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Positive Change
from the Gnostic

I had relayed this personal message in the Lounge and it was felt that it would be an appropriate piece for the readers room, so voila, here it is.

8 Years ago I was given personal information about many things that were to occur. To simplify it without getting into details, it was angelic information. Beyond the personal things I was shown, I was told that the entire banking system in this country would collapse. The idea itself seemed desolate and filled with destruction. But that is not the reply I received to such immanent and horrifying information.

What may have come across as the end of world type scenario actually was revealed that this has to happen to regain positive change. I was never told when this would occur or how, I was simply told that when it does occur which would be soon, major changes would occur and that it would portend for the better. It was hard to believe, for me at the time that a massive banking collapse could result in anything but total anarchy. But I was shown that great miracles would be unveiled by this change, and blessings would occur.

Here we are now at the precipice of this major event, nothing these scoundrels are putting forth will do a bit of good, it will only back fire on them because the system has to go under. These revelations I have received always come true without a failure, yet I am never totally aware of when these things will occur due to time fluctuations and distortion from our point of view. When the Spirit reveals things it is as if it is seeing it NOW, but the actual occurrence within the illusion takes time via the vibration manipulation!

This is why I am standing back without a care in the world as I watch these events take place, we are never going to change using the same methods that always fail to produce good spiritual results, and secondly to many that think they understand are also deceived so any attempts they try to make will also fail. The change must come another way and that is the only way it will finally be successful. Mankind is always given their opportunity to make changes, and time and time again they fail to do so, which demands aid from a higher source or sources.

The only reason we are given this aid is that from the beginning we are raised from cradle to grave with the LIE. The dark side never understands that they can never take over total control due to the fact that they do not allow mankind the chance to choose, although we have the right do to so, seldom can we find that correct choice in the midst of all the darkness. We are taught lies while in our youth as well as they distort, change and set up all of the morbid and gross illusions that set in us like cement and is nearly impossible to change.

This is why the dark side makes a pretense to vote on things due to the law that subjects them to the rules of control. They are allowed control as long as they allow us a way to choose, if it appears that we choose what they wants for us, then we are subject to them. They would never vote on things if it was not for this law, that they must follow and they know it. However they become so reckless in trying to get their way, that their show of allowing us choice becomes extremely muddied in the waters of corruption and they forget that everything can be taken away from them again.

They always get so close to their goal but right at the end they screw up royally because they can't exercise real control. And this is why they will fail once again. This is the secret mankind is often unaware of that real GRACE is brought to those that do not really deserve what is occurring, due to them not having all the facts. So grace is awarded time and time again in each age to allow for a new chance for redemption for the many and total renewal for others.

This allows humans to evolve due to this friction yet never being totally sold to darkness as this is the way of grace, because our ignorance actually affords redemption in greater ways.