge, and they wound up destroying themselves. Had all of us tried to get revenge after 911, we would have destroyed ourselves and the entire world.

The true guilty parties will meet justice in a higher court. The type of justice they will get is something our own courts can't do, send them to another planet to start over, or be uncreated.

Another factor in all of this, by quashing the indictments it protects America. The over all plan behind much of this was to destroy the credibility of America by making it appear as though we condoned it when the election was rigged to make sure Bush and Cheney won again.

There has been an ongoing plan for 230 years to destroy this country because we represent Freedom, liberty, justice and the American dream.

All of this with the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the prisoner abuse, was done to give us a black eye in the eyes of the world. By quashing the indictments America is protected as well.

The ongoing plan has been to destroy all the religions in the world. The Dark Agenda wanted Christians to destroy all the other religions, and in so doing destroy the real message Esu Immanuel Jesus Sananda gave 2,000 years ago which was non violence, love your enemy. Forgiveness.

They could not destroy him, so they destroyed his message. This has been an ongoing plan as well for 2,000 years. The real people behind the BBB & B's are the Khazars and Jesuits...both Luciferians.

The real fight all along has been between the Dark and the Light. God and Lucifer.

This is all an illusion. The duality is ending. God won.

Lucifer got uncreated but his followers have tried to stay in the game anyway and tried to win.

But they failed.

Pat yourself on the back and give yourself a high five because we helped defeat Lucifer.

Even though BBB & G's had superior technology, more money and power, we still won.

That is what we all need to think about...WE WON AGAINST INCREDIBLE ODDS.

That is what the Ascended Masters wanted, for the victory to be ours, not theirs, which it would have been if they had totally intervened long ago. The Galactic Federation and Ascended Master helped to even out the playing field, but we still won in the end by doing it ourselves.

A lot of what has been going on with Bush jr was to wake people up which is what he did.

A lot of what has been going on recently has been done for the same reason to really tick people off so those who are still asleep will finally wake up.

Some might not ever wake up, but that is because they are not ready to let go of the illusion.

As for NESARA, it will happen when it is meant to happen, when people are ready, not just us, but others. We are way past ready, but others were not. Now they are. People are so upset over what Bush et al has done that they will be willing to get rid of them all anyway it can be done.

This includes congress, the judges, all of them. The government had to crash and burn so we could have a new government, not try to fix the old one.

The Phoenix will rise from the ashes and be better than it ever was before.

We are to focus on whatever we want. By forgetting about it you remove it from your life so it can't become a reality. You draw to you what you think about. If you focus on nothing, you get nothing.

It's the Universal Law of Attraction.

Focus on only what you want, not what you don't want.


Love, Peace, Harmony, Perfect Health, Freedom, Abundance, Prosperity,Liberty, Compassion, Forgiveness are in our lives to stay.