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(Update on Progress towards Stasis):

Hello my beloveds, in service to this very special planet of Nebadon, on which I am bestowing my personal attention. During the middle of this week I engaged a special conclave meeting aboard the Phoenix, the purpose of which was to gain additional support for the process of stasis, the Big Sleep. This was granted, but I am not to explain the details in this public message to the readers of AbundantHope.

Many of the attendants, either in person or via imagery (on screen technology) were representatives of the Super Universe (Orvonton) government and we had also two representatives from the Central Universe of Havona. The conclave lasted approximately 36 hours.

I wish to discuss and hopefully have those who are in doubt understand the immensity of this project. You are a vastly over-populated and under-educated planet, with huge problems. If this is to be successful, and I won’t have it otherwise, there must be full control of the international banking system, and full control over each and every government upon the planet. The chaos otherwise afterwards would cause a great deal more discomfort and death than the process itself. I intend that Earth citizens get a final and reasonably complete education of the spiritual process and the political wrong doings on this planet, appropriate to the nature of the peoples at this time.

If we do not have the control we need prior to the educational period, which still will last at least two weeks, or more, this educational process would be largely wasted. It is the purpose of the educational period to draw people into service and alignment with what has been labelled, “the divine plan.” I will not create something that will cause greater harm and destruction, for we would thus “lose” the planet.

We do not have this control YET. I asked for assistance, and as I said above, it was granted. Please use your imaging of what would occur if this is not completed in a satisfactory manner. Now, why don’t we have control “yet?” Because of the great lack of cooperation on the Earth plane. Entities continue to exploit, and continue to promise, and then get off the wrong side of the fence. There has not been enough force put in place by the “good” politicians upon the planet to accomplish my goals. They remain in fear of their lives for the most part. We have taken many over the past year to underground areas around the world and provided education and have shown of ourselves and who we are, and what the mission plan is. We must have their free will cooperation, and sadly, the dark side has done plenty to leave them in distrust of the “sky visitors” in service to God.
Some of these have been “gifted” with a personal introduction and plea from the religious leaders of the various sects that will be returning in the flesh to assist the process. I am in awe of the work of Mohammed who has justly met with many personally now, in the Islamic world, and believe it or not, Islam is going with the plan. It is the Jewish and Christian hierarchy, and the falsely professed believers in such that are not in cooperation.

Russia, through Putin, is cooperating immensely well also, but there remain some factions in that area, that are continuing to disrupt. Africa is a total mess sadly, right now, with competing groups behaving in very bad tribal behaviour, but Africa is mounting several groups dedicated to service after the event.
In June of 2004 we began removing the hidden hand, and the current situation is occurring because this former hierarchy no long exists and the minions are now competing heavily for dominion of all or portions of the planet. One of these groups now in focus in the alternate media, is the Chinese Secret Society, which you may read about on

These are NOT your friend’s beloveds. Much of the Asian hierarchy, both “Illuminati” and the underground, wishes dominion. While it is correct for them to be quite upset of the idea of SARS and related diseases being thrust at them for depopulation purposes, their method is lacking. You have been conditioned with events like 911 to believe in terrorists taking over the world. Exactly what would happen if this particular group begins doing as threatened, and “popping” off the illuminati, who control the global banking industry? In particular, the Rockefellers and Rothschild’s? Would not these very same folks, those remaining Illuminati, shut down the United States and Europe, and officially start the New World Order? They are hoping the CSS will make good its threat!

The CSS has NO viable plan for how they would run the world after these assassinations. We are working to keep them out of the way. Every single tribal organisation around the world is vying for power now. And thusly we must either choose to let the planet go and reverse her poles, or we provide the massive intervention we have said we wish to do.

At the conclave we did discuss the possibility of lifting the true Sons of God in service to the planet, who are registered with us, on the computer system of the Ashtar Command aboard the New Jerusalem, and letting those remaining have at it. But we decided while this would be fine for the truly dark, it would set back greatly the spiritual growth of those remaining under their control. How many people would we have evacuated under this idea? About 300 million is all. This number is of those who are sovereigns incarnate on this planet at this time
The population of this planet is way over the limits, especially considering the lack of true spiritual knowledge, and technology. This is not new to you. We did discuss the idea of taking a number of people to the new planet we have discussed, but so many have so little survival skills, that would otherwise be appropriate to send there, that this is not possible. There are skilled assistants at that place that can assist at most 1 million people right now.

All of the planets that entered the Lucifer Rebellion in Satania (pronounced sa ta nee a) are part of my Correcting Time. Earth (Urantia) is the worst off, due to its nature as a “maximum security” penal colony. It is also the planet of my final bestowal 2000 years ago, and thus has my greatest affection, perhaps of any within my realm. That is why I have done what I consider the “right thing” in setting a new ground for those Creator Sons, who are “younger” and less experienced than I. The “right thing” I did, was to choose to return personally, in a body, to this planet, the only Creator Son or Avonal Bestowal Son to date to do so, in all of time preceding this time now.

So in that above statement, please understand that I am NOT walking away from this, which I consider my most sacred duty, the release of this planet from imprisonment, and its restoration as the most important seed planet of Nebadon. And on top of that, as I have stated before, it is also at this time my magnificent training school for the future Ascending Sons who will create and rule the new creations in outer space. And they will also assist now, in my universe and the younger ones in existence, and build their learning by working in “jobs” formerly handled by the Descending Sons.

You see this now, in my appointment of Sananda Esu Immanuel Kumara, as the resident, in life, visible, Planetary Prince of this planet. This is a new way of doing things, and I continue to appoint appropriate persons to other formerly Descendant Son positions through my universe.

Now, considering the above statement about the Correcting Time, understand the commitment to all these planets is immense, requiring volunteers from various levels throughout not only Nebadon, but also other creations and realms to assist the process. Over the next few years, every Earth being alone on this planet, that makes a heartfelt free will request, will be assigned a personal celestial guide. Those that don’t deem themselves capable of the mental “talk” with the guide, will be given actual written help! Now consider the population of this planet alone, as the others are also offering this, and see how many celestial beings will be assigned to one to one contact with a living person. We are continuing to solicit volunteers for this mission as yet we are running “short.”

Regards who are here from other creations or levels, consider the one we have chosen to feature in these works with Candace, the one often called “Mother Shekhmet.” She is a fine geneticist who will “head up” the process of uplifting the genetics upon this planet, so that it returns to the seed planet of my dreams. She is a graduate of universe #60012, a much older universe in Orvonton. And she is long ago a graduate of Paradise, having sat at the “right hand of the Father”, the process I demonstrated 2000 years ago, in the story told of how I ascended to the Father, in your Bible.

For those of you who are the new readers to come, understand this is the “goal” of your education through the universes, which starts with my universe [Nebadon], if you are from here, of course, then through the schools of the Super Universe, on through the schools of Havona, the Central Universe, until you have your day in the “sun” of the Father. It is your destiny to do this, should you CHOOSE the option of eternal life.

But its not the end of that destiny, for then you go forward and continue the journey of your choice, which could include becoming possibly a Creator Son yourself of a creation yet to come in the Outer Space regions. There will be the new creation of Seven Super Universes, and it will be the Ascending Sons that will lead the way, rather than the Descending Sons. Instead of the Ascending Sons assisting the Descending Sons, it will be the other way around.
Earth is an important “playground” for those of you who have chosen these career goals, and for that reason alone, I will NOT evacuate the planet, either partially or fully, and thus destroy the wondrous opportunity, my greatest gift, that I can bestow on so many of you, of this mighty opportunity for your growth.
I can’t tell when the stasis will begin, the date is not fluid anymore, it must be done soon. There is a final date. It could also happen suddenly if any of these competing groups get in the way. This happened right after the G 8 meeting when I was almost forced to begin stasis before it was adequately prepared. A competing dominant group, the “leaders” of the USA decided to take some actions into their own hands, and attempted to install Cheney as the new war leader. I won’t disclose all the details.

This of course must occur before the Jupiter event, and we are working at this time to “encase” Jupiter in a “shield” to hopefully delay that event until the timing I have chosen, when the sun is between Earth and Jupiter. We must have some time to allow for evacuation where needed, if desired by residents of particularly the Pacific Rim. And that process can’t even be entertained if we do not have adequate control of the banks, and the leaders of this world, for there is in most countries around the Rim totally inadequate planning to handle people needing to temporarily or permanently move inland.

During the conclave we also created some more plans about star fleet assistance in these necessary evacuations, and this should not yet be disclosed either, until we publicly announce the forthcoming Jupiter event. Some will not be happy that “God” is removing the ozone layer about the Earth, and that this is going to cause many physical bodies to perish. However, if we were to leave that ozone in place, which is trapping pollution, and not allowing the photon belt to fully do what it does, the death rate would be much higher and much faster, because of both the increasing pollution (which will soon kill all animal life on the planet), and the massive chaos that accompanies always the many problems generated by mankind.

Some will not be happy that God is interfering in any manner, other than a rapture event. And that of course is because people do not understand what God is on this planet. Star fleet will be seen for a time, by many, as an invading force, rather than as a salvation force. So be it, but we hope our educational period will suffice for the majority of people on this planet. It will be very thorough, in language most can understand, and global. It will be “soon,” on my timing, and not before. Again rest assured that I will not let this planet go on to the doom created by the Anti Christ. For it is my beloved creation. Namaste, I AM THAT I AM, Christ Michael, Aton, of Nebadon. (© Copyright by all rights)