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Begin Preparing for Compassion

September 29th 2006

Sananda On The Coming Changes
Jess Journal 26-9-06

Sananda, I ask for specifics. I ask for information on where we are and what is happening. I ask for guidance in what I am to do and what other will do with me. I see chaos and I ask for clarity. I ask for understanding and insight into what I should say. I ask for resolution and a move into the next phase. Explain what that entails and outline the steps I should tell others.

Jess, this is a missive with facts and predictions of times to come and steps to take for their improvement and resolution. This is not to paint a negative picture of the events that must take place, but it is a realistic point of view that must be acknowledged and allowed to generate new ways of thinking to cope with and remedy what will happen.

The information Candace described is based on projections that Monjoronson spoke to his audience. This is a series of realistic projections that are based on the actualities of what is inevitably going to occur in one shape or another. This is—like all events on Earth—filtered through Earth's inhabitants. Your reactions to Mother Earth's events are what determine your decisions to cope with the realities you find in front of you. You must accept them in your own terms and choose your own ways of dealing with the situations you draw to yourself.

This is couched again in the notion that you draw like energy to your own individual sphere that is complementing your own energy progression. You must determine a way of reaction that fits your own best way of proceeding in your pathway. The only realities that are yours are those you choose to partake of. You are affected only by what you choose to incorporate or assimilate into your own stream of development.

Having said that, you should be aware that your attitude is first and foremost the determinant in how you react to anything you draw to you. If you fear the circumstances, you react with emotions and behavior that is based, in part, on preconditioned experiences. You are preventing things from happening again that have made an impression on you. This memory is not erased immediately, although it will become more objectified as your awareness broadens and becomes more encompassing. You will see repetitions of past events as learning examples that can't manipulate you if you choose not to let them do so. This is a sign of your maturing ascendancy. You are growing a new consciousness. This new consciousness is also bolstered by a revolution of new information and new concepts that can replace past notions. I say "can," because it is again your choice how you react to the new information you draw to yourself.

Let me speak to some specifics, if I can at this point. Some things are still now open to discussion, and since I am aware you will be sending out this message, I want to be sure that the information is what should be broadcast. The government shift is ongoing. Many levels of changes are taking place that you don't see. The culmination of the removal of the Bush faction is the last piece in the puzzle. Many levels of preparation have to be secured and in place before this topples. This involves money changing hands and being controlled by the proper authorities. This comment alludes to many topics currently in discussion: the trillions of Wanta money, the prosperity payments, the bank certificates, the demise of the Federal Reserve System, the reliance upon and allegiance to pure intentions and honest money exchanges. All of these topics are in progress and are nearing success and completion. This should be in place in the next few days. This is again an approximate time allusion, but exact decisions and final steps will not be explained further. NO ONE KNOWS WHEN THE FINAL STEPS WILL BE!

This must be in place before the government can be successfully toppled. The steps for doing that are also in place, waiting the proper time for this to happen. The charade that is the government seen publicly is acting on reserves of former initiatives, and the events you see before you are not going to have much long term effect. They have to be resolved, because they have been set in motion as a created reality, but they are not indefinite or in keeping with the intentions of the changing Universe of Nebadon.

The physical chaos that will ensue from governmental upheaval will be handled with less uncertainty than you presently imagine. Again, elements of calm are in place to step in and channel the turbulence. My voices will speak of solutions, and people will know to listen to the suggestions we provide once they see the immensity of the Universe that envelops them. Once they have met their Galactic brothers and sisters, they will understand the impact of what is occurring. This step of being visible is a crucial one for the progress that must be made.

The catastrophic events predicted on the geophysical plane are devastating to current expectations, but are necessary in the longer range scheme of restoring the planet to its former pristine condition. These will be announced as closely as possible to the time they will occur, and steps will be taken to provide as much of a solution as feasible. This will again be dependant on the choice of the populace involved. They can choose to listen or choose to ignore the information. This is not a condemnation of their decision. It is but a statement of the inevitably obvious. Everyone chooses to explore their life path at their own speed and in the fashion they prefer. They are to be honored as making the choice that best suits them. Their decisions are not to be criticized or second-guessed, just as yours are not by them. Emotional reactions and preconceptions of judgment will also flare up inevitably.

Your job is to accept the realities that you create for yourself and determine the best way for you to deal with the situations in your own interest. You will find this best involves cooperation and compassionate concern for others who are following a similar path to yours. You are all part of the same soul group and your individual experiences are all becoming part of the mass understanding that is being generated by the interactions occurring.

It is time to begin preparing for compassion and interaction. It is time to being finding your own path and realizing others who are on it with you. It is time to being working together to broaden the circle of your interests and include more and more in your circle. There is an immense amount of knowledge and ingenuity that is available to you. There is a wonderful ability you have to create the solutions you find you need even in the face of adversity. This will stand you in good stead and will enable you to face the situations that will be occurring. Look at everything with objectivity and with a view to it being yet another lesson for you to grow from. You are immortal masters and nothing will be insurmountable.

Sananda Immanuel of Earth and Nebadon.